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Be Together 我和我們在一起 Episode 19 Recap

After Zhao Xiaolei received Lin Hao’s call, Lin Hao blacked her out. Zhao Xiaolei thought that Lin Hao would commit suicide without thinking of doing stupid things, so she went to Lin Hao with her brother Zhao Xiaojun, but did not open the door for a long time, so Zhao Xiaojun went to the property to ask Lin. Was Hao home?

Lin Hao opened the door after Zhao Xiaojun left, saying that he had been in a fight with someone, and he was lying on the bed with a sprained waist. He slowly got up when he heard Zhao Xiaolei knock on the door. Zhao Xiaolei asked Lin Hao why he had to fight. Lin Hao said that he did it because he saw someone acting rough on Xia Yan, but Xia Yan said that he was nosy and scolded him, and then told Lin Hao not to contact Zhao Xiaolei.

Black her out. Zhao Xiaolei felt that Xia Yan was not such a stingy person, even if she took care of Lin Hao, she would not be angry. After that, Zhao Xiaolei made a meal for Lin Hao and asked him to eat. Seeing that senior Lin Hao was injured, she asked Xia Yan if he had greeted him. Lin Hao felt that he was sorry for Xia Yan. As long as Xia Yan and his memory were kept All right. Lin Hao cried as he spoke.

After Xia Yan went to work, Xue Ning asked her to hand over the work to Majestic. At this time, people from the Internal Investigation Department also went to Xia Yan and asked her to go to the office for investigation. The person in the investigation department called Xia Yan to resign. That would look good to everyone. If Xia Yan refuses, she will be fired by the company, and she will be sued by the company. Then Xia Yan’s boss and family will be implicated.

Xia Yan’s future 30 Every year, I will always work to pay off debts. They gave Xia Yan half a day to consider whether to accept the conditions, while Xue Ning was also waiting for the results of the communication in the office. Xia Yan called her mother in the office without knowing what to do, but she simply chatted a few words and hung up because she was afraid that they were in a hurry.

Soon after get off work hours, the people from the Investigation Department went to Xia Yan and told her not to implicate Xu Chengyi for personal reasons, so Xia Yan picked up the pen and signed it, but soon Xia Yan regretted her death and told her They will not admit what they have not done themselves. So the investigator asked Xia Yan to prepare that the company would sue her soon. After they left, they received a call saying that Ms. Cai had gone, so they rushed to see Ms. Cai.

Xia Yan returned to the office to pack her things. Everyone looked at her with dismay when she saw Xia Yan going back. At this time, Xue Ning also got news that Ms. Cai had gone to the company. Just when Xia Yan was carrying something out, I saw someone from the Investigation Division, saying that Miss Cai admitted that she made a mistake. Xia Yan did not embezzle and told Xia Yan to continue to work, and Xue Ning resigned because of poor management.

Xia Yan finally breathed a sigh of relief, and at this moment Xu Chengyi called Xia Yan and told her to wait for him in the old place, and he had already gone back. Xia Yan finally couldn’t help crying when she heard Xu Chengyi’s call. After she hung up, she ran to see Xu Chengyi quickly. Just when Xia Yan lined up on the street, she saw Xu Chengyi drove and hit the railing on the side of the road. It turned out that Xu Chengyi was anxious to see Xia Yan coming in a fast car.

The most important thing was that she received news from Ling Wei on the way that she would be back with Xu Chengyizi soon. Xu Chengyi slammed into the railing for a while and his head was bleeding, but Xu Chengyi faintly heard Xia Yan calling his name and ran to the overpass with pain. Xu Chengyi and Xia Yan met on the overpass, and Xia Yan hugged him. Living in Xu Chengyi couldn’t stop crying, and all the grievances in his heart could be confided on the shoulders. But Xu Chengyi was still bleeding on his head and was going to the hospital to bandage, but Xu Chengyi couldn’t manage that much.

Even if he was dismissed, he would go to prove to Xia Yan that he was not at fault. Xia Yan told Xu Chengyi that everything was resolved. Xu Chengyi was very happy. She told Xia Yan that she had fallen in love with Xia Yan since the first time she saw Xia Yan, and that Xia Yan would stay with him afterwards. Xia Yan was very excited and kissed her. After Xu Chengyi’s mouth was kept, the two were finally together.

Xia Yan and Xu Chengyi lay on the bed and told him that they hated Xu Chengyi before, but since Xia Yan’s father was hospitalized, they began to like Xu Chengyi gradually. Now they are all Xu Chengyi in their hearts, and there is no other person’s position. Xu Chengyi got up early in the morning to prepare breakfast for Xia Yan. Xia Yan only noticed that the man next to him had disappeared. Soon after Xu Chengyi went back to the bed and kissed Xia Yan to wake her up, the two were extremely intimate. Xu Chengyi asked Xia Yan to accept Xue Ning’s job, and Xia Yan continued to be in charge of the girlfriend planet.

Mark went to Han Shuang and satirized her and her family was awkward and went to stay in a hotel, so Han Shuang wanted to stay in Mark’s shop, but Mark was afraid that Han Shuang would scare the guests away, but he could stay at his house, and there were still guest rooms idle at home. Han Shuang would not be polite, and soon found a moving company to move everything to Mark’s house.

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