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Tears in Heaven 海上繁花 Episode 40 Recap

Lin Xiangyuan came to see Lei Yuzheng in the rain. Lei Yuzheng was remembering Lei Ting at home. Lin Xiangyuan knelt down and put a stick of incense on Lei Ting’s portrait. He sincerely apologized to Lei Yuzheng and offered to leave Yutian. Lei Yuzheng encouraged him to double down. Working hard to complete his own salvation, Lei Yuzheng ignored all the evidence before investigating him, and Lin Xiangyuan was moved with tears in his eyes.

Early the next morning, Lin Xiangyuan came to the office to pack his things. Lei Yuzheng called him to attend the shareholders meeting. He announced in public that he would resign as an assistant and leave Yutian temporarily, and let Lin Xiangyuan lead Yutian to glory. Everyone present was shocked. .

Du Xiaosu sent an assistant to work as a supervisor on the construction site. The assistant introduced a free helper to her. Unexpectedly, the other party was Lei Yuzheng. Du Xiaosu refused to accept it. He forced Lei Yuzheng out. Lei Yuzheng begged Du Xiaosu to take him in. If he could not be taken in within ten days To the satisfaction of Du Xiaosu, he would leave automatically, and Du Xiaosu had to agree.

Lin Xiangyuan apologized to He Qunfei. He Qunfei didn’t want to worry about the previous things anymore, and was willing to continue to treat Lin Xiangyuan as a buddy. From that day on, Lei Yuzheng officially went to work in Du Xiaosu’s studio. He obeyed Du Xiaosu’s words and took good care of her daily life.

Mother Lin is going back to her hometown tomorrow. That night she carefully prepared a table of dishes. The family of four sat together to have a reunion dinner. Jiang Fanlu was full of praise for her craftsmanship. Jiang Jin was very happy and expressed her gratitude to Mother Lin. Lin Xiangyuan thanked Jiang. Jin brought him into the industry and married Jiang Fanlu to him. Lin Xiangyuan hoped to continue to be Jiang Jin’s son-in-law. He became more excited as he talked, and finally burst into tears. Lin Xiangyuan raised a toast to Jiang Fanlu. Jiang Fanlu saw that he was wrong today. Before he could speak, he went back to the house because he was tired. Lin Mu and Jiang Jin were puzzled.

Lin Xiangyuan sent his mother to the airport early in the morning. Mother Lin guessed that Lin Xiangyuan had done something wrong, and forced him hard. Lin Xiangyuan told him what he had done. Mother Lin complained that he was too confused and encouraged him to admit his mistakes. Staying strong, Lin Xiangyuan promised to take care of everything and go back to her hometown to accompany her.

Du Xiaosu was very busy every day. Lei Yuzheng personally cooks for Du Xiaosu. Du Xiaosu feasted and praised Lei Yuzheng’s dishes. Lei Yuzheng promised to cook for her every day and also prepared desserts after dinner.

Today is the last day of the probation period. Lei Yuzheng wants to stay with Du Xiaosu. Du Xiaosu politely declined. He feels that the current Lei Yuzheng is not real. He should not do this and should do a job more suitable for him. Du Xiaosu has experienced so much. No longer believe in unforgettable love, Lei Yuzheng promised to continue waiting.

Lin Xiangyuan decided to go to the police station to surrender. He prepared a divorce agreement and came to Jiang Fanlu. Jiang Fanlu was reluctant to go to jail. Lin Xiangyuan wanted to bear the guilt he should have and to return Lei Yuzheng to his innocence, and let Lei Yuzheng return to Yutian and Jiang Fan. Lu was determined not to divorce.

She tore the agreement to pieces on the spot. She took out the pregnancy test results. Lin Xiangyuan was very excited. He didn’t want Jiang Fanlu to suffer, and persuaded Jiang Fanlu to get rid of the child. Jiang Fanlu refused to agree and promised. Will wait for Lin Xiangyuan to come out with the children, and Lin Xiangyuan is holding Jiang Fanlu in tears.

Lei Yuzheng mobilized Shangguan Boyao, Ye Shenkuan and others to do charity and do something for the children on the island, and they fully agreed. Lin Xiangyuan plucked up the courage to come to the police station to surrender.

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