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Tears in Heaven 海上繁花 Episode 39 Recap

Zou Siqi practiced her marriage proposal many times, but she couldn’t say what she could say, so she had to go to the rooftop to calm down and say all the things she wanted to say in her heart. Zou Siqi didn’t care about the house, and wanted to face it with He Qunfei and work hard together. Create a new life. He Qunfei came to the rooftop and heard Zou Siqi’s sincere confession. His eyes were moved with tears. Zou Siqi turned to see He Qunfei. He Qunfei suddenly ran away in tears. Zou Siqi stayed where he was.

Lei Yuzheng told Du Xiaosu about the various dangers he faced some time ago. The reason why he deliberately avoided Du Xiaosu was that he did not want her to be involved in danger. Not only did Du Xiaosu not appreciate her, but instead complained that Lei Yuzheng did not believe her, Du Xiaosu. He was willing to face everything with Lei Yuzheng. Lei Yuzheng was very touched and promised that he would never conceal anything in the future, but Du Xiaosu was already too tired to wait and felt that the two of them were more suitable to be friends.

He Qunfei came out panting and persuaded Zou Siqi to be more realistic. They could not rent a house for the rest of their lives. He did not want Zou Siqi to suffer with him. But after He Qunfei heard Zou Siqi’s confession, he was inspired and vowed to redouble his efforts from now on. Let Zou Siqi live a good life. He Qunfei held the ring in his hand and knelt on one knee to propose to Zou Siqi. Zou Siqi was so touched that the two of them embraced each other deeply.

As soon as He Qunfei arrived at the company, he couldn’t wait to show off his wedding ring to Lei Yuzheng and show off his happiness. He persuaded Lei Yuzheng to pursue Du Xiaosu on his own initiative. , He Qunfei encouraged Lei Yuzheng not to miss this rare good opportunity. Lei Yuzheng and Shangguan Boyao went to the fencing hall to train and saw a beautiful girl who came to practice swords.

Shangguan Boyao liked it very much, so he took the initiative to say hello and asked for the girl’s contact information. Lei Yuzheng took the opportunity to ask Boyao for advice. For the girl’s approach, Shangguan Boyao gave him a lot of suggestions, and Lei Yuzheng remembered them one by one.

Lei Yuzheng deliberately rode a motorcycle and took Du Xiaosu for a drive overnight. Du Xiaosu was shivering from the cold. Lei Yuzheng took off the cover and put it on her. He went to prepare a surprise for Du Xiaosu. At this moment, Lei Yuzheng’s phone rang, and Du Xiaosu picked it up for him. The girl in the fencing hall complained that Lei Yuzheng didn’t contact her. Du Xiaosu was very angry. Du Xiaosu didn’t want to hear him explain, and asked Lei Yuzheng to take her home immediately. Lei Yuzheng had to do it, and he vowed to use his own way to recover Du Xiaosu.

Lin Xiangyuan took Jiang Fanlu to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get a divorce. Jiang Fanlu wanted to make up for a wedding and divorce again on the excuse of not having a wedding. Lin Xiangyuan sent a large box of wedding candy to Du Xiaosu and invited her and Lei Yuzheng to the wedding. Du Xiaosu sincerely wished them happiness.

Du Xiaosu sent a message about Lei Yuzheng to come out for dinner, gave him the wedding candy, and told Lei Yuzheng that Lin Xiangyuan was leaving Yutian. Lei Yuzheng had put down all his hatred and agreed to Lin Xiangyuan to stay in Yutian. Lei Yuzheng suggested that He Qunfeihe Lin Xiangyuan had a wedding together, and Du Xiaosu agreed to tell Zou Siqi.

Today is a happy day for the two couples to get married. The wedding was held on the cruise ship. Du Xiaosu helped Zou Siqi to dress up. Both Zou Siqi and Jiang Fanlu were wearing red wedding dresses. Jiang Fanlu suddenly found out that her high heels were missing. Du Xiaosu helped to find them. As a result, I was full of collision with Lei Yuzheng. Du Xiaosu was very happy to find that Lei Yuzheng was wearing the tie she gave.

The wedding officially began. Zou Siqi and Jiang Fanlu walked onto the deck amidst the cheers of relatives and friends. The emcee asked the two couples to give each other wedding rings. Jiang Fanlu wanted to give Lin Xiangyuan a surprise. She specially invited Lin’s mother to attend the wedding. Lin Xiangyuan Very touched.

Lei Yuzheng delivered a brief congratulatory message as a witness, thanking Du Xiaosu in public for letting him understand the true meaning of love, and Lei Yuzheng congratulated the two couples on their happiness. Subsequently, Lei Yuzheng gave He Qunfei and Zou Siqi the keys to a new house, and He Qunfei vowed to do his best to serve Yutian.

Finally, the master of ceremonies asked the two brides to throw bouquets to all the girls present to see who was the next lucky one. Du Xiaosu first received a bouquet of bouquets and everyone shouted “together” together. Lei Yuzheng was in the blessing of everyone. China moves towards Du Xiaosu.

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