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Medical Examiner Dr. Qin: Silent Evidence 法医秦明之无声的证词 Episode 2 Recap

Qin Ming, who was awakened from his dream, was taken aback, and then went back to sleep in a drowsy state.

Without a word for a night, Qin Ming, who woke up the next day, opened the bathroom door and suddenly saw that Lin Dang was actually taking a bath in it. Qin Ming was so frightened that he immediately withdrew. The irritable Qin Ming began to accuse Lin Dang loudly. Before long, Lin Dang apologized immediately after coming out of the shower. When they came to the police station, a group of people confined the suspect to Zhao Yalin’s boyfriend Wang Chao after a meeting. The three came to the villa where Wang Chao once stayed. After a simple search, they found that the lighter on the floor came from a bar. So the three decided to go to find out at night.

At night, the three of them arrived at the bar. Lin Dang and Dabao changed their makeup. Qin Ming was taken aback when he looked at the three of them. After entering the bar, the three separately investigated. Qin Ming, who was sitting on the bar, was spotted immediately because of his outstanding appearance, but Qin Ming, who was a straight man with cancer, pointed out that the beauty who struck up had body odor, and the irritated beauty screamed and left. At this moment, Qin Ming received a message on his cell phone, and the three of them went to the second floor to meet.

Through simple inquiries, the three of them also learned about Wang Chao’s situation and the news of Zhao Yalin’s breakup. The three people who didn’t get a clue left the bar. At this moment, Qin Ming suddenly thought of something, and ran to the crime scene overnight. Just as Qin Ming carefully stared at a suspect with weird behavior, Lin Dang suddenly appeared, which made Qin Ming shocked. Seeing the man in black start to burn the paper, Lin Dang rushed out to subdue the man in black.

Later, the two discovered that it was Zhao Yalin’s uncle who came to burn paper for Zhao Yalin. At the end of the episode, Qin Ming suddenly found strange footprints on the scene of the crime. Just when Qin Ming mistakenly thought that he had found a major clue, Lin Dang slowly raised his legs. It turned out that this was a farce. It was Lin Dang who accidentally left it earlier. But then, the two learned other clues from Zhao Yalin’s uncle.

The next day, the two followed the clues to a pier. Qin Ming, who was not very agile, finally got on the bed and entered the cabin. The scene in front of them made them immediately aware of this. It was the scene of the first crime.

After a busy day, the two rested in the office. Dabao hurriedly woke them up when he got the test results. Qin Ming, who was too tired, could only rely on Dabao to carry on the investigation. A group of people came to Sun Yu’s residence. Sun Yu, who sensed that something was wrong, drove away from other places, and the three of them immediately chased him out. Qin Ming, who could not run, struggled step by step behind him. After a lot of chasing, Sun Wei successfully threw off Lin Dang, but Sun Wei went round and round before he left the wolf den and entered the tiger’s mouth. He was hit by Qin Ming, and then Sun Yu was arrested by Qin Ming. . Seeing Lin Dang coming over, Qin Ming also pretended to make a grappling gesture.

Through the questioning of Sun Yu, everyone only got some insignificant clues. At the meeting, Team Li was furious, and a criminal policeman could only bow his head and dare not say anything. Lin Dang, who couldn’t help it, mobilized the aunt to look for clues. Through the conversation with the aunt, Qin Ming suddenly remembered something. At this moment, Qin Ming suddenly noticed a taxi parked on the side of the road.

The taxi driver who realized that it was wrong also set off and fled, but did not drive far, because of road repairs, he had to abandon the car and escape into an abandoned residential area. One ran, two chased, and soon Qin Ming locked the hiding spot in a factory building. At the door, after the two made a gesture, they decided to move separately. Lin Dang, who walked into the factory first, quickly met Wang Chao head-on. The two of them couldn’t get along with each other. At this moment, Qin Ming arrived, but he helped. Busy, stunned Lin Dang.

After that, Qin Ming clung to Wang Chao who wanted to escape. After a while, Lin Dang immediately chased him. Using Qin Ming’s feet as a springboard, Lin Dang also succeeded in catching up with Wang Chao, but Lin Dang’s power gap caused Lin to catch up with Wang Chao. When Lin Dang was about to suffocate without gaining the advantage, Qin Ming got up and stunned Wang Chao. Lin Dang, who was relieved, immediately began to complain about Qin Ming’s incompetence, and the two began to quarrel.

In the interrogation room, Wang Chao told the two that he was not a murderer, and that he was also looking for a murderer. At the same time, he confessed all the events. The two also learned that Liu Donghai had tried to rape Zhao Yalin before and was subsequently stabbed by Wang Chao. Wang Chao also began a desperate career. Who was the murderer, suddenly fell into a mystery. Wang Chao, who learned that Liu Donghai was not dead, was also very surprised.

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