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Medical Examiner Dr. Qin: Silent Evidence 法医秦明之无声的证词 Episode 1 Recap

On this day, the sun was shining brightly, and the playground was full of laughter. A tourist came to try to take a photo with a doll sitting on a deck chair. At this moment, a tourist accidentally touched the doll’s head. Surprisingly, the doll’s head fell to the ground, revealing the quilt. The headless corpse hidden in the doll, for a short time, the tourists who originally planned to take pictures were frightened and panicked, screaming like thunderous screams.

Soon, the police who received the call rushed to the scene of the crime. After the police officer in charge and his subordinates briefly understood the situation, they arranged for him to go to the station to pick up Qin Mingqin’s forensic doctor. At the station, Qin Ming was talking on the phone with Team Li while waiting for the bus. At this time, a minibus drove past Qin Ming. Perhaps Qin Ming, who had noticed something, chased it out immediately and pushed the door.

Suddenly, Qin Ming fell into the situation and couldn’t help himself. He kept chasing a person with a facial makeup, and this person seemed to have something to do with his father. Suddenly Qin Ming was attacked from behind, and a big rock hit the back of Qin Ming’s head. Suddenly, Qin Ming woke up from his dream in an instant. It turned out that the bag placed by the eldest sister in the back row fell from the shelf. After being awakened, Qin Ming slowed down and began to think about the dream just now.

As the car slowly entered the station, Qin Ming immediately noticed Li Dabao, the police officer in charge of the reception, as soon as he got off the bus. After a brief conversation, Qin Ming came to the scene of the crime and arrived at the scene. Qin Ming immediately entered the state and began to collect evidence carefully. It was also at this time that the leader of the detachment, Lin Dang, watched Qin Ming’s look at the scene, and immediately grabbed his hand. Suddenly, the two began to call Dabao. Dabao hurried over when he heard the sound.

Seeing the two behave in this way, Dabao hurriedly explained the situation with Lin Dang. Lin Dang hurriedly apologized, knowing he was in the wrong, but his movements did not weaken at all. Qin Ming yelled in pain, and after finally breaking free, Qin Ming began to explain some matters about Dabao, and then began to point out some small details of Lin Dang based on the short contact just now, and said that Lin Dang’s career was ineffective. Hearing Qingming’s ridicule, Lin Dang wanted to say but didn’t know what to refute.

When Qin Ming returned to the place, he immediately began to conduct an autopsy on the corpse. One by one data was recorded in the report. As the inspection progressed, everyone found that the deceased was still pregnant. This immediately aroused everyone’s concern. anger.

At the end of the inspection, Qin Ming was helpless and could only get in Lin Dang’s car. The two chatted in the car without a word. When talking about the Facebook murder case, Qin Ming’s mood changed obviously, but he was quickly interrupted by Lin Dang. It didn’t take long for Lin Dang to send Qin Ming to his place of residence. Just when Qin Ming was about to see off the guests, he discovered that this single-family villa was Lin Dang’s home. The two will also become roommates living together in the next time.

When he got up the next morning, Lin Dang, who was in a urgency, stopped him outside the toilet. After a battle between heaven and man, Lin Dang finally opened the door. The anxious Qin Ming immediately made three chapters with Lin Dang, and Lin Dang was dissatisfied.

He also told Qin Ming that he would have to pay for the car in the future. After the episode, the two arrived at the police station one after another. When simply listening to the chief’s arrangement, Lin Dang and Qin Ming also quarreled with each other. After the small meeting was over, the two of them got some clues from their colleagues in the laboratory department, and immediately went to investigate them.

On the road, Qin Ming was so bumpy that he almost spat out breakfast. The two who finally arrived at the place to be investigated began to conduct separate inspections. Just when the two of them were serious about pursuing the investigation, Liang Wei who took the opportunity to sneak out and met Lin Dang, with a guilty conscience, immediately fled back to the bath. But it was quickly discovered by three people and taken back to the police station.

In the interrogation room, Liang Wei said all he knew, and through Liang Wei’s testimony, Qin Ming also told everyone that Liang Wei was not a murderer. Before long, the feedback from colleagues of the Foreign Affairs Office has found the head. Looking at the returned photos and the familiar facial makeup, Qin Ming gradually fell into memory.

Qin Ming, who returned home, was looking at the photo of the deceased seriously. Suddenly Lin Dang took a picture of Qin Ming from behind. The focused Qin Ming was taken aback. When he discovered that it was Lin Dang, he began to warn Lin Dang not to scare people easily. Then, Lin Dang kindly offered the drinks he bought, but he never expected that Qin Ming opened the aerated Sprite and was sprayed all over. The angry Qin Ming slapped Sprite heavily on the table and left.

On the second day, the identity of the deceased was also confirmed. The police officers learned through the surrounding students that the deceased Zhao Yalin had a rich second-generation boyfriend, Wang Chao. His parents had died since childhood, and he could only live with his uncle. He was withdrawn but outstanding in appearance. , Is a man of the campus. In the name of his deceased mother, he asked his classmates to borrow 500,000 yuan.

After a busy day, Dabao and Lin Dang decided to go out for supper. Qin Ming, who is not accustomed to eating at night, walked alone on the dark alley. At this moment, the lights on the roadside suddenly began to flicker, and the suspected murderer suddenly appeared from behind Qin Ming. The murderer holding the head looked at Qin. Ming, the murderer’s expression gradually became ferocious.

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