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Lover or Stranger 陌生的恋人 Episode 16 Recap

When Huo Youxi went home, he was blocked by reporters. Sun Lei let Huo Youxi in. He confronted the reporters and said that they would not answer anything other than official affairs. If the reporter wrote sloppily, they would also sue the reporter for defamation. After returning, Huo Youxi asked Sun Lei what happened.

Seeing Sun Lei didn’t say anything, Huo Youxi wanted to ask Huo Youze, but Sun Lei asked her not to disturb Huo Youze anymore. After leaving Huo Youze’s house, Song Xiaodong could only go to Yuhang’s house. Yuhang took Song Xiaodong in. Yuhang advised Song Xiaodong to call the police, but Song Xiaodong said that he was in a mess. When he thought about it, Yuhang gave Song Xiaodong a ride downstairs. Live in a tent.

Early the next morning, Sun Lei and Huo Youze said that they already knew the truth about Luo Qianyi and asked whether the real Luo Qianyi was still alive. Huo Youze said that he did not know where Luo Qianyi was. He also planned to surrender. Sun Lei firmly opposed Huo Youze’s surrender. , Said that if something goes wrong with Huo Youze, the company will definitely be affected, and the interests of many people will be damaged.

A Sheng, a student from Qicai School, called Huo Youze and asked if Huo Youze would come over this weekend. Huo Youze was upset, but he couldn’t let A Sheng down. He had to go to Qicai School to meet the children, and the children saw Song Xiaodong. When he didn’t come, he asked Huo Youze if Song Xiaodong was angry, and said that they could help Huo Youze coax Song Xiaodong.

Song Xiaodong recalled the sweet words Huo Youze had said to herself before, and felt very sad. During her previous relationship with Huo Youze, she also fell in love with Huo Youze, but she felt that Huo Youze regarded herself as a substitute for Luo Qianyi. Yuhang helped Song Xiaodong dye his hair, and Song Xiaodong changed his dress again, no longer dressing like Luo Qianyi, and asked Yuhang to call himself Song Xiaodong in the future.

When Song Xiaodong was strolling in the street, she saw the Japanese food store recruiting waiters. She entered the store to apply for a job. At the beginning, she had a good talk. The lady boss asked Song Xiaodong to come to work tomorrow. Remember to bring her credentials. Song Xiaodong was in trouble and said that she Without a certificate, the proprietress refused Song Xiaodong.

Song Xiaodong was disappointed to leave. Just two Japanese customers came to the store. The proprietress did not speak Japanese. Song Xiaodong hurried forward and showed that Song Xiaodong was able to do so. Song Xiaodong was very grateful to the neighbors who came to help in the store and stayed to work.

Song Xiaodong did a day’s work and asked Yuhang to come to the restaurant for dinner. Yuhang said that a person named Lao Feng had asked him about Song Xiaodong, and asked if she had had any trouble in Japan before. Some memory fragments flashed past, but I couldn’t remember some specific content.

The chaos of the colorful night made Huo Youze’s company’s stock price plummet, and shareholders were very dissatisfied with it. Huo Youze was at the Seven Colors School at this time, and he could only let Sun Lei face the difficult shareholders alone. Li Dong was dissatisfied with Huo Youze, and even more. It is mocking that Sun Lei is Huo Youze’s loyal dog. Sun Lei is not polite.

He said that Huo Youze respected Li Dong as a senior and would be more polite, but he is not close to Li Dong, and Li Dong doesn’t have many shares. You can let Li Dong get out. This has quelled a few shareholders. Sun Lei continued to say that he would work hard to complete other projects of the company. If the company is gone, everyone will be finished. The top priority is to work hard together to face the predicament.

Song Xiaodong saw Mei Zi, the girl who stole her purse before, while working in the shop. She couldn’t help but follow her. Seeing Mei Zi stole something and was discovered, Song Xiaodong stepped forward to relieve Mei Zi and brought Mei Zi to the store for dinner. When the two chatted, Meizi said that she had been abducted and had lived with her father and Xiaodong since childhood.

Song Xiaodong was surprised and asked who Meizi Xiaodong was. Meizi said Xiaodong was similar to her, and her voice was very similar. Meizi heard the store. The person named Song Xiaodong was also a little puzzled. At this time, Meizi’s father sneaked into Huo Youze’s house before anyone else, and asked Huo Youze where his daughter Song Xiaodong was.

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