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Lover or Stranger 陌生的恋人 Episode 15 Recap

The day of the colorful night’s event arrived, Huo Youze knocked on the fake Luo Qianyi’s door before leaving, saying that he would be busy tonight, and when he came back, he would tell what the fake Luo Qianyi wanted to know. Huo Youze went to the hospital to find Yuhang and asked him if he knew where the fake Luo Qianyi’s cufflinks came from. Yuhang said that he didn’t know. Huo Youze said that the fake Luo Qianyi was very strange recently, but Yuhang asked Luo Qianyi to remember the past.

Shouldn’t he be happy? Huo Youze asked Yuhang if he liked the fake Luo Qianyi. Yuhang said it was his own business. The conversation between the two was heard by Sun Lei. Sun Lei broke into his office while Yuhang was not in. After searching. , Found information about the fake Luo Qianyi, and speculated that Luo Qianyi who appeared there was a fake.

Huo Youxi also went to the fake Luo Qianyi, saying that when she came back in the evening, they would have a good chat about the matter, and she would not necessarily help Huo Youze. After Huo Youxi went out, the fake Luo Qianyi was also ready to go to the venue. Sun Lei rushed to stop the fake Luo Qianyi, but the fake Luo Qianyi pushed Sun Lei down, took her bag and mobile phone, and locked Sun Lei at home.

Sun Lei found Luo Qianyi’s phone number before at home, called Huo Youze, told Huo Youze that Luo Qianyi had gone to the venue, and told Huo Youze to be careful. After Huo Youze answered the phone, he saw A Chao and Qi Fan sneaking up. Huo Youze called Xiao Ding and asked him to take Qi Fan out, but Huo Youxi showed up to help Qi Fan out, saying that he would help to watch Qi Fan. Huo Youze personally approached Ah Chao and asked Luo Qianyi if he meant to come back.

The two of them didn’t say a few words. The fake Luo Qianyi suddenly came to the scene, Huo Youze’s face changed, but the fake Luo Qianyi naturally took Huo Youze and everyone to greet him, Huo Youze Then he pulled the fake Luo Qianyi to the corner and asked her why she did this. Qi Fan saw this scene and wanted to chase him, but was stopped by Xiaoding and Huo Youxi.

Facing Huo Youze’s question, the fake Luo Qianyi pretended to be calm, saying that tonight was a holiday for herself and him. Huo Youze asked her how to get the pair of cufflinks. The fake Luo Qianyi asked him not to ask. Huo Youze couldn’t help but admit that she said she She may have thought of the cufflinks at all, because she was not Luo Qianyi at all.

The fake Luo Qianyi saw Huo Youze admit it, and turned to ask Huo Youze, she is not Luo Qianyi, who is she? Huo Youze did not answer, and she was still asking about the cufflinks. Very angry, Huo Youze was still entangled in the cuffs at this time. She asked Huo Youze. He kept saying that he loved himself and who he was in love.

Huo Youze said that he would tell her everything after tonight, but now he has to clarify the cufflinks. Huo Youze got more and more excited when he talked about it. At this time, Qi Fan came and punched Huo Youze in the face. Various media also rushed over. A Chao took the fake Luo Qianyi to the lounge to settle down and said that it would take a while. , The best performance is about to begin.

After Ah Chao settled down the fake Luo Qianyi, the real Luo Qianyi appeared at the venue and played the violin on stage. Qi Fan and Huo Youze rushed to the stage when they heard the sound of the piano. Qi Fan was very excited, saying that Luo Qianyi’s decision was theirs. For the love song, Luo Qianyi loves that she is not Huo Youze.

At this time, Sun Lei also rushed over and was very surprised to see Luo Qianyi playing on the stage. The fake Luo Qianyi was also surprised when he heard the sound of the piano. She was about to go out and have a look, but found that A Chao had locked the door. Luo Qianyi ended the song. Qi Fan rushed forward and wanted to talk to Luo Qianyi, but Luo Qianyi ignored Qi Fan and threw it away. He left directly. When Luo Qianyi left, she met the fake Luo Qianyi who came out of the prying door. The two looked at each other and Luo Qianyi left.

The fake Luo Qianyi quickly hid after hearing the reporter’s voice. The reporters saw that they could not ask anything from A Chao, so they chased Qi Fan. Xiaoding stopped the reporter at the door. Sun Lei asked Huo Youxi not to talk to the outside world. Qi Fan was very broken at this moment. I understand that Luo Qianyi has given up on her violin career.

After the fake Luo Qianyi came home, he confessed to Huo Youze that he was not Luo Qianyi. Everything today was a play between her and A Chao. Huo Youze refused to believe it because he knew that only Luo Qianyi could pull out the sound of the piano just now, and the fake Luo Qianyi let him He forgot Luo Qianyi first, faced himself first, and told the truth.

Huo Youze no longer concealed it. He said that when she found her, her face was damaged and she had Luo Qianyi’s passport on her body, so he mistakenly identified her as Luo Qianyi. Knowing that she was not Luo Qianyi, the fake Luo Qianyi asked Huo Youze who she really was. Huo Youze said that she didn’t know, but it was possible that her name was Song Xiaodong. Song Xiaodong continued to ask where the real Luo Qianyi was.

Huo Youze also said that he didn’t know. Song Xiaodong asked Huo Youze if Luo Qianyi had killed Luo Qianyi. She saw it on the snowy mountain, so she had that dream. Song Xiaodong beat and scolded Huo Youze and questioned him. Huo Youze denied whether he regarded himself as Luo Qianyi’s substitute, saying that he loved Song Xiaodong, but Song Xiaodong refused to believe it. Sun Lei heard Song Xiaodong and Huo Youze’s quarrel at the door, and when Song Xiaodong asked Huo Youze whether he killed Luo Qianyi, Sun Lei left.

When Song Xiaodong came out, Sun Lei also reminded her not to go through the door, saying that reporters were all at the door. Sun Lei wanted to go in to comfort Huo Youze, but he heard Huo Youze muttering to herself that he loved Song Xiaodong and didn’t use Song Xiaodong as a substitute for Luo Qianyi. Sun Lei was desperate, knowing that it was impossible for him and Huo Youze.

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