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Love is True 我是真的爱你 Episode 2 Recap

Mo Ming persuaded Chen Jiaorui to spare the year of pregnancy, and they lived a little easier, but Chen Jiaorui wanted to win the maternal and infant project and proved to Li Cha that she was no worse than Xiao Yan. After dinner, Xiao Yan sent Xiao Huang and the others into the car with a smile, but then she warned Amy, who had known that Xiao Huang was pregnant, would not be an example, and at the same time went to the Personnel Department to hire a male assistant for her. The next day, after Xiao Huang learned of this, he resigned in shame.

As soon as Chen Jiaorui’s team had finished the meeting, she heard her subordinates say that Xiao Yan had changed the method and asked Xiao Huang to resign. She stopped her subordinates’ personal attacks on Xiao Yan, but from the bottom of her heart, she might also have The slightest thought that Xiao Yan was careless, a little cold and ruthless.

After the meeting, Chen Jiaorui had morning sickness and ran to the toilet to throw up. As soon as she got out of the toilet, she saw Xiao Yan outside. She could not guess whether Xiao Yan found out that she was pregnant, but when she saw Xiao Yan coming out of the toilet, Xiao Yan went straight to Li Cha’s office, Chen Jiao Rui felt that she must have told Li Cha about her pregnancy.

The pregnant woman was emotionally unstable. Xiao Yan kindly gave her coffee beans, but Chen Jiaorui thought she was deliberate. At night, Chen Jiaorui was a little broken, and Mo Ming had no choice but to comfort her and promised her to wait until she won the project before letting her tell President Li about her pregnancy. Chen Jiaorui stayed up late that night to make plans. Mo Ming woke up at two o’clock and she was still writing. Mo Ming looked at her back and felt very distressed.

The next day, Mr. Li had seen the plans submitted by the Chen Jiaorui team and Xiao Yan’s team. He proposed the changes and asked them to go back and change them again, and then left Xiao Yan alone. Mr. Li said that the board of directors intends to merge the teams of Xiao Yan and Chen Jiaorui. The position of deputy general manager of the company has been vacant for a long time.

The board of directors intends to let Xiao Yan take the post, so she will do it at this product promotion meeting. It has to be pretty. Xiao Yan was surprised. The company had appointed a candidate for vice president, so why let Chen Jiaorui go back to change the plan? Manager Li said indifferently that Chen Jiaorui should be used as much as possible.

Chen Jiaorui had a sudden abdominal pain and couldn’t stand up because of the pain in the toilet. Later, it was the hospital Xiao Yan sent her to. While taking the medicine, Chen Jiaorui saw Xiao Huang and Xiao Yan talking and laughing.

After Xiao Yan left, she asked why Xiao Huang didn’t sue the Thea Group. After Xiaohuang explained, Chen Jiaorui knew that Xiao Yan hadn’t fired her, and even wanted to give her a one-year holiday, but Xiao Huang was embarrassed to trouble Xiao Yan any more, so she took the initiative to resign. Xiao Yan drove Chen Jiaorui back. She said that she would not tell President Li about her pregnancy. After that, Xiao Yan also gave up the maternal and child product project, and Chen Jiaorui thought it was the result of her own efforts.

Before the promotion meeting, Chen Jiaorui had a business trip, and Mr. Li insisted on asking her to go. Xiao Yan took the initiative to help her. Mr. Li couldn’t say anything. The parents of the child who got stuck in the throat the last time came to Mo Ming again. Mo Ming received a message from Chen Jiaorui and left his job anxiously and took Chen Jiaorui to the hospital for an examination.

Afterwards, the director and junior brother sent him WeChat, saying that the child had chest pain last time. The next day, the director persuaded him to go to the house to apologize to the family of the sick child and explain the situation. He did this to protect Mo Ming, but Mo Ming felt that doing so violated his conscience as a doctor.

Li Cha called Chen Jiaorui. He had already learned that she was pregnant, and the company decided to hand over the project to Xiao Yan’s team. Mr. Li asked her to go back and take care of the baby. Chen Jiaorui walked out of General Li’s office in despair, she suspected Xiao Yan was talking about it. She went home and told Mo Ming about it. Mo Ming was very happy that she could finally rest. The next day, Chen Jiaorui handed the information compiled by the team to Xiao Yan in front of Mr. Li, after which she packed up and left the company.

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