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Love Is Beautiful 对你的爱很美 Episode 13 Recap

Wang Xiaomi found that Ke’s father and Ke’s mother were agitated and stared at her, but Wang Dashan thought this was the charm of his beef noodles. He concluded that the old couple would come to eat noodles tomorrow, and Wang Xiaomi didn’t think too much about it.

Ke Lei kept calling his parents and sending WeChat messages, but neither of them responded. When Ke Lei was anxious, his parents went home. When Ke Lei learned that his parents had secretly visited Wang Xiaomi, he couldn’t help complaining about them. His parents forced him to take Wang Xiaomi back. Ke Lei explained the whole story again and again. His parents were reluctant and forced him to go back to his hometown. Ke Lei booked them a ticket back to his hometown on the spot and promised to find a way to pick up Wang Xiaomi as soon as possible.

That night, Ke’s father and Ke’s mother stayed up all night, and the two of them were unwilling to give up and decided to stay secretly until they recognized Wang Xiaomi. Ke Lei sent his parents to the airport early in the morning. Their parents kept saying goodbye to him. Seeing him driving away, the old couple carried their suitcases and went straight to the Wang Dashan noodle restaurant.

Father Ke and Mother Ke ordered two bowls of signature beef noodles as usual. Wang Dashan hurried to the back kitchen to prepare. Father Ke followed Wang Xiaomi and asked him warmly. Wang Xiaomi thought he was in a hurry and hurried to bring two bowls of noodle soup. At the same time, Luo Yufeng came to the store to discuss with Luo Qing that she wanted to sell her Wenwan walnuts in the store, but Luo Qing had no choice but to agree.

After Ke’s father and Ke’s mother had eaten the noodles, they sat in the noodle shop and watched Wang Xiaomi’s every move. Wang Xiaomi had to serve them with soup. Three hours passed in a blink of an eye. The old couple didn’t mean to leave, so Wang Xiaomi hurriedly changed them. I had two bowls of hot soup. Luo Yufeng then came to eat noodles. When Ke’s father and Ke’s mother learned that she was Wang Dashan’s mother-in-law, they took the initiative to chat with her and asked her about Wang Xiaomi’s situation. Luo Yufeng tried his best to encourage them to visit Luo Qing’s shop.

Ke’s father and Ke’s mother waited for a whole day, and did not wait for the time to be alone with Wang Xiaomi. They had to book a hotel to live in. Ke’s mother decided to go to the noodle shop tomorrow to try to recognize Wang Xiaomi. Ke’s father advised her Don’t rush, first open the gap from Luo Yufeng’s body.

In order to expand overseas business, Luo Yufeng specially hired an English teacher, and also opened an overseas special session in the live broadcast room. Luo Yufeng interspersed live broadcast sales in Chinese and English, and she enjoyed it. Ke Lei and Meimei watched TV together. Seeing the fragments of the family relationship between their parents and children, Ke Lei was touched by the scene and couldn’t help thinking of his parents. He burst into tears and Meimei persuaded him not to watch it again.

Father Ke and Mother Ke came to the shop opposite Wang Dashan Noodle House, always paying attention to Wang Xiaomi’s every move. The shop owner thought they were very strange, so Father Ke asked the boss how to please Luo Yufeng and learned that Luo Yufeng not only loves money, but also likes antiques. When Father Ke and Mother Ke saw Luo Yufeng coming to Luo Qing’s shop, they followed him.

As soon as Father Ke walked in, he saw the pair of Wenwan walnuts, pretending to like it very much. Luo Yufeng repeatedly claimed that this was the treasure of the town store, and enthusiastically greeted the two of them to visit the house. Naturally, the old couple couldn’t ask for it.

As soon as Luo Yufeng entered the house, he took out the Wenwan walnuts he had collected for more than 30 years, and offered a high price of 30,000 yuan. Ke Mu did not bargain, and bought the cash on the spot. Luo Yufeng happily closed his mouth from ear to ear. . Father Ke and Mother Ke revealed their true identities, and begged Luo Yufeng to help persuade Wang Xiaomi to recognize them. Luo Yufeng was not sure, and reluctantly agreed to give it a try.

Luo Yufeng took Wang Xiaomi shopping and bought her several pieces of clothes in one go. Later, Luo Yufeng invited Wang Xiaomi to dinner, and persuaded Wang Xiaomi to recognize Ke Lei. When his parents were upset, Luo Yufeng agreed to persuade Luo Qing, but Wang Xiaomi did not let go. Luo Yufeng persuaded Wang Xiaomi not to move, so he had to return 30,000 yuan to Father Ke and Mother Ke to persuade them not to worry.

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