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Love Is Beautiful 对你的爱很美 Episode 12 Recap

Ke’s father and Ke’s mother were both soft and hard on Ke Lei and Meimei respectively, but they all failed. In the end, the old couple had to give in and let Ke Lei and Mr. Meimei have a child, and then register for marriage. The beauty was too much to disturb, Ke Lei had no choice but to give in. Admitting that he already had a child, Ke’s father and Ke’s mother were stunned, and forced to ask about the child’s situation. Ke Lei had to tell the truth, and Ke’s mother fainted on the spot due to his anger.

Chen Mu prepared a simple meal. Wang Xiaomi feasted and feasted. The two of them exchanged cups, and Wang Xiaomi spit out bitterness at Chen Mu through the spirit of wine. After dinner, Chen Mu helped Wang Xiaomi find a job online. Wang Xiaomi was dissatisfied with the low salary. In the end, she fell asleep on Chen Mu’s shoulder due to the exhaustion of the journey. Chen Mu took her back to the dormitory to settle down, and then came back to prepare for class.

Today is Monday. At the strong request of Wang Xiaomi, Chen Mu allowed her to raise the national flag with the students. In the following days, Chen Mu and Wang Xiaomi will take the students to class, play games, and go on expeditions in the wild. Wang Xiaomi is happy. , Completely forgot the troubles in my heart. Ke Lei wanted to take his parents to dinner. His parents insisted on seeing Wang Xiaomi, and Ke Lei was helpless, so he had to pull out Wang Xiaomi’s photos. Both parents felt that Wang Xiaomi and his dead daughter looked alike. They couldn’t wait to see Wang Xiaomi. Ke Lei advised them first. After eating, my mother cried sorrowfully.

Coley was desperate, so he had to take refuge at Meimei’s house for a while. Meimei was engaged in music creation. He waited quietly. Meimei promised to let him live and ask him to help advise on the music of the new movie. At this moment, Ke Mu called Meimei, and Ke Lei asked her to block her parents’ phone numbers. Luo Qing and Wang Dashan came home from get off work and saw Wang Xiaomi slumbering in bed. They felt that something was wrong with her and forced her up for questioning.

Wang Xiaomi confessed to her parents and admitted that she had lied. Instead of going to Xiaolu’s house, she went to experience life in the countryside where Chen Muzhi taught. Wang Xiaomi has benefited a lot from this rural trip. She wants to understand one thing. She has been living under the blessing of Wang Dashan for so many years. She has developed a vanity and selfish nature. Wang Xiaomi does not want to rely on them anymore. She vowed to become economically independent and independent. As an independent-minded person, Luo Qing felt that she was bragging and left before listening.

Early the next morning, Wang Dashan persuaded Wang Xiaomi to rest at home for a while, and waited until she found a suitable job. Wang Xiaomi wanted to go to Wang Dashan’s noodle shop to work, so Wang Dashan naturally couldn’t ask for it. Wang Xiaomi came to Xiaolu to report on the gains of this trip to the mountain village. Unfortunately, Xiaolu did not go with her to receive the baptism of the soul.

Wang Dashan came to talk to his good friend Mr. Chen, and Mr. Chen used his daughter’s misbehavior abroad to persuade Wang Dashan, but Wang Dashan still couldn’t let go. Father Ke and Mother Ke came to the bar to listen to the talk show. Gao Sen was busy taking care of them. They asked Gao Sen about Wang Xiaomi’s situation. Gao Sen insisted that Wang Xiaomi’s family was a liar. Sooner or later, they would ask Ke Lei for money. Gao Sen didn’t know the address of Wang Xiaomi’s home, and advised them not to snare.

Ke’s father and Ke’s mother found nothing, so they looked for clues in the article of Ke Lei’s public account and found out that Wang Xiaomi’s adoptive father, Wang Dashan, had opened a beef noodle restaurant. The old couple couldn’t wait to find it. Wang Xiaomi officially went to work at Wang Dashan’s beef noodle restaurant early in the morning. She changed into waiter’s overalls and started to work in a decent way.

Xiaolu and Chen Mu came afterwards. They were full of praise for Wang Xiaomi’s changes. Wang Dashan asked the chef to cook two bowls of noodles for them. Ke’s father and Ke’s mother found Wang Dashan’s noodle shop according to the address. When they entered, they saw Wang Xiaomi taking Chen Mu and Xiaolu away. Ke’s father and Ke’s mother stared at Wang Xiaomi, and then ordered two bowls of signature beef noodles. They saw Wang Xiaomi. While serving tea and pouring water in the shop, he was so busy and distressed that his father wanted to find Wang Dashan’s theory, but was stopped by his mother, and the two of them sighed while eating noodles.

Wang Xiaomi and Wang Dashan watched from the crack in the door, and Ke Mu relished eating noodles, and they were full of praise for Wang Dashan’s craftsmanship. When Wang Xiaomi saw them eating a bowl of noodles, he hurried out to clean up the bowls and chopsticks. Father Ke was so excited that he wanted to recognize Wang Xiaomi, but was stopped by Ke Mu. Wang Xiaomi felt that there was something wrong with the old couple.

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