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Love Is Beautiful 对你的爱很美 Episode 11 Recap

In the video, Ke Lei confided in his heart to the majority of netizens and vowed to win Wang Xiaomi by his side. Ke Lei dumbly posted the video to Moments, and then fell asleep. This video immediately caused an uproar, Ke Lei Lei had no idea.

Gao Sen came to Ke Lei early in the morning and forced him to delete the videos in his Moments, but it was too late. Luo Qing and Wang Xiaomi both watched the video of the demonstration, and went to ask Ke Leixing separately. Meimei and Ke Lei were chatting on the balcony, and Gao Sen locked the bar door tightly. Luo Qing, Wang Dashan, and Wang Xiaomi came to the bar one after another. Gao Sen lied that they were kept out of the store, and then he went to inform Ke Lei to hide.

Wang Xiaomi took Luo Qing and Wang Dashan to the back door to block Ke Lei, and caught him right. Ke Lei repeatedly explained that he had failed to speak after drinking and accidentally sent it out. Wang Dashan was reluctant and pursued him, Ke Lei. Fleeing in fright, he accidentally sprained his foot. He sat on the ground and groaned in pain. Luo Qing warned Ke Lei to stay away from their family and let them live a peaceful life. When Ke Lei looked at the back of the three Wang Dashan family away, he was ashamed.

Meimei helped Ke Lei massage the cold compress. Ke Lei regretted it. Mei Mei felt that he was too selfish. She only considered his own feelings and never cared about others. Ke Lei reflected on her mistakes and asked Mei Mei to stay at home with him. Mei Mei ignored him. , Ke Lei realized the loneliness and helplessness of the betrayal.

Wang Xiaomi went home and sat on the sofa in a daze. Without saying a word, Wang Dashan and Luo Qing were very worried and both came to make her happy. In the middle of the night, Meimei suddenly heard Ke Lei cry aggrievedly in a dream, and wanted to comfort him. Unexpectedly, Ke Lei turned around and started snoring, Meimei was so angry that she couldn’t laugh or cry.

Wang Xiaomi finally wanted to understand one thing. The reason for her unsuccess for so many years was due to the influence of Ke Lei’s genes. Luo Qing advised her not to anger Ke Lei. Her various manifestations belonged to genetic mutations. Early the next morning, Wang Dashan prepared breakfast to call Wang Xiaomi, only to find that she had left without saying goodbye, leaving only a note, and she was going to stay at Xiaolu’s house for a few days.

Chen Mu came to the elementary school in the depths of the mountain to support teaching. Life was simple and fulfilling. Wang Xiaomi considered it again and again and decided to go to the countryside to find Chen Mu. He wanted to relax completely before starting a new life. Wang Xiaomi asked Xiaolu to prepare a few large packages of food and stationery, and asked her to help send it to the bus. She also asked Xiaolu to cover her parents. The Xiaolu complained repeatedly.

As soon as Wang Xiaomi got on the bus, she sent a message to inform Chen Mu that she got off the bus and got on the tractor personally driven by the village director. She traveled all day and night before arriving in the small village deep in the mountains. Wang Xiaomi was exhausted and exhausted. Chen Mu took the children to warmly welcome Wang Xiaomi’s arrival, and Wang Xiaomi distributed the condolences to the children one by one.

Meimei is cooking at home. Ke Lei’s parents came back from the tour. Ke Mu claimed that there was a master in the meditation group. The master calculated that three days later, it would be a lucky day. If Ke Lei and Meimei get married, he can give birth to a healthy baby. Ke Mu puts the fridge in the refrigerator. The canned food and kimchi were thrown away and replaced with healthy and fresh food. Father Ke also urged marriage and birth.

Cole was overwhelmed by the harassment, and the responsibility was placed on Meimei. She insisted that Meimei did not want to marry and have children. Meimei denied that she did not want to marry. Ke Mu believed that Coley did not want to get married, so she took off her gold ring and gave it to Meimei on the spot, urging them. The two got married as soon as possible, but Meimei politely declined. Ke’s father and Ke’s mother are not forgiving, and they force Ke Lei and Meimei to make a decision today, and neither of them let go.

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