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Litter To Glitter 燃烧吧废柴 Episode 7 Recap

Early in the morning, Ye Xiaoxi went to a baking class. Yuan Zhijie, Hu Yanzu, and Fang Tianzi nestled on the sofa and chatted. As soon as Fang Tianyi came over, he looked around for Ye Xiaoxi and was teased by everyone. Fang Tianyi argued that he was just looking for someone to clean up. The three people on the sofa teleported quickly. At this time, An An’s crying sounded away Fang Tianyi and saved him. Killed them three lives. Fang Tianyi had just left, and a person came in from outside, it was Aunt Lan. She directly explained her intention-collecting rent.

When the three of them were at a loss, Fang Tianyi came in holding An An, and he told Aunt Lan that he could not spend so much money for the time being. Seeing An An crying, Aunt Lan quickly took the comfort and asked whose child it was. Hu Yanzu preemptively said that the child was Fang Tianyi’s, and joined Fang Tianyi to stage a drama of bitterness to exaggerate the miserable atmosphere. Aunt Lan expressed sympathy and promised that the rent could be slowed down and left.

In the baking class, Ye Xiaoxi was covering her face because of a toothache in her long wisdom teeth. Baking teacher Li Qingzhu guessed it, gave her an ice pack intimately, and gave her instructions on baking techniques. After the two shook hands, Li Qingzhu turned around and put the hand that Ye Xiaoxi had just shook under his nose and sniffed deeply.

After the course, Li Qingzhu sorted out the baking tools and sent them to the inn with Ye Xiaoxi. When everyone was worried about the rent, Li Qingzhu suggested that he could ask a friend to help the big fish inn to promote it and increase the exposure. However, Fang Tianyi noticed that Li Qingzhu seemed to be sniffing her hair behind Ye Xiaoxi, Li Qingzhu explained that he was farsighted.

Afterwards, he came to Ye Xiaoxi’s room on the grounds of visiting the inn and picked up Ye Xiaoxi’s toothbrush and sniffed. This scene happened to be seen by Fang Tianyi. He asked Li Qingzhu what he was doing. Fang Tianzi and Hu Yanzu also rushed over. Li Qingzhu explained that he was thinking that he could replace the toothbrush with an electric toothbrush, so that he could also ask a friend to sponsor it. Hu Yanzu enthusiastically asked him to go out to discuss matters related to the advertisement, leaving Fang Tianyi angry.

When he left the inn, Fang Tianyi saw Li Qingzhu sniffing Ye Xiaoxi’s clothes again, and he asked him loudly what he was doing. Everyone came again. Li Qingzhu explained that the clothes were blown off and he just helped pick them up. . Fang Tianyi insisted that Li Qingzhu was perverted, but was tied to a chair by other people in the inn. People headed by Hu Yanzu sang “Grateful Heart” to Li Qingzhu. However, with Hu Yanzu’s strong embrace, Li Qingzhu accidentally dropped a piece of clothing from his pocket. Looking closely, it turned out to be Fang Tianzi’s pajamas! Li Qingzhu whispered, no wonder the taste is different. Then he scolded Fang Tianzi for “rogue” and rushed out. At this time, Fang Tianyi finally struggled to loosen the rope tied to his ankle, and quickly chased out with a chair on his back.

Until the evening, Fang Tianyi was still angry with the day. Fang Tianzi, Yuan Zhijie and Hu Yanzu tried to explain several times but were interrupted by Fang Tianyi. However, after Ye Xiaoxi said a few words to him, he was very angry, and everyone else suspected that he Xiao Hongye Xiaoxi. While she was going to deliver water, Fang Tianzi booed and used the method of calculating marriage by name that he saw on the Internet to calculate Fang Tianyi and Ye Xiaoxi. The result was a match made in heaven. While they were not paying attention, Fang Tianyi snatched away the small note with a grin.

The next day, Fang Tianyi was worried about the rent again. Ye Xiaoxi, who had just returned from the hospital after pulling out her wisdom teeth, had not stopped the bleeding, and was about to change a cotton ball. Aunt Lan came over again. Seeing Ye Xiaoxi holding the child, Aunt Lan asked if she was the child’s mother. Ye Xiaoxi said yes. She told Aunt Lan that she had just returned from the hospital. After speaking again, blood came out of her mouth.

She hugged the baby and left. Hu Yanzu then told Aunt Lan that Ye Xiaoxi was terminally ill with his superb acting skills, so he took her back from the hospital. Knowing that Fang Tianyi and Ye Xiaoxi had not held a wedding, Aunt Lan began to talk about it for them, and decided to set it on this Sunday regardless of the parties’ wishes, saying that she would take them to the jewelry store to choose rings.

When he came to the jewelry store and saw the expensive price, Ye Xiaoxi had to lie that she was allergic to gold and dizzy. Fang Tianyi asked Fang Tianzi to send a straw ring to claim that it was an ancestral ring. This came to an end. However, when he was about to leave, Fang Tianyi ran into the monitor of his elementary, junior high and high school. The monitor learned that they were going to get married and quickly took a group photo of them and sent it to the small and high school class.

In order to save money, they took Aunt Lan to the construction site where Ye Xiaoxi had worked before, and took wedding photos. They took the form of selfies and ended the shooting with an unexpectedly romantic effect. However, Fang Tianyi met his brother on the construction site again. The seniors were deeply moved when Aunt Lan told them about their love stories and insisted on making their stories into vlogs and uploaded them to the Internet on the same day. That night, the number of hits on vlog reached tens of millions.

At night, Fang Tianyi, who hadn’t fallen asleep, saw that Ye Xiaoxi was so tired that he fell asleep on the table in order to pack the wedding candy and design the wedding venue. With a move in his heart, he looked for a coat to put on Ye Xiaoxi, and packed the rest of the wedding candy. After Ye Xiaoxi woke up early the next morning, she saw the neat packaging and the coat she was wearing, and she laughed unconsciously when she realized what was going on.

On the wedding day, Aunt Lan took Ye Xiaoxi out slowly, Fang Tianyi and Ye Xiaoxi exchanged rings and drank a cup of wine according to the procedure. Fang Tianzi saw the murdered Sister Chen in the back. Sister Chen was angry because Fang Tianyi lied to herself because she rented a wedding dress from her for filming. Fang Tianzi told her that they were fake marriage, which is equivalent to filming. To go. Aunt Lan was very angry.

At that time, everyone in the audience was making them kiss. Fang Tianyi didn’t know what to do, but Ye Xiaoxi took the initiative to kiss him. However, Aunt Lan came out halfway and stopped the wedding, and forced Fang Tianyi to sign an agreement to pay the rent for the first half of the year and the full cost of the wedding within one month. There was no other way, Fang Tianyi had no choice but to agree.

In the evening, Fang Tianyi accompanied Ye Xiaoxi all the way back from selling waste products and walked side by side on the road. A taxi came from behind. Fang Tianyi hurriedly drew Ye Xiaoxi to the side of the road, his intimate actions combined with the memory of the kiss at the wedding made him stunned. He didn’t react until Ye Xiaoxi called him and let go of his hand. Looking back, it was An Qi who got off the taxi.

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