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Litter To Glitter 燃烧吧废柴 Episode 6 Recap

Hu Yanzu and Sister Chen asked for a pot of peach branches and placed it on the inn restaurant, saying that the peach blossom position could attract peach blossoms. While eating, Ye Xiaoxi received the audition notice from the program group “Always Rap”. Fang Tianyi hadn’t heard Ye Xiaoxi’s rap, so Ye Xiaoxi gave him a rap and asked him how he performed. how. Everyone was afraid that Ye Xiaoxi would be hit by him, so they hurriedly covered his mouth with bread. In this way, Fang Tianyi and other people were conquered by Ye Xiaoxi’s bread, and they praised the level of the state banquet. Ye Xiaoxi looked at everyone’s reaction, and knew their true evaluation of her rap, she couldn’t help being disappointed.

Hu Yanzu drove his beloved Rebecca to the crew, and was accidentally rear-ended by a car behind him. Rebecca’s front was knocked down. The female driver got off the car and paid compensation. Hu Yanzu noticed that her wrist was scratched, so he went to the car and took a band-aid to her. He also did not accept her compensation, moved the front of the car to the back seat and drove away.

When he arrived on the crew, the casting director temporarily notified him that the driver’s actor had been replaced by the investor’s cousin, and asked him to act the corpse. The boxed lunch was also sent out. He wanted to take the leftover breakfast before the start of work and barely deal with the two. At this time, the female driver who had just rearranged came over. It turns out that she is the producer Tan Xiaohong. She thought that Hu Yanzu’s food was too simple, so she invited him to eat in the nearby restaurant.

In the inn, Fang Tianyi needed the back of a girl to shoot an advertisement the day after tomorrow. He asked Fang Tianzi for help. Fang Tianzi said that something happened and pushed the matter to Ye Xiaoxi. In the room, Yuan Zhijie played chess with Hu Yanzu. Hu Yanzu mentioned that the producer invited him to dinner, and said that she called him a good man. Yuan Zhijie received another call from his junior sister, asking him to send himself some materials. After hanging up the phone, the two joked with each other.

Hu Yanzu came to the crew the next day, and the whole crew changed their faces and complimented him. The male number five of the Egyptian prince was suddenly replaced with a corpse, but Hu Yanzu learned that the male number five had actually been replaced by himself. The brothers and sisters of the past robbed him of his role, the Egyptian prince walked away angrily, Hu Yanzu was guilty and confused. At this time, Tan Xiaohong walked over, took Hu Yanzu’s arm affectionately, and called him to drink soup in his RV.

Returning to the inn in the evening, Yuan Zhijie played flying chess with Hu Yanzu. Hu Yanzu complained that Tan Xiaohong gave himself a watch with the wrong time, in order to call to check the time at any time to make sure that he did not pick the watch. Hu Yanzu was so annoyed that he asked Yuan Zhijie for advice, and Yuan Zhijie suggested that he could play big cards.

As a result, when he went to the crew, no matter how he used the big name, Tan Xiaohong still had a deep affection for him. After the end, he invited two staff members to give him a massage. During the massage, a female employee deliberately rubbed Hu Yanzu’s body and performed some intimate actions, all of which were filmed by another female employee. Back to the crew, Tan Xiaohong took the photos he took and accused him of being a scumbag, and kicked him out of the crew.

Ye Xiaoxi entrusted An An to Fang Tianzi, and was ready to shoot with Fang Tianyi. Fang Tianyi built a tricycle to pull the shooting equipment, but he doesn’t know how to drive a tricycle. In the end, Ye Xiaoxi drove a tricycle with Fang Tianyi to the destination. When shooting, Fang Tianyi suddenly realized the beauty of Ye Xiaoxi.

Yuan Zhijie sent WeChat with Junior Sister and Director Qian at the same time. The academic video he intended to send to the junior sister and the seduction video for Qian Dao turned out to be reversed. It was discovered after some time that it was no longer possible to withdraw. He hurriedly made a WeChat call to his junior sister, but no one answered. He speculated that it was because Junior Sister hadn’t looked at her mobile phone. He had hope in his heart and decided to go to the library to find Junior Sister. After reaching the position of junior sister, he found that junior sister was sleeping, so he took her finger to unlock the fingerprint lock. Before it could be deleted, the junior sister woke up. He watched him holding his mobile phone and stepped forward to snatch it. The phone dropped back and forth. On the ground, the sound of the video came out.

Later, Fang Tianzi, Yuan Zhijie and Hu Yanzu played cards together. Yuan Zhijie was both blacked out by his junior sister and the library, and Hu Yanzu was kicked out of the crew. At this time, Tan Xiaohong came to find Hu Yanzu and said that after investigation, she found that he was framed by the original male No. 5 design, and apologized to him, hoping that he could go back. Hu Yanzu accepted her apology but refused to go back. He said that he didn’t want to rely on other people’s favors, but only wanted to rely on his own efforts. Tan Xiaohong said that she would tell all her friends in the circle that she would not help Hu Yanzu and his two friends. Yuan Zhijie was taken aback when he heard it, and lied to be Fang Tianyi when he introduced himself.

On the other side, Ye Xiaoxi and Fang Tianyi, who were originally by the lake, found that the tricycle was out of power, so they had to push the car and walk slowly. They only walked past the lake until the evening. It happened that they were shooting a tent advertisement, and there was a tent on the tricycle, so they decided to sleep temporarily by the lake. That night, they talked a lot and learned more about each other’s past.

They returned to the inn early the next morning, and everyone was very happy to see that Ye Xiaoxi was fine. When Ye Xiaoxi was cooking in the kitchen, she received a reminder that she had successfully registered for the baking training class. She was wondering that she had not signed up, Fang Tianyi came in and told her that she had signed up for her. Ye Xiaoxi hugged him in the past to express his gratitude, and the corners of his mouth couldn’t stop rising.

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