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Litter To Glitter 燃烧吧废柴 Episode 5 Recap

Ye Xiaoxi took advantage of the discount and bought a bunch of old magazines to fill the inn. One of them is an interview with Li Chengru. At that time, only Ye Xiaoxi and Yuan Zhijie were there. Yuan Zhijie told her not to mention Li Chengru’s name as much as possible, because he is Hu Yanzu’s father and Hu Yanzu is more concerned about him. Fang Tianzi also came back, and when he saw the magazine, he was shocked. Hu Yanzu happened to come over. Fang Tianzi sat down and lied that they were looking at the face and concealed it from Hu Yanzu.

Fang Tianzi then had dinner with the editor-in-chief of Greasy Men Zhou with a woman who competed with her for a journalist. At the dinner, he kept making pornographic jokes to the two girls. What’s more, he actually harassed another girl directly and physically. In order to save her, Fang Tianzi deliberately spilled vegetables on Editor-in-Chief Zhou, and angered Editor-in-Chief Zhou away. In the end, the girl didn’t appreciate it, and said she just touched herself.

In the bamboo forest, the sound of the piano is mellow, and Director Qian is talking to Yuan Zhijie about his beautiful vision of his movie. Yuan Zhijie was full of enthusiasm and immediately signed the contract. At this time, Director Qian turned around and showed him that what he needed to write was actually a seduction scene. Yuan Zhijie was very speechless.

On the other hand, Fang Tianyi’s career suffered similarly. The last time Mr. Zhang’s friend Dong Ge disliked him for not doing a good job, he had to mess with the street style, so he had to make a video that he was satisfied with.

At night, Fang Tianzi sat alone outside the inn drinking, recalling what he had encountered during the day, and feeling that the real world is so magical. In the room, Fang Tianyi, Ye Xiaoxi and Yuan Zhijie, who have just returned, are watching Hu Yanzu’s first TV shopping show. As a result, the jeans promoted had an oolong, and Hu Yanzu ended in a hurry. Fang Tianzi walked in with a whole body of alcohol, and told everyone about the interview experience, feeling the difference between reality and imagination. Everyone was silent.

After Fang Tianzi returned to the room, she didn’t come out until dinner time the next day, so everyone had to let Ye Xiaoxi out to comfort her. Ye Xiaoxi took Fang Tianzi to the seafood market, but Fang Tianzi didn’t want to listen to Ye Xiaoxi’s reasoning. Ye Xiaoxi took a different approach, came to an impromptu rap, interacted with the people in the market, Fang Tianzi was embarrassed, turned and left. Ye Xiaoxi hurried to catch up. Ye Xiaoxi failed, and Fang Tianyi stepped forward. He took Fang Tianzi to the beach to relax. I wanted to enlighten her, but he accidentally fell to his waist, and Fang Tianzi carried him back in disgust.

Hu Yanzu was rehearsing the new drama, and Meng’s sister who was playing with him was too ruthless to choke him. The filming was officially started, and the crime was once again, but it was finally liberated. He heard Sister Meng chatting with the director privately, complimenting him on his acting skills, but he was a close friend. Hu Yanzu’s father made it difficult for the director to shirk.

For this reason, Hu Yanzu went to Li Chengru and told him that he wanted to rely on his own efforts to keep his feet on the ground, and he didn’t want to rely on relationships. Li Chengru stayed with him for dinner, and Hu Yanzu decided on the next day. Back to the crew, he went to apologize to Sister Meng and the director, saying that he shouldn’t join the crew by relationship. Sister Meng admired him very much and invited him to participate in her new play.

Yuan Zhijie secretly went to the storage room to watch the film, and did not forget to lock the door, thinking that it was foolproof, but didn’t want to suddenly see Fang Tianyi who came by one second before he opened it. It turned out that it was the injured Fang Tianyi who was looking for Yunnan Baiyao. He sprayed the medicine for Fang Tianyi and left with an excuse.

Hu Yanzu’s new role is a driver, so he decided to drive the previous Rebecca training from the next day. Seeing that Fang Tianzi was still depressed, she planned to take her out for a drive the next day. The next day, Hu Yanzu drove the troubled Rebecca and drove Fang Tianzi to the Reed Dang without any danger. After enlightening her, Fang Tianzi was forced to cheer up. On the way back, a newspaper stuck to the window of the car. Fang Tianzi reached for it, but the window rose uncontrollably, causing her hand to get stuck outside, hitting a scumbag in the face.

Here Fang Tianyi was lying on the sofa watching the video of the Hundred Days Banquet. Ye Xiaoxi sent him plasters and praised him for doing well in the video. After thinking about it, Fang Tianyi took out his mobile phone and called Brother Dong, telling him that he couldn’t make a video according to his request, and he didn’t have to pay. As soon as he hung up the phone, he received news that Fang Tianzi had beaten someone and was arrested, so he hurriedly went to the bathroom to find Yuan Zhijie, who was still trying to watch the movie secretly, and called him to go to the police station together.

It was getting darker when they came out of the police station. The three big men followed Fang Tianzi who was angry, and Ye Xiaoxi greeted them. Fang Tianzi told them that they only wanted to be quiet, but they had to stand up one by one. Hu Yanzu was also very regretful, and told Fang Tianzi that she would agree to any request she made. Fang Tianzi said he wanted to see belly dancing. So the three big men really danced on the road. Seeing this, Fang Tianzi and Ye Xiaoxi couldn’t help laughing.

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