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Hengshan Hospital 衡山医院 Episode 30 Recap

Since Cai Likun’s death, Ma Tianming has fallen into a state of depression, drunk all day long, and even saw everyone holding newspapers on the bus, accusing him of becoming a traitor. Seeing Ma Tianming squatted on the side of the road in pain after getting off the car, the ghost face man was about to step forward to kill him, but Lin Jingshan suddenly appeared and took him away.

Because of alcohol, Ma Tianming mistaken Lin Jingshan for Bai Julie, hugged him and kept him, until Lin Jingshan spoke, and then gradually recovered his sobriety. Lin Jingshan was very worried about Ma Tianming’s safety and reminded him not to hang out outside. However, Ma Tianming thought that Lin Jingshan was sent by Nakamura to monitor her and did not accept her love at all.

Because of this, Lin Jingshan went back to confess her identity to Bai Julie and admitted that she stayed in Hengshan Hospital to get Zhu Tiande’s red funds. Seeing the look of shock on Bai Julie’s face, Lin Jingshan laughed bitterly, envious of her being able to have the one she loves, but Bai Julie knew that Lin Jingshan liked Ma Tianming, and still blamed her if she really liked someone, she would never do what she does now.

Xue Ning wanted to know with Ma Tianming what happened in Hengshan Hospital and the whereabouts of Bai Julie, guessing that there must be a connection between the two. Ma Tianming refused to tell the truth. Xue Ning hated that iron could not become steel. He hoped that he would not do anything to disappoint him. At the same time, he indicated that someone now knows the news of Zhu Tiande’s death and that this person is the ghost face and Erma.

Although Tao Chengkai was commended by the director after the incident, he still believed that the germ warfare had not completely ended, and they needed to pay enough attention. The director told Tao Chengkai not to mention Cai Likun’s identity too much when reporting, so as not to fall into passiveness in the future.

Accompanied by Tao Chengkai and Ali, Ma Tianming personally buried Cai Likun. He originally had a tombstone belonging to his real name, but had to engrave the word Hancheng. Tao Chengkai felt that Ma Tianming was an individual talent, so he invited him to join the Party Affairs Investigation Office, but Ma Tianming tactfully refused, saying that he was afraid to think of it so far, and he really didn’t want to be contaminated with these things.

However, on the way back, Ma Tianming and Ali were abducted by the ghost-faced man and brought to Ding Siye. Ding Siye asked Ma Tianming about Zhu Tiande, and even threatened him with Ma Tianliang’s life to hand over the code. Seeing his younger brother suffering from drug addiction, Ma Tianliang felt distressed, and quickly knelt down and begged Ding Siye to give him some time, and promised to find the password as soon as possible. Ding Siye knows that Cai Likun is dead, and now Ma Tianming is the only clue. If he pushes too tightly, he may lose both sides, so he is willing to give another chance, but this time if there is no result, he will start directly.

As the death of Zhu Tiande was exposed by the media, Hengshan Hospital became the center of the whirlpool, with reporters jammed at the door, and there was a lot of noise. Chen Zhengyuan forced Dean Su to resign and recommend her successor to Dean Su by disclosing the murder of Zhu Tiande to the public. The conversation between the two was heard by Tao Chengkai, so on the surface they seemed to support Chen Zhengyuan, but in fact it was to solve problems for Dean Su.

In the days that followed, Chen Zhengyuan was still immersed in the joy of rising soon, and he didn’t notice the danger approaching. When his son Stone was abducted, Chen Zhengyuan went to the patrol room to ask Xue Ning for help. He didn’t expect that Xue Ning would let him go according to the procedure, which delayed a lot of time.

Approaching the evening, Chen Zhengyuan returned home in despair, only to see a bloody sack as soon as he entered the door. He mistakenly thought that his son had been killed, and frightened him to sit on the ground on the spot. The family heard the movement and ran out. Chen Zhengyuan was relieved to see that the stone was safe, but the next letter made him realize that he was too aggressive in fighting for the position of the dean, and finally received a warning, so he went to the hospital overnight. Sick leave.

Tao Chengkai met with Xue Ning and thanked him for preventing reporters from reporting the news. At the same time, he informed Cai Likun of his true identity. Xue Ning talked about what Chen Zhengyuan encountered during the day. The two knew this well, but Tao Chengkai reminded Xue Ning that apart from the Kuomintang and the Communist Party, there was a force that should not be ignored in Shanghai. Activities, take precautions early.

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