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Tears in Heaven 海上繁花 Episode 37 Recap

Jiang Jinrang’s assistant Lei Yuzheng issued a public statement, responding positively to Hengshan Group’s acquisition of Yutian. Lei Yuzheng announced the decision of the board of directors in the face of his memory. He is willing to accept a bona fide acquisition and will resort to the law for hostile acquisitions. , Lei Yuzheng’s impassioned speech caused a great sensation.

Immediately after the press conference, President Yu called Lin Xiangyuan to inquire about his crimes. Lin Xiangyuan suddenly became angry and condemned him for being too ruthless, and turned his face against President Yu on the spot. Lei Yuzheng immediately flew to Malaysia to find Lin Bo. Lin Bo gave Lei Yuzheng all the information about the fund left by Lei Ting during his lifetime, and persuaded him to take advantage of Lei Ting’s excellent quality of being generous at the airport, and make Yutian bigger and stronger, Lei Yu Zheng kept in mind one by one, he took the same day’s flight back home.

As soon as Lei Yuzheng returned to China, he invited Liu Siyang to dinner. The two of them stayed up until the latter half of the night. Lei Yuzheng asked Liu Siyang to keep an eye on SG stocks. Liu Siyang found that SG stocks had gone up weirdly. Lei Yuzheng had to admit that he used his father. The remaining fund bought SG stock, and Liu Siyang was full of praise for him. Lei Yuzheng called Jiang Jin overnight to remind him not to panic about the decline in Yutian’s stock.

Yutian’s stock plummeted all the way, and Xie Li fidgeted and immediately approached Lin Xiangyuan for help. Lin Xiangyuan suspected that he had bought Yutian’s stock, but Xie Li denied it. Mr. Yu called Lin Xiangyuan to inquire about Yutian’s stocks. Lin Xiangyuan asked three questions. He also threatened Mr. Yu to threaten him when he fell into trouble. Lin Xiangyuan vowed to advance and retreat with Yutian.

Linton watched the stocks of SG climb up, he couldn’t sit still, so he called Lei Yuzheng early in the morning to ask him to open the door. Lei Yuzheng admitted that he was buying SG stock and was determined to get it. Lei Yuzheng complained about Linton. He violated his promise and worked with Hengshan Group to calculate Yutian. Linton regrets that he wants to go to Shanghai for an interview with Lei Yuzheng tomorrow. Lei Yuzheng puts forward an ultimatum and asks him to suspend the cooperation with Hengshan Group in order to stop the loss in time, otherwise the consequences will be disastrous. .

Lin Xiangyuan called Xie Li to find out that he had left without saying goodbye. Du Xiaosu was always paying attention to Yutian’s stock. Zou Siqi knew she couldn’t let Lei Yuzheng in her heart, so she told her that Lei Yuzheng and Xu You were getting married, and advised her to give up early. Du Xiaosu pretended not to care. As long as Lei Yuzheng was happy, she was willing to be silent Bless Lei Yuzheng, Du Xiaosu just wants to do a good job at the studio. Zou Siqi was a pity for Du Xiaosu, and persuaded her to ask Lei Yuzheng.

He Qunfei was so busy, Zou Siqi was very dissatisfied. He forced He Qunfei out and asked him about the relationship between Lei Yuzheng and Xu You. He Qunfei didn’t know about it. Zou Siqi held the injustice for Du Xiaosu and forced He Qunfei to ask Lei Yuzheng. To get some inside information, Lei Yuzheng called He Qunfei to come back, and He Qunfei hurriedly left with Zou Siqi and returned to the company.

Lin Xiangyuan considered repeatedly and gave the position of president to Lei Yuzheng. Lei Yuzheng regained control of Yutian. The shareholders warmly welcomed his return. Linton weighed again and again, took the initiative to surrender to Lei Yuzheng and gave up the plan to acquire Yutian. The shareholders were very happy and congratulated Lei Yuzheng together. Lei Yuzheng publicly announced that he would devote all his energy to the entertainment city project. Everyone toasted and drank. . Lin Xiangyuan saw this scene and left quietly. Lei Yuzheng hurriedly followed him to celebrate Yutian’s resolution of the crisis with him. Lin Xiangyuan was enthusiastic in his heart.

Du Xiaosu came to the cemetery to see Lei Ting, she decided to let Lei Yuzheng let go. Lei Yuzheng brought Shangguan Boyao to the cemetery to pay tribute to Lei Ting. Seeing that there was a bunch of flowers in front of the tombstone, Shangguan Boyao guessed that Du Xiaosu had come, and persuaded Lei Yuzheng to take the initiative to explain clearly to Du Xiaosu. It was late at night. Lin Xiangyuan was bored and wandering in the street. Suddenly remembered his mother who was far away in his hometown, he called his mother to greet him. His mother gave him a thousand warnings. Lin Xiangyuan promised to return to his hometown on the weekend, and his mother urged him to take his daughter-in-law Jiang Fanlu. Come back together.

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