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Tears in Heaven 海上繁花 Episode 36 Recap

Du Xiaosu hurriedly chased him out and saw Lei Yuzheng. Du Xiaosu didn’t get angry. He denounced Lei Yuzheng for secretly stalking her instead of calling her or sending a WeChat. Seeing that she was tortured every day, Du Xiaosu warned Lei Yu. Zheng don’t follow her anymore, Lei Yuzheng was speechless.

President Yu called Lin Xiangyuan to inquire about Yutian’s financial situation. Lin Xiangyuan asked three questions, but President Yu was reluctant and threatened him. At the same time, Lei Yuzheng came to Jiang Jin for a showdown. He had found out that Lin Xiangyuan had revealed to Li Lu about the cooperation with SG a year ago. Since then, Hengshan Group has been continuously acquiring shares of Yutian with the purpose of thinking After annexing Yutian, Jiang Jin didn’t believe that Lin Xiangyuan could sell the company, but Lei Yuzheng made it clear, and his heart began to whisper.

Lin Xiangyuan didn’t go home very late, Jiang Jin felt uneasy, so he asked Jiang Fanlu about Lin Xiangyuan’s recent performance. Lin Xiangyuan hurried home. He went to buy something Jiang Fanlu loved to eat. So he came back late. Jiang Fanlu had a full meal and went upstairs. Jiang Jin repeatedly reminded Lin Xiangyuan not to violate his conscience, let alone betray Yutian.

When Liu Siyang came back from abroad, he immediately reported to Lei Yuzheng the situation of this contact with SG. He found that Linton supported Yutian on the surface, and secretly talked about cooperation with Hengshan Group. The two sides wanted to acquire Yutian together. Lei Yuzheng had already guessed such a result, and could only hope that Shangguan Boyao and Ye Shenkuan would open the gap from Xie Li. Shangguan Boyao then rushed to Lei Yuzheng and reported that Ye Shenkuan and Xie Li had been in a relationship and wanted to make the next plan. Lei Yuzheng decided that Xie Li would not take the bait easily.

Hengshan Group held a press conference, He Qunfei immediately sent a message to inform Lei Yuzheng, Lei Yuzheng, Shangguan Boyao, and Liu Siyang to watch the video of the press conference. Hengshan Group spokesperson publicly announced the acquisition of Yutian and vigorously develop new energy , But also to send someone into Yutian’s management, and then take over Yutian in an all-round way.

Xie urged Lin Xiangyuan to take the opportunity to make a fortune by selling the stocks in his hands. Lin Xiangyuan became furious and warned him not to act rashly. Xie Li was very dissatisfied, so he asked Ye Shenkuan to come out to drink to relieve his boredom. Ye Shenkuan was kind to him, and Xie Li spit out bitterness at him, scolded Lin Xiangyuan as a peasant, and told him about Lin Xiangyuan’s planting and framing Lei Yuzheng. Xie Li also promised to introduce a friend who was a stock company to Ye Shenkuan, and Ye Shenkuan took the opportunity to write down the phone number of that person.

Since Jiang Jin watched the press conference of Hengshan Group, he sighed every day. Jiang Fanlu looked at him anxiously and asked Lin Xiangyuan to share the burden for Jiang Jin. Lin Xiangyuan promised not to let Jiang Jintai work, Jiang Fanlu persuaded Lin Xiangyuan to let go With regard to Lei Yuzheng’s prejudice, and working with him to keep Yutian, Lin Xiangyuan fully agreed, and after that, he would take Jiang Fanlu abroad to relax.

Liu Siyang always pays attention to the trend of Hengshan Group. Hengshan Group successfully acquired 15% of Yutian’s shares. Lei Yuzheng did not want to pin his hopes on Xie Li, but wanted to find a bank mortgage. Du Xiaosu watched the press conference of the Hengshan Group, and couldn’t help but squeeze a sweat for Lei Yuzheng. Zou Siqi saw what was on her mind and promised to accompany her to ask He Qunfei. Du Xiaosu didn’t want to go and asked her to ask He Qunfei out.

Lei Yuzheng called He Qunfei and asked him to arrange a meeting with bank presidents in the clubhouse. He Qunfei was waiting for Zou Siqi and Du Xiaosu. Zou Siqi suddenly called He Qunfei from behind. He was so scared that he didn’t have time to hang up the phone. Broken, Lei Yuzheng heard Du Xiaosu’s voice on the phone and kept listening.

Du Xiaosu asked He Qunfei about the acquisition of Yutian, and learned that Lei Yuzheng was very optimistic, so he took out the safety blessing he had requested, and asked He Qunfei to transfer to Lei Yuzheng. Du Xiaosu hopes that Lei Yuzheng is safe and healthy, and everything else is not important. Lei Yuzheng listens to it. At this point, my heart was warm.

Lei Yuzheng waited for a long time in the clubhouse. Only one president came to meet Lei Ting’s face. He couldn’t help Lei Yuzheng with a mortgage. The breakthrough that Lei Yuzheng finally found could only be stranded. Through the information provided by Xie Li, Shangguan Boyao and Ye Shenkuan quickly obtained information on the purchase of Yutian stock by Hengshan Group. Lei Yuzheng wanted to sue Lin Xiangyuan, but he was worried that Jiang Fanlu would not be able to withstand the blow.

When President Yu heard that Lei Yuzheng had met with the bank governors, he immediately called Lin Xiangyuan to hold him accountable. Lin Xiangyuan had no knowledge of this and was scolded by President Yu. Shao Kaixuan came to see Lei Yuzheng and found that his eyes were red. Shao Kaixuan took out the trust fund left by Lei Ting during his lifetime, and Lei Yuzheng was like a treasure.

After Lei Yuzheng and Jiang Jin discussed it, they immediately held a press conference to respond positively to Hengshan Group’s acquisition of Yutian. Lin Xiangyuan was shocked when he learned of this.

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