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Tears in Heaven 海上繁花 Episode 35 Recap

Lin Xiangyuan sorted out the company documents and gave them to Lei Yuzheng. He and Jiang Jin discussed that they wanted to go home to take care of Jiang Fanlu, and gave Yutian full power to Yutian. Unexpectedly, Jiang Fanlu had decided to transfer all the shares they had shared to him. Jiang Jin also regarded Lin Xiangyuan as a relative and encouraged him to work hard and get a firm foothold in Yutian as soon as possible. Lin Xiangyuan was moved and burst into tears.

Du Xiaosu had a high fever and kept coughing, but she still insisted on continuing to work. She saw the video of Xu You being interviewed by reporters. Xu You publicly admitted her relationship with Lei Yuzheng, and repeatedly claimed that good things were approaching. Du Xiaosu fainted because of her sadness. On the ground. Lei Yuzheng knew that Du Xiaosu was ill, so he was very worried, so he asked He Qun to fly to Zou Siqi to find out. Zou Siqi’s cell phone has not been answered, and Lei Yuzheng called Du Xiaosu, and no one answered.

Lei Yuzheng heard that Du Xiaosu was sick and was hospitalized, and hurried to visit the hospital. When he saw Zou Siqi guarding Du Xiaosu by the bed, he learned from the nurse that Du Xiaosu had a high fever and was infected with pneumonia. He was very distressed, but he left cruelly. Xie urged Lin Xiangyuan to cooperate with Hengshan Group’s acquisition of Yutian. Lin Xiangyuan turned his face with him on the spot and forbade him to intervene in this matter.

Lei Yuzheng came to the hospital to see Du Xiaosu. She was still in a coma. Lei Yuzheng silently guarded her all night before leaving quietly in the morning. President Liu came to see Du Xiaosu and helped her with the discharge procedures. Du Xiaosu learned from the nurse that a man had guarded her all night, and Du Xiaosu mistakenly thought it was President Liu.

Yutian’s stock has been soaring. Lei Yuzheng guessed that this was Hengshan Group’s behind the scenes. He could only hope that Liu Siyang and SG Linton negotiated. Linton called Lei Yuzheng, and Hengshan Group sent someone to cooperate with SG. Lei Yuzheng was helpless, so please don’t get into trouble. Lei Yuzheng came to Jiang Jin to discuss countermeasures and wanted to unite large and small shareholders to boycott the stock price. Jiang Jin persuaded Lei Yuzheng to forgive Lin Xiangyuan, and the two teamed up to fight the acquisition of Hengshan Group.

When Lei Yuzheng heard that Jiang Fanlu was suffering from depression, he came to visit at home. Jiang Fanlu took out the photos of the two of them when they were young. Lei Yuzheng encouraged her to get better as soon as possible. Instead, Jiang Fanlu worried for him and Du Xiaosu. Lei Yuzheng didn’t want to mention this. Before leaving, Jiang Fanlu reminded Lei Yuzheng not to follow her old path.

Xie Li was reprimanded by Lin Xiangyuan, and he came to the nightclub to buy drunk, and the wine girl took the initiative to strike up a conversation. Someone asked Xie Li to find trouble, and Ye Shenkuan came forward to help him in time. Xie Li was grateful to Ye Shenkuan. Talk over speculation. Finally, Ye Shenkuan asked Xie Li to eat hot pot, Xie Li vomited bitterness at him through Jiu Jin, Ye Shenkuan called Lei Yuzheng to live the conversation between the two of them.

Xu You called Lei Yuzheng to meet in a quiet place. Lei Yuzheng apologized to her because of the online rumors. Xu You didn’t care, but reminded him not to hurt Du Xiaosu’s feelings. Lei Yuzheng was very upset and quickly found an excuse to leave. .

Lei Yuzheng read the information Lin Xiangyuan gave him and expressed his gratitude to Lin Xiangyuan. Lei Yuzheng congratulated Lin Xiangyuan for finally becoming a shareholder of Yutian. Lin Xiangyuan was not happy. He just wanted to know the gap between him and Lei Yuzheng. In the end, Lin Xiangyuan scolded Lei Yu. Zheng is a coward and dare not face his feelings.

Lin Xiangyuan came to see Du Xiaosu and greeted her. Du Xiaosu was very concerned about Jiang Fanlu’s condition. Lin Xiangyuan wanted to give Du Xiaosu a chance to get to know him again. After this change, Lin Xiangyuan claimed to have seen everything through, and he cherished the relationship with Jiang Fanlu very much. , I just wanted to be friends with Du Xiaosu, Du Xiaosu promised, Lei Yuzheng saw this scene from a distance.

From that day on, Lei Yuzheng followed Du Xiaosu as soon as he had time, silently protecting her. Du Xiaosu felt that someone was following, and Zou Siqi jokes at her. President Liu asked Du Xiaosu to have dinner together, admitting that he had a deep love for her, and that he was not the one who guarded Du Xiaosu that night in the hospital. President Liu also saw that Du Xiaosu couldn’t let go of Lei Yuzheng. Du Xiaosu raised her head and couldn’t see a familiar figure passing by, she recognized that it was Lei Yuzheng.

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