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Never Say Goodbye 不说再见 Episode 36 Recap

Ou Kexin reported to Wang Ju that the ghost will come to Yungang next month, but she has not found any specific information. But the trickiest thing at the moment is that Mr. Ou wants Ou Kexin to leave Yungang, and she asks the King Bureau to help herself think of a legitimate reason to stay. Wang Ju said that the police will discuss the plan as soon as possible and then notify Ou Kexin.

Li Ruosheng went to the spectacles dinner. During the period, the bosses showed closeness to the spectacles. Instead, they dismissed Li Ruosheng. They deliberately shook Li Ruosheng’s face. Among them, Xu satirized that Li Ruosheng was just a hairy kid, so he dared to go with the spectacles. In general. Li Ruosheng was angry but immediately drew his gun, which happened to be in the arms of the glasses.

Lao Xu also took the opportunity to say that they would attack Li Ruosheng’s attitude, and they would refuse to cooperate with K Group. Glasses accuses Li Ruosheng’s brainless behavior will cause K Group to lose more profits. After the glasses left, they started calling to thank Lao Xu for the double reeds they sang with them.

Li Ruosheng and Ou Kexin complained about their brainless behavior today, which offended the company’s elderly, and they were scolded by Mr. Ou. Ou Kexin said that Li Ruosheng was fooled by glasses. Ou Kexin asked Li Ruosheng to help him stay in the country, and he would also give Li Ruosheng a solution to the immediate predicament.

Afterwards, Ou Kexin and Li Ruosheng went to find Lao Xu together. Ou Kexin appointed Lao Xu as Mr. Ou’s daughter. Lao Xu Ben questioned the abilities of her baby girl, but Ou Kexin tried her best to suppress Lao Xu, and Lao Xu also looked at her with admiration. In the end, Ou Kexin succeeded in getting Lao Xu to resume transportation with four points of profit.

Li Ruosheng admired Ou Kexin’s behavior very much, and after that, he used the method Ou Kexin taught him to successfully control the glasses. The glasses were shocked that Li Ruosheng suddenly became smarter, and he suspected that someone was teaching him. Glasses learned from Lao Xu that Ou Kexin was involved in this matter, and he immediately decided to go to Ou Kexin to ask in person.

Ou Kexin asked Li Ruosheng to fulfill his promise to help him stay in the country. But Li Ruosheng has not thought of a way. Ou Kexin decided to move to Mu Qing first. Li Ruosheng looked at Ou Kexin’s plan and felt that she and Mu Qing were becoming more and more alike. Later, Li Ruosheng took Ou Kexin back to Mu Qing’s house. But they were discovered by Shao Nan who was squatting here. After receiving Shao Nan’s phone report, the glasses immediately asked him to watch Li Ruosheng and the others.

After Ou Kexin returned to Mu Qing’s house, she was both excited and surprised to see that Mu Qing had returned. Mu Qing said that he has been allowed to continue undercover tasks in the K Group, to further replace the glasses to get the core power of the group, and to cooperate with Skylark’s work. Mu Qing said that he already knew that Ou Kexin was not Mr. Ou’s real daughter.

Ou Kexin thought that Mu Qing already knew that she was Rong Yu, and was seldom nervous. But Mu Qing said that Wang Ju told him that Ou Kexin was also his own police comrade. Ou Kexin finally breathed a sigh of relief after listening. Ou Kexin looked at this Mu Qing who was willing to take risks for strangers in front of her and was moved. She couldn’t help but step forward to hug Mu Qing.

At this moment, the glasses came down and knocked on Mu Qing’s door with a lot of hands, and said that if Ou Kexin didn’t open the door, he would rush. Mu Qing quickly calmed down and asked Ou Kexin to open the door. Spectacles and others came in for a search, but they did not find Mu Qing. It turned out that Mu Qing had already turned over the railing and hid on the balcony next door. The search was finally a surprise. Seeing nothing from the trip, the glasses immediately put down and begged Ou Kexin to forget about tonight.

Glasses and Li Ruosheng have begun to cooperate in business. Glasses are very dissatisfied with Ou Kexin’s continuous advice to Li Ruosheng, but he has no choice but to perform superficially harmonious drama with Li Ruosheng.

In the police station, Glory announced to the team members that the ghost is coming to Yungang. Although the whereabouts of the ghost are currently uncertain, they have very little information about the ghost. But Glory believe that as long as it is a fox, it will show its tail, and this time the ghost must be captured and brought to justice.

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