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Never Say Goodbye 不说再见 Episode 35 Recap

Ou Kexin asked if Mr. Ou was still suspicious of Mu Qing. She insisted that Mu Qing accompanied herself to the hospital. Mr. Ou said that the business they do is a big deal, and he himself doesn’t believe anyone now. Ou Kexin left angrily after hearing this. The glasses are about to explain the situation to Mr. Ou, but Mr. Ou just wants the glasses to find Mu Qing as soon as possible.

Ou Kexin felt blood on the doorknob of her studio. She immediately went in and saw Mu Qing who was seriously injured. Mu Qing who had lost too much blood soon fainted. Ou Kexin immediately sent Mu Qing to the hospital. The doctor said that Mu Qing was in urgent need of a blood transfusion. Ou Kexin immediately said that she had blood type A, just like Mu Qing.

The next day, Mu Qing was very grateful to the doctor after waking up. The doctor said that thanks to Ou Kexin, he contacted him in time and gave Mu Qing 800 ml of blood. The doctor said that he was safe here, so that Mu Qing could cultivate with peace of mind. It turned out that this doctor was the one who performed plastic surgery on Rong Yu three years ago. Ou Kexin begged the doctor to keep a secret for himself.

Glasses reprimanded his subordinates for not finding Mu Qing. He thought of seeing Ou Kexin many times in the hospital and at home, and he was suspicious. After looking for the glasses in his car for a long time, he didn’t find any clues. He felt that he might have been worrying too much.

Ou Kexin was taking care of Mu Qing. She persuaded Mu Qing to end the undercover mission, because now the four King Kongs of the K group had glasses left, and now both Mr. Ou and the glasses were suspicious of him, Mu Qing’s situation was really dangerous. But Mu Qing said that as long as his superiors did not give orders, he would continue to carry out undercover tasks, and he also had a way to restore his undercover image. Dr. Wang called the Bureau Liu to report Mu Qing’s situation. Mu Qing offered to meet with Honor.

Subsequently, Mu Qing successfully connected with Glory, and Glory urged Mu Qing to end the undercover mission, but Mu Qing said that now the ghost is about to appear, and he needs to help Ou Kexin complete the mission together. Liu Ju felt that Mu Qing’s current situation was too dangerous, and he asked Glory to bring Mu Qing back as soon as possible.

Glory gave Ou Kexin a new contact signal, and he instructed Ou Kexin to stay sober and gradually take over Mr. Ou’s business. Ou Kexin said that she was very clear about who she was. Three years ago, after Rong Yu was injured and disfigured by the bombing, she begged Wang Ju to send herself to France to replace the dead Ou Kexin. She also begged Wang Ju to keep her identity secret. Rong Yu said that although she has been imitating Ou Kexin, she has never forgotten that she is an anti-drug police officer.

Ou Kexin flicked Mu Qing and said that the organization agreed to continue undercover, but he did not avoid attracting attention. Mu Qing needed to go to other provinces to hide for a while, and Mu Qing readily agreed after hearing this. Mu Qing succeeded in connecting with Glory according to the route given by Ou Kexin. Only then did he realize that Ou Kexin was accusing him, but actually told him to quit the undercover mission.

After reading the letter Ou Kexin left him, Mu Qing was more determined to go back and help her. He felt that Ou Kexin’s identity as Mr. Ou’s daughter did not help her get in touch with the core of the K Group. Mu Qing said that although he was suspected by the glasses now, he also successfully provoked the glasses and Li Ruosheng through the use of bitter tricks. If he gave up now, it would be a failure, and he was not reconciled. Mu Qing successfully contacted Wang Ju and stated that he wanted to continue to be an undercover agent. After repeated consideration, Wang Ju agreed to Mu Qing’s decision.

The ghost contacted Mr. Ou and said that he was about to reach Yungang in one month. Mr. Ou made the ghost rest assured that everything has him. Mr. Ou asked Li Ruosheng to have a meeting with Ou Kexin. He asked Li Ruosheng to be his second-in-command and work with the glasses. Mr. Ou also asked Li Ruosheng to arrange for Ou Kexin to go abroad as soon as possible, because Yungang was no longer safe after the ghost arrived. Although Ou Kexin disagreed, he still couldn’t help Mr. Ou who had already decided.

Mr. Ou informed the glasses to partner with Li Ruosheng. Although the glasses looked reluctant, Mr. Ou said that the group was just in the process of employing people. He persuaded the glasses to make peace with Li Ruosheng. Mr. Ou also ordered the spectacles to receive the ghost, be sure to let the ghost see the strength of their group, and only the two of them can know about the ghost, and don’t leak the wind.

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