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Lover or Stranger 陌生的恋人 Episode 14 Recap

As soon as Huo Youze arrived at the company, he heard Li En from behind saying that Colorful Night was to support Luo Qianyi. He called Sun Lei to his office and said that he was going to retire. Then he called Li En to the office and fired Li En directly. When Li En just wanted to argue, Huo Youze said that Li En had been eating kickbacks for money these years.

He was too lazy to care, not that he didn’t want to. He also said that Li En would not dare to say anything in front of him, but if it was Sun Lei, Li En would not listen of. Huo Youze also took Sun Lei to meet with the major shareholders of the company. The two old shareholders were taunting Huo Youzeming about Huo Youze’s expulsion of Li En.

Huo Youze dealt with each other and said that a lot of things had happened to his family. , So I plan to hand over the company’s affairs to Sun Lei, and I will also transfer part of my shares to Sun Lei. Several shareholders were shocked, and Sun Lei couldn’t digest the news for a while. Huo Youze left after announcing the news. Sun Lei went out and asked him why he did this. Huo Youze said that he and Luo Qianyi had an agreement that even if Sun Lei did not take over the company, he would leave the company.

After Huo Youze left, Sun Lei wanted to call Huo Youxi to ask about the situation, but Huo Youxi first complained to her that Huo Youze wanted to drive her away. After Huo Youxi complained, and asked Sun Lei what happened to the call, Sun Lei talked about Huo Youze’s situation, Huo Youxi Surprised, I decided not to leave.

With the help of A Chao, the fake Luo Qianyi bought the colorful night dress, and A Chao gave the fake Luo Qianyi a pair of cufflinks and asked her to give the cufflinks to Huo Youze. The fake Luo Qianyi is still practicing how to play the violin, but Yuhang said that she would only make a fool of herself when she came to the stage tomorrow. He didn’t understand why the fake Luo Qianyi was so persistent to go to the colorful night. The fake Luo Qianyi said that he wanted to find out if Huo Youze just used her as a substitute As the two were talking, Ah Chao suddenly called and asked her to watch the news.

The fake Luo Qianyi and Yuhang turned on the TV, and found that Huo Youze had held a press conference, announcing that Luo Qianyi had lost the ability to play the violin, and her mental state was a little different. stable. The fake Luo Qianyi was a little panicked, afraid that Huo Youze would see herself through. A Chao asked her not to worry, and dealt with the details by herself, and asked her to remember to send the cufflinks to Huo Youze.

Lao Feng from Japan found Huo Youze. Lao Feng asked Huo Youze if he had encountered a pickpocket at the Snow Mountain Hotel. The pickpocket was named Song Xiaodong. Huo Youze shook his head. Lao Feng handed the picture of Song Xiaodong to Huo Youze and said he was. Watching Song Xiaodong grow up, like his father watching his daughter, Huo Youze remembered that the fake Luo Qianyi had said about his father, but he still said that he had never seen Song Xiaodong.

Huo Youxi asked the fake Luo Qianyi what happened with Huo Youze, saying that Huo Youze never exposed Luo Qianyi’s shortcomings to the outside world before, and also asked her what agreement she had with Huo Youze. Huo Youze didn’t even want the company for this agreement. When Huo Youze came back, Huo Youxi asked them what happened, but the two of them refused to say.

At dinner, Huo Youze apologized to the fake Luo Qianyi and said that an explanation must be given to the outside world at the press conference. The fake Luo Qianyi asked Huo Youze what he wanted to do. Huo Youze said that he would fulfill the agreement with her. After tomorrow night, he has something to say. . The fake Luo Qianyi gave Huo Youze the cufflinks given by A Chao. Huo Youze suddenly changed his face after opening the box and asked where the fake Luo Qianyi’s cufflinks came from.

Impossible, the fake Luo Qianyi got rid of Huo Youze. She found A Chao asking about the cufflinks. A Chao said that it was made by Luo Qianyi and Huo Youze before. She could not know about it as a fake. A Chao asked her if she would go back to Colorful Night tomorrow, fake Luo Qianyi. Said that he had made a decision and decided to go to Seven Colors Night.

Lao Feng found Yuhang again and expressed his suspicion. Seeing that Lao Feng had guessed that Luo Qianyi was a fake, he asked him who he thought the fake Luo Qianyi was, but Lao Feng said that it depends on how much evidence he could get. When Lao Feng met Huo Youze before, he said that Song Xiaodong was missing. She was also on the snow mountain on the day of the snow disaster, but her body was not found. Hearing this information, Huo Youze had a guess in his heart. He knew that Luo Qianyi might be Song Xiaodong now.

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