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Love Is Beautiful 对你的爱很美 Episode 8 Recap

Ke Lei explained the truth to the police and proved that Wang Dashan did not kidnap him. The two of them just went up the mountain to chat. It happened that there was no signal on the mobile phone. Unexpectedly, the family called the police. Officer Ji did a detailed investigation before letting Wang Dashan leave and let Ke Lei go. Stay to cooperate with the investigation of the car smashing case.

When Wang Dashan went out and saw Wang Xiaomi, he knew what Luo Qing and Luo Yufeng had done. He could only wait patiently. Meimei and Gao Sen were also waiting for Ke Lei at the police station. Ke Lei recognized that it was Luo Qing who had broken the car, and decided not to hold their mother and daughter accountable, and Luo Qing and Luo Yufeng were released. Wang Dashan took the three generations of grandparents home and deliberately stood up in front of Ke Lei to demonstrate. Ke Lei looked at the scene in front of him with mixed feelings in his heart.

As soon as Wang Dashan returned home, Luo Qing scolded him with cursing. Luo Qing complained that he should not go to Ke Lei to settle the accounts, and let the whole family follow him in fear. Wang Dashan was so frightened that he confessed his mistakes and promised not to annoy her again. When Ke Lei returned home, he still remembered what happened last night. He was in a panic. Meimei had been silently guarding him. It turned out that the driver of Didi couldn’t find Ke Lei last night, so he called Gao Sen, and Gao Sen reported it if he was worried about the accident. Police, Ke Lei’s parents were not at home suddenly, only to realize that they had reported to a meditation group to go out.

After dinner, Wang Dashan secretly persuaded Wang Xiaomi and Ke Lei to do a paternity test. Wang Xiaomi resolutely did not do it. She also took out a mirror and carefully compared with Wang Dashan, trying to find out where the two of them were in common. Luo Qing came out after hearing the news and learned about Wang Dashan. Luo Qing refused to allow Wang Xiaomi to do a paternity test. Wang Dashan was not reconciled, and wanted to find out the truth so that the whole family could live a stable life. Wang Xiaomi just didn’t let it go.

Gao Sen wondered if Wang Xiaomi was Ke Lei’s biological daughter. Ke Lei resolutely refused to admit it, but he was also murmured in his heart and wanted to do a paternity test to make himself innocent. Gao Sen urged him to think twice so as not to be corrupted by Wang Dashan’s family. Wang Dashan persuaded Wang Xiaomi not to move, so he had to call Ke Lei. No matter how he persuaded Wang Xiaomi, Ke Lei had no choice but to give up. Gao Sen suspected that Wang Dashan and the others had planned for a long time, and they had committed the crime. Meimei couldn’t listen to it, and sneered at Gao Sen. Meimei firmly believed that Wang Dashan’s family did not come from Ke Lei’s money. Gao Sen was not convinced, so she bet on the spot.

Wang Dashan was absent-minded all day, and even forgot to send it to Luo Qing for lunch. Luo Qing came to him hungry and hungry, and Wang Dashan hurriedly cooked noodles for her. Gao Sen quickly contacted a paternity testing center and advised Ke Lei to check it out as soon as possible. Ke Lei could only wait patiently for Wang Dashan’s notification.

Luo Yufeng persuaded Luo Qing to let Wang Xiaomi do a paternity test, but Luo Qing refused. Xiaolu asked Chen Mu to persuade Wang Xiaomi to give up the appraisal. Once Wang Xiaomi found out that it was Ke Lei’s biological daughter, Chen Mu would not be able to climb high. Wang Dashan tossed and turned and couldn’t sleep. Luo Qing guessed that he was still troubled by the paternity test. He was angry and took Wang Xiaomi to do the test tomorrow, and then divorced Wang Dashan. Wang Dashan was so scared that he begged for mercy, but he remembered Ke Lei’s words. “Form a group to touch porcelain”, Luo Qing persuaded him not to think about it, and promised to persuade Wang Xiaomi to do the appraisal tomorrow.

Wang Dashan came to see Ke Lei early in the morning, and Ke Lei took out the information from the appraisal center. If Wang Xiaomi agreed to do the appraisal, the result would be available in three hours. Wang Xiaomi came to Ko Lei’s theory aggressively. She explained that she didn’t do the appraisal because she didn’t want to have anything to do with Ke Lei. Wang Xiaomi repeatedly claimed that she took the hair on Ke Lei’s desk to do the appraisal. It was concluded that Ke Lei didn’t believe it, and she agreed to do a paternity test again, provided that Ke Lei must ask her.

Wang Xiaomi screamed at Ke Lei, and then pulled Wang Dashan up and left. Wang Dashan was happy, and Wang Xiaomi admitted that she was lying, just trying to extinguish Ke Lei’s arrogance.

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