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Love Is Beautiful 对你的爱很美 Episode 10 Recap

Ke Lei couldn’t sleep every day and played with her mobile phone until dawn. Meimei found that Ke Lei liked children very much recently, so she asked Gao Sen to take her son to please Ke Lei. When Ke Lei saw Gao Sen’s son, he immediately became energetic and took the trouble to accompany him crazy. The two had a great time, and Gao Sen was happy to play billiards by the side.

When Ke Lei went home in the rain, he saw a father carrying his child running wild in the rain from a distance. He hurried to the car and learned that his father was going to take the child to the hospital. Ke Lei took the initiative to send them to the Children’s Hospital. Meimei discovered that Ke Lei had changed a lot recently. Ke Lei admitted that when she saw a child wronged, she thought of Wang Xiaomi. Ke Lei wanted to see Wang Xiaomi. Meimei didn’t want to be boring and let him go.

Ke Lei asked for Gao Sen’s opinion. Gao Sen firmly disagreed, worried that he would get into trouble, but Ke Lei wanted to see Wang Xiaomi. He involuntarily came to Wang Dashan’s noodle shop, ordered a bowl of signature beef noodles, and took the initiative to say hello to Wang Dashan. . Wang Dashan was so busy that he had no time to chat with him, so Ke Lei had to return to his seat and wait patiently.

When Luo Qing saw Ke Lei entering Wang Dashan’s noodle restaurant from a distance, she started to whisper in her heart. She wanted to send a message to Wang Dashan, but finally held back. Ke Lei waited for a whole day, until all the guests were gone, Wang Dashan advised him to leave as soon as possible, Ke Lei was hungry again, so he ordered another bowl of noodles to eat.

It was getting dark and the noodle shop was closing, Wang Dashan forced Ke Lei out. Ke Lei thanked Wang Dashan for raising Wang Xiaomi for twenty-three years. He discussed with Wang Dashan and wanted to see Wang Xiaomi. Wang Dashan advised him to give up as soon as possible, and wait until the day Wang Xiaomi was willing to recognize each other. Ke Lei took out a bank card, please Wang Dashan It was handed over to Wang Xiaomi, who wanted to make some financial compensation, but Wang Dashan flatly refused. Wang Xiaomi saw a scene from a distance, she pulled up Wang Dashan and left, leaving Ke Lei aside.

Wang Dashan and Wang Xiaomi sat by the river and talked about each other. Wang Dashan repeatedly explained the benefits of having two fathers and persuaded Wang Xiaomi and Ke Lei to recognize each other. Wang Xiaomi resolutely refused to agree, and wanted to stay with Wang Dashan. Wang Dashan felt happy. But he scolded Wang Xiaomi for being too stupid and didn’t need the black card in hand. Wang Xiaomi was not interested in money. Wang Dashan was worried that Ke Lei would come to the noodle restaurant every day, and Wang Xiaomi made an idea to let him add more salt to the noodles.

Ke Lei was upset, Mei Mei seduce him in every possible way with beauty. Ke Lei had no interest in this. He felt that he was a failure. He had no father’s name, but he could not get Wang Xiaomi’s recognition. Spitting bitter water, Wang Xiaomi’s circle of friends was closed to him. He could only see a straight line, which was so beautiful that he hurried back to the room to sleep, leaving only Ke Lei alone.

Ke Lei was bored, so he had to play games to pass the time. Gao Sen came to give him food early in the morning and advised him not to neglect Meimei, so as not to end up empty. Ke Lei knew that Meimei was a smart girl and would not trouble him at this time. Ke Lei asked Gao Sen how it feels to be a father, and Gao Sen taught him a lot of experience.

Ke Lei waited at the door of Wang Xiaomi’s house early. Wang Xiaomi ran when he saw him. Ke Lei repeatedly apologized to Wang Xiaomi. He didn’t expect Wang Xiaomi to accept him. He only asked Wang Xiaomi to open his circle of friends. Wang Xiaomi flatly refused and warned Ke Lei not to disturb her in the future In her life, Coley promised not to interfere with her life, so she only asked Wang Xiaomi to open up her circle of friends. Wang Xiaomi didn’t let go, but she also found out what Coley had done before to talk about it. Coley was counted as speechless.

Wang Xiaomi ran away with anger and rushed to Wang Dashan’s noodle shop. Ke Lei turned to see Luo Qing and followed her to the shop. Ke Lei complained that Luo Qing had not told him about her pregnancy in advance. Luo Qing insisted that Wang Xiaomi was Wang Dashan. No one could take away Wang Xiaomi from his biological daughter. Cole was very wronged and complained that Luo Qing had deprived him of the right to be a father. Luo Qing didn’t care about Ke Lei’s feelings at all. She didn’t want Wang Xiaomi to be harmed, so Co Lei had to leave angrily.

Sitting at the window, Wang Xiaomi kept watching Luo Qing and Ke Lei’s every move, worried that Luo Qing bowed to Ke Lei, Wang Dashan firmly believed that Luo Qing’s position was firm. As soon as Ke Lei got home, he sat on the sofa and drank booze. Meimei and Gao Sen didn’t dare to come close and could only look at him from a distance. Ke Lei drank a lot of wine in one breath. He used Jiujin to record a video and sincerely apologized to the majority of netizens. He wanted to compensate Wang Xiaomi, but he didn’t know where to start.

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