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Litter To Glitter 燃烧吧废柴 Episode 4 Recap

Fang Tianzi and Senior Student Youcheng woke up leisurely in the screening room. Fang Tianzi realized that she had grown stubble, so when Senior Student Youcheng called her, she hugged him in order not to reveal the stuff. Senior student Youcheng thought she was suggesting herself, so he plucked up the courage to confess to Fang Tianzi. Perceiving Fang Tianzi’s strangeness, Senior Youcheng asked her what was wrong, Fang Tianzi accidentally exposed her stubble, which shocked the senior, and Fei fled the projection room as if. In the inn, Ye Xiaoxi prepared breakfast for everyone.

Yuan Zhijie and Hu Yanzu were surprised to find that the inn actually had guests. It turned out that it was Ye Xiaoxi who posted some advertisements about the inn on the Internet. At this moment, Fang Tianyi sat over, and after suffering from a broken relationship, he didn’t see anything going well, and he didn’t even pick up the job of finding the door, and the whole person went out erraticly.

After eating breakfast, Hu Yanzu began to prepare for the audition for swimming, and practiced swimming on the table. This is a story of persistent efforts to fulfill her dream. Hu Yanzu took the opportunity to ask Ye Xiaoxi what her dreams were. Ye Xiaoxi said that she wanted to challenge the rapper when she was in a pretty good family. NS. Speaking of rising up, Ye Xiaoxi temporarily showed Yuan Zhijie and Hu Yanzu an impromptu rap, but the level is not flattering.

Then Hu Yanzu went to the crew to audition. The director said that he had too much body hair, so after the audition, he did beeswax hair removal and grinned.

In the inn, Ye Xiaoxi was comforting Fang Tianzi, who was broken in love. As Fang Tianyi couldn’t find another sock, he also howled about his broken love. At this time, Hu Yanzu, who had finished hair removal, returned to the inn. Seeing this situation, he wanted to comfort him, but he accidentally said the wrong thing and ran away from Fang Tianzi.

When she went to bed at night, Ye Xiaoxi still saw Fang Tianzi in her sleep, clutching the razor tightly. Outside the window, Fang Tianyi was alone in a daze. Ye Xiaoxi walked over and found that he had found another sock, but he was still in a broken relationship. Ye Xiaoxi persuaded him to get busy. Fang Tianyi felt that what she said made sense, so he contacted Mr. Zhang who called him in the morning.

When he went to the agreed place the next day, Fang Tianyi realized that he had come to take a hundred-day banquet for Mr. Zhang’s child Xiaodong. Although I was dissatisfied, but after all came, I reluctantly accepted it. As a result, when taking a family portrait, because Xiaodong was afraid of the camera, he tried many methods but failed to succeed. Just when he was frustrated and wanted to give up, he found that the microphone head can make Xiaodong happy, so he successfully finished a few family portraits.

Mr. Zhang’s friend and his wife went upstairs to rest, and Fang Tianyi needed to shoot Xiaodong alone for the rest of the work. However, the trick just didn’t work, Xiaodong still kept crying. When he was at a loss, Ye Xiaoxi, who came to give him the battery, helped him coax Xiaodong well. After the photo was taken, Fang Tianyi went out to take an empty shot and asked Ye Xiaoxi to change the clothes she prepared to Xiaodong.

In the end, because An An liked the dress very much and kept tugging, she decided to put it on An An first. After Fang Tianyi came back, he saw An Anzheng wearing Xiaodong’s clothes, and asked Ye Xiaoxi to change it quickly. Before he could do it, Xiaodong’s grandparents came to see his grandson and found that the child was stinky and wanted to change the baby’s diapers. As a result, he found that the boy had become a girl, and Xiaodong’s grandma fainted in anger.

On the other side, Hu Yanzu was having dinner with her school girl in a restaurant. School girl Xiaojing happened to call her sister, who happened to be the person who had done the whole body hair removal for Hu Yanzu the day before. When Xiao Jing heard that, she was jealous and left. Hu Yanzu wanted to stay, but the waiter who came up against him poured boiling water on his crotch. He was taken to the hospital in unbearable pain and found that the doctor in charge was Xiao Jing’s mother. After the treatment, Xiaojing came to see Hu Yanzu. After hearing that her mother and a bunch of colleagues had seen it, she left again angrily.

In Kong Makai’s restaurant, An Qi and Kong Makai are sitting opposite Yuan Zhijie. It turns out that the name of his restaurant’s dishes needs to be changed. I would like to ask Yuan Zhijie to choose some more Chinese names. And An Qi must also be involved, Kong Makai let the two of them decide after discussion. However, An Qi is very arrogant, and Yuan Zhijie must listen to her every time her opinions differ. Yuan Zhijie felt An Qi was too strong, and finally Kong Makai decided to vote for the name of the dish. However, because all the employees succumbed to An Qi’s lewd power, An Qi won unanimously.

Fang Tianzi was staying at the inn by himself. Senior Brother Youcheng suddenly broke in and told him that he was actually a superficial person. He liked to date hot beauties. At that moment, Fang Tianzi realized that she liked the wrong person before, so she was decisive. Next, leave him a dashing back.

After Fang Tianyi finished filming, he pushed An An back with Ye Xiaoxi. He kept accusing Ye Xiaoxi, and Ye Xiaoxi explained that she changed her clothes and took pictures because she felt bad for An An. Fang Tianyi could also understand that Ye Xiaoxi was going to buy groceries, so she asked Fang Tianyi to push An’an back first. On the way, Fang Tianyi had some thoughts, so he organized a party for An’an. When Ye Xiaoxi came back from shopping, she was very moved to see this warm and joyful scene. So everyone happily threw a hot party.

The next day, Hu Yanzu came to the crew smoothly and saw the Egyptian prince who was also smooth. While preparing, the unshaved male lead was late. In order to appear coherent, the director decided to change the group performance to hairy. Hu Yanzu and the Egyptian prince embraced and wept.

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