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Litter To Glitter 燃烧吧废柴 Episode 3 Recap

In the inn, Hu Yanzu and Fang Tianzi were lying on the sofa while watching a Thai dog-blood drama. Yuan Zhijie sat down on the sofa next to him holding the criminal investigation script he was creating. Ye Xiaoxi told everyone not to drink the milk next to the refrigerator when it expired, so she kept it for cleaning the floor, so she continued to clean up on the second floor. At this time Fang Tianyi returned to the inn and saw the well-ordered furnishings.

After drinking the milk beside the refrigerator, he began to find Ye Xiaoxi’s stubbornness. He first blamed her for growing green onions privately, and then complained that she had cleaned up everything. Not knowing where he went, Ye Xiaoxi explained that she planted green onions to reduce the burden on the inn, and she listed a table about the items, which clearly showed the locations of the various items. Except for Fang Tianyi, everyone admired her.

In Shanghai Sanda College, Fang Tianzi was in the library. Hearing that the senior who she had admired for a long time, Youcheng was coming, she hurriedly arranged her appearance in the mirror. After a while, the senior student came to the library and sat next to her. Down, this made her very happy. After a period of discussion, Senior Student You Cheng asked everyone to go back to collect information, and agreed to continue the discussion tomorrow, and then left first. Fang Tianzi’s handsome figure made Fang Tianzi an idiot.

Hu Yanzu came to the crew and wanted to be a group performer, but the staff told others that there was only one tortoise role left. There was no way. Hu Yanzu had to let himself be dressed up in an exaggerated shape with a heavy tortoise shell on his back. However, before the filming started, they received a call, and the male lead could only arrive the next morning, and the crew did not have enough funds to redo the tortoise shape. Hu Yanzu had to leave with the tortoise shell.

On the bus, the strange tortoise shape attracted everyone’s attention. The railings could not be grasped, and they could not sit down. After a sudden brake, Hu Yanzu accidentally fell into a dog-eating shit.

Fang Tianyi met with an investor to seek funding for his movie “Young Bullfrog”. The investor was very optimistic, but Fang Tianyi lost the chain at a critical moment. When he wanted to introduce the movie, he suddenly became anxious, but unfortunately there was no toilet in that place. I finally found the toilets on the side of the road. After I came out, I was told that these were new toilets to be returned, and I needed to pay 1,000 yuan. Fang Tianyi had no money, so Ye Xiaoxi sent it.

After paying the compensation, Ye Xiaoxi took the toilet and walked with Fang Tianyi on the street. Fang Tianyi told her not to tell everyone about this. At the same time, he called the investor, and the investor told him that he had decided to sponsor others. After hanging up the phone, Fang Tianyi began to blame Ye Xiaoxi for not throwing away the expired milk and insisting on wiping the floor, which caused him a bad stomach.

After walking a few steps, it happened that An Qi and her Thai boyfriend Kong Makai came out of the restaurant. In order to save face, Fang Tianyi took Ye Xiaoxi’s hand and said that this was his girlfriend, and said that she was pulling the bathroom because she was a toilet designer. So Kong Makai asked them to eat together in his Thai restaurant tomorrow.

In the Big Fish Inn, Zha Hui, the judge of the script solicitation, approached Yuan Zhijie and expressed that he was optimistic about his work and asked him to sign the authorization. After signing, Zha Hui told Yuan Zhijie that they would adapt his script and add love elements to the detective plot. Yuan Zhijie hurriedly asked if he could participate.

Zha Hui, upon hearing this, proposed that tomorrow’s screenwriting convention be set in the Big Fish Inn so that he could participate. When Fang Tianzi returned to the inn, she watched Yuan Zhijie watching a dog-blood drama for an unprecedented time. Fang Tianzi asked why, and Yuan Zhijie replied that his script was about to be changed into a dog-blood drama, so he needed to replenish blood.

Hu Yanzu walked back to the inn with the exaggerated look of the tortoise. He also smashed the sign of the biggest king and eight stall on the way. As a result, they were laughed at by the inn for fun. Early the next morning, he fell down on the bus again. At this time, an actor dressed as a prince of Egypt pulled him up with the savior’s halo, and the two looked at each other with emotions.

On the other side, in the inn, a few professional screenwriters and Zha Hui gathered together, saying nothing, Yuan Zhijie next to him can’t stand it anymore. Could they please respect the original work? They roared with laughter and laughed at Yuan Zhijie’s lack of understanding of the market. Let him make tea for everyone. Yuan Zhijie couldn’t bear it, and began to make up a more bloody plot, thundering all the people sitting there. In the end, he proclaimed himself the king of dog blood.

Fang Tianzi came to the library and found that only Cheng Senior was there. He explained that everyone else had problems, so only the two of them discussed. Not only that, they also went to watch the documentary in the huge screening room. Fang Tianzi was in full bloom. After watching the documentary, they opened the curtains to see that it was dark, but when they wanted to go out they found that the door had been locked. Their mobile phones also fell outside, and in desperation, they decided to spend the night in the screening room.

In Kong Makai’s restaurant, when Ye Xiaoxi went to the bathroom, An Qi asked about the past of Fang Tianyi and Ye Xiaoxi. Fang Tianyi vaguely said that she couldn’t explain clearly. When she was about to reveal the stuffing, Ye Xiaoxi came back, not only wittyly round. After returning to the scene, she cleverly answered An Qi’s professional questions about the restaurant and bathroom. Even Fang Tianyi looked at her differently. After they were over, they were walking on the street. Fang Tianyi asked Ye Xiaoxi how to drain water. Ye Xiaoxi told him that he had been a contractor before. In this slow pace, the two gradually dissolved their barriers to each other.

In front of the TV in the inn, Yuan Zhijie and Hu Yanzu watched a Thai drama together. Yuan Zhijie intends to rewrite a dog-blood script, and the previous criminal investigation dramas will no longer be sold. As An An was crying, Fang Tianyi coaxed her while eager to find the bear toy. At this time, An Qi and Kong Makai came to the inn and returned Ye Xiaoxi’s bag in the restaurant. Seeing Fang Tianyi still holding the baby and asking him what was going on, Fang Tianyi had to say that the baby was Hu Yanzu’s.

Hu Yanzu carried the child upstairs to Ye Xiaoxi, and then went to find the little bear. Yuan Zhijie showed Kong Makai to visit the inn. And An Qi came out of the toilet and heard the child crying, so she went upstairs to see Ye Xiaoxi coaxing the child and listening to her mother who claimed to be the child. At this time, Hu Yanzu found the little bear and sent it over. An Qi asked him what was going on. He had to say that he and Ye Xiaoxi were the parents of the child.

An Qi immediately understood that the child’s father was not Hu Yanzu and Ye Xiaoxi was not Fang Tianyi’s girlfriend, so she went downstairs to question Fang Tianyi and left angrily. Fang Tianyi hurriedly chased out, Kong Makai followed closely behind. An Qi asked Kong Makai to leave first, and then plainly told Fang Tianyi that they were over and hoped that each other could find their own happiness, and then left happily, leaving Fang Tianyi alone in tears.

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