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Litter To Glitter 燃烧吧废柴 Episode 2 Recap

Early the next morning, Fang Tianyi came to the back kitchen and found that the baby’s mother Ye Xiaoxi was making porridge. She apologized because the baby cried all night, so she wanted to make breakfast for them before leaving. She also proposed to make some rice paste for the baby, but the cabinet was too high for her to reach. Fang Tianyi stepped forward to help, but was turned white by the falling flour. Ye Xiaoxi hurried to get a tissue, and accidentally bumped a girl’s nose when she opened the door.

The table was brought to the table earlier, and the five people were also gathered at the table. Ye Xiaoxi wondered why girls have stubble. Hu Yanzu explained that she imitated others to shave since she was a child, so she really grew out. After Ye Xiaoxi served the porridge, she sent the garbage again, and found that the door lock was broken when she came back. Yuan Zhijie originally wanted her to go around a bit, but she did not expect that she would fix the lock in twos or twos.

Fang Tianyi went out to find An Qi for a reunion, and found that An Qi was already taking wedding photos with Sina. However, he did not give up, stepped forward to stay, and An Qi found out that he did not wear a ring. Fang Tianyi said that he immediately went back to wear it. After going out, he called the pawnshop owner and asked him to keep it for himself for a day, and he didn’t have any idleness on his lap, so he ran to the company to ask Mr. Zhang for the last movie.

Mr. Zhang had something to shirk, but Fang Tianyi said that Mr. Zhang went there by himself, and he could talk in the car. So the two set off together. As soon as they got into the car, Mr. Zhang began to pretend to be asleep. Fang Tianyi tried his best to wake him up. As a result, Mr. Zhang’s phone rang and he immediately picked it up enthusiastically. Fang Tianyi was completely speechless.

In the inn, the baby was hungry and kept crying. Ye Xiaoxi needed a breast pump, so Yuan Zhijie and Hu Yanzu went out to buy it. Fang Tianyi’s younger sister Fang Tianzi stayed at home to accompany Ye Xiaoxi. Fang Tianzi tried his best to find a topic, but one sentence was more embarrassing than one sentence, and he just talked to death. Then she asked to hold the baby, Ye Xiaoxi gave the baby to her, and she could see that the baby liked Fang Tianzi very much.

Ye Xiaoxi explained that babies like furry things most. After a while, Fang Tianzi suddenly remembered that she was about to have a video interview with a magazine agency. However, she forgot to shave, which made her commit a hardship. Fortunately, with the help of Ye Xiaoxi, she was relieved. However, Fang Tianzi was very angry with the promise of five years of infertility in the contract. She argued with the editor-in-chief that a woman can balance work and children, but the editor-in-chief disagreed, so she closed the interview with anger.

The two people in the mall bought a breast pump for 168 yuan, and they heard that they could draw a lottery if they spent more than 200 yuan. The highest prize was 500 yuan in cash, so they bought another breastfeeding towel to qualify for the lottery. With the idea of ​​changing a bike into a motorcycle, Hu Yanzu turned the turntable, and he actually hit 500 yuan! They were so happy, Hu Yanzu accidentally slapped the turntable, and the turntable rolled out.

Unforeseen circumstances, damage to the turntable requires a compensation fee of 165 yuan. The two were distressed.

On the other side, Fang Tianyi accompanied Mr. Zhang to the basketball court. Mr. Zhang suddenly called before he went on the court. He asked Mr. Fang to play with Mr. He for a while. Thinking of his work, Fang Tianyi felt angry and made Mr. He a beautiful dunk. Praise for it. On the way back, he received a message from Mr. Zhang. Mr. Zhang said that he could not solve the director’s fee.

As night fell, Fang Tianyi returned to the Big Fish Inn and saw that Ye Xiaoxi and her daughter An An had not left yet. In addition, Yuan Zhijie and Hu Yanzu had spent their emergency money just to buy Ye Xiaoxi a breast pump, furious. Ye Xiaoxi took out a stack of money and told them that she borrowed it from Brother Qiang during the day to pay for the room. This strong brother has always been a hairless man, and everyone admires Ye Xiaoxi very much. The room was paid in full, and Ye Xiaoxi helped the inn to fix a lot of things. Everyone except Fang Tianyi liked her, so she and An An naturally stayed in the inn.

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