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Litter To Glitter 燃烧吧废柴 Episode 1 Recap

Inside the inn, a conspicuous red handprint appeared on the wall, and a chicken was clucking. After the sober boy put on his glasses, another boy fell from the sky and struggled to get up. Looking at the messy room, they guessed that Sister Chen must have come to borrow their inn to set up the scenery. At this time, the third boy came over with his head full of foam, because the water was stopped and he had to wash his hair with mineral water.

After studying the water pipes, the three found that they had no money to pay the water bill and the water was stopped. The three of them heard a strange sound when they were gagging and fighting. They found a baby in the corner. At this time, Brother Qiang called Fang Tianyi, the owner of the inn, to tell him that there was a big coffee resting in the inn and don’t wake him up. Fang Tianyi asked who the big coffee was, and Brother Qiang told him that he was a baby.

After returning, they found that the baby was stinky. So Fang Tianyi started to change her diapers in a hurry. Yuan Zhijie and Hu Yanzu said that they had a job and gave Fang Tianyi the mess of taking care of their children.

Hu Yanzu was rehearsing the action scene, and a younger brother called him to greet Mr. Dan, the investor. Mr. Dan pointed at him, but Hu Yanzu did not understand, so Mr. Dan left angrily. The person next to him told him that Santa was always complimenting him. The play began, and everyone was just getting ready, but Mr. Dan pointed at Hu Yanzu twice, without saying a word. Hu Yanzu looked suspicious. Mr. Tan left again angrily, and the little brother told him that it was telling him to take two steps back. Fang Tianyi was looking after the baby.

His ex-girlfriend An Qi came, and she told Fang Tianyi that they had broken up and don’t send her any more messages. She patted the ring Fang Tianyi had given herself on the table, then turned and left, and the baby in the swaddle cried. Hu Yanzu turned his head and ran into Brother Qiang and asked him about his gestures that he had just given birth. The professional actor Qiang was right, and commented that he was very insightful, so he left again.

Yuan Zhijie’s steamed bread advertising script wrote that Qianlong made a private visit to Weifu. He smelled a scent of steamed bread and was immediately conquered by this simple taste. He immediately wrote the banner of “No. 1 in the world”. Back to reality, the woman opposite Yuan Zhijie said that the story lacked love elements, and the man asked for more touching.

The baby couldn’t stop crying, and there was no water to make the milk powder, and Fang Tianyi, scorched, sold the ring and paid the water bill. The inn was reconnected to the water. He tidied up the messy inn again, and fed the baby formula milk. On the other hand, Hu Yanzu was wondering himself.

The younger brother came over and asked him to apologize as soon as Mr. Xuan was in a good mood. So he apologized in front of Mr. Xuan. Mr. Xuan pointed out again. Hu Yanzu said he would cheer for him. Mr. Xuan took the picture. Pat him on the shoulder and pointed to the sky. The crowd laughed, Hu Yanzu looked puzzled, and Mr. Dan went on. Judging from everyone’s reaction, this time he guessed right. An action scene is being filmed. After two rounds of attacks, a few dragon sets were knocked down by Mr. Tan.

Only Hu Yanzu was holding a knife to attack Mr. Tan. However, he was defeated by Mr. Tan and one of his legs fell over. land. The director is pleased to announce that congratulations to the birthday is over. The little brother always made flowers for the birthday, and always pointed at him. He happily announced to everyone that the birthday would invite all the staff to dinner. Mr. Dan pointed to Hu Yanzu again, and Hu Yanzu clapped unclearly.

Yuan Zhijie changed the plot to Qianlong and discovered that a fairy was making steamed buns, and she and Qianlong were feeding each other. Suddenly the fairy rose into the sky. Qianlong mentioned the words “No. 1 in the world” on the spot. At this moment, he was interrupted again. The man made a new request that he could grow longer after eating this kind of bun. Yuan Zhijie raised objections to this, but under the power of money, he still succumbed.

The plot returned to Qianlong and the fairy staring at each other. The fairy fed the bun to a dwarf next to him, and the dwarf immediately grew tall and turned into a giant. Qianlong was greatly affected by the earthquake after seeing it. The opposite party was finally satisfied, but the money they gave Yuan Zhijie for the manuscript turned out to be a stack of steamed buns. Yuan Zhijie was very angry, and made up for the sight of himself beating the opposing two. However, in reality, he only dared to bow to them to express his gratitude.

Hu Yanzu met Mr. Xuan again, and Xuan nodded the corner of his mouth, indicating that there was a foreign object in the corner of his mouth. Hu Yanzu didn’t know, he hesitated, and finally bit the bullet and kissed him. Xan always said annoyingly, turned and left. The masses criticized Hu Yanzu one after another. Hu Yanzu who guessed wrong again was lost.

Back to the inn room, Fang Tianyi was pushing the stroller to coax the child. Yuan Zhijie returned home with a bag of steamed buns. At the same time, Wu Yanzu who came back was fired from the crew. He began to wonder why he didn’t understand what everyone could understand. However, with emotion, the child started crying again. Fang Tianyi knew she was hungry, but they had no money to buy milk powder.

At this time, the chicken ran into the room again, and Yuan Zhijie recalled the connection with Sister Chen. They once stewed the unexplained unanimous chicken, but only later learned that it was the actor of Sister Chen. So later Sister Chen used their inn as a venue, and they all opened one eye and closed another. This time, they decided not to close their eyes.

They returned the chicken to Sister Chen and asked Sister Chen for the venue fee. Sister Chen carefully counted the damage they caused to her filming in the past. After harsh deductions, only 484 yuan was left, and she ridiculed them. Originally, the three of them were embarrassed to take the money, but that taunt touched their self-esteem and reminded them of their failure, so they decisively took the money and left.

In the end, the three people bought milk powder and returned victoriously pushing the stroller. In a blink of an eye, a little boy walked over to the inn, followed by Brother Qiang. They hurriedly stopped him and asked who the kid was just now, and Brother Qiang said that he was a big coffee. The three of them turned their heads to look at the baby in the stroller, and found that the figure flashed by outside the window, the baby disappeared, and a few people hurried to chase.

After chasing into the studio, they could see that the child was a young woman. Back at the inn, the woman explained that she had just seen Hu Yanzu hit the baby, and Hu Yanzu explained that she was just gesturing to the baby. The woman confessed that she was the baby’s mother. Because she had no money, she heard that the crew needed the role of the baby, so she lived here.

When she went out to buy breakfast in the morning, she fainted because she didn’t eat breakfast and was sent to the hospital by a kind person. She woke up before entering the emergency ward, remembering that the child wanted to run back, but fainted again on the road, was sent to the hospital again by a kind person, woke up outside the emergency ward again, and left the hospital again, and so on for a whole day. So it was dark before returning to the inn.

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