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Hengshan Hospital 衡山医院 Episode 29 Recap

After the Japanese military’s discussion was over, Lin Jingshan asked Ma Tianming to meet and relayed the matter to him, but Ma Tianming couldn’t accept the practice of treason, because it had violated his bottom line. Li Quan asked Ma Tianming to agree to the Japanese conditions first, at least to get the serum back. On the contrary, Ali found that Ma Tianming often walked with Tao Chengkai frequently, and couldn’t help being curious about his recent situation. Ma Tianming looked at Ali with solemn expression and said that Cai Likun’s current situation is in crisis. I am afraid that no one will teach Ali how to work in the future, so he needs to grow into a fighter as soon as possible.

Nakamura took the Japanese consul to see Ding Siye. He did not expect Ding Siye to preemptively push Dinghuo to give himself a top bag, claiming that he was adulterated in the smoke, and now he has cleared the door. The Japanese could not continue to investigate the matter, so they reminded Ding Siye not to make the same mistake again. Nakamura introduced Lin Jingshan to Ding Siye, but Ding Siye felt that this person was a bit familiar on the way back. Recognize her as the head nurse of Hengshan Hospital.

The Ghost Mian went to the hospital to inquire about Lin Jingshan and Cai Likun, and learned that they had both gone out, so he simply came to Zhu Tiande’s ward and found that Zhu Tiande had already died. It happened that Xue Ning also came to the hospital to look for Ma Tianming and Lin Jingshan. When he heard that the ghost-faced man had appeared, he immediately ran towards Zhu Tiande’s ward, just in time to see the other party escaping through the window.

Xue Ning learned from Dean Su that Zhu Tiande had already died. As for whether it was related to Cai Likun, Dean Su said that she did not know, but she knew that Ma Tianming would inevitably conceal what he did. Bai Julie stayed alone in the ward where Cai Likun lived before, and she was very sad when she recalled what he had said.

In order to be able to rescue Cai Likun, Ma Tianming would like to exchange the Zhu Tiande code in his hand for the serum to save Cai Likun. However, after Cai Likun learned of this, he was very excited. He said that the code must never fall into the hands of the Japanese. The expected consequences.

However, the Japanese kidnapped Bai Julie and used her to threaten Ma Tianming to participate in a press conference on China-Japan cooperation on virus research, and promote China-Japan friendship according to the manuscript written by the Japanese. Ma Tianming was emotional when he saw this and cursed Nakamura and Lin Jingshan, but Lin Jingshan slapped a few red eyes.

For this situation, Ma Tianming can’t take too much into consideration, he can only agree to the Japanese conditions. Li Quan took the Japanese spy Aoki to meet with reporters in preparation to expose Japan’s research on bacterial weapons. Aoki took the opportunity to jump down the stairs and patio to commit suicide. Ma Tianming was pointed at the stage by Nakamura with a gun, and in front of everyone, he read the press statement of “China-Japan Friendship and Common Prosperity” without conscience, and was scolded by the public as “traitors and traitors.”

Tao Chengkai placed his hopes on American experts, hoping that they would disguise the hypocritical masks of the Japanese-Chinese goodwill and seek sympathy for China in the international arena. The American experts readily agreed. However, Japanese experts shared information about Bacillus anthracis with American experts. The American experts immediately changed their positions and kept silent about their attempts to launch a germ war. Tao Chengkai was very angry about this. He didn’t expect that the two of Zhejiang and West would ignore their lives for a certain benefit.

Although the serum has been obtained, Cai Likun’s life has also entered a countdown. He does not want to waste things, so he uses two-thirds of the serum for research. After Ma Tianming learned of this, his emotions almost broke down. Why did he suddenly change the purpose of saving him so much?

Cai Likun proposed to have a separate talk with Ma Tianming. He took the initiative to talk about the experience of the two people since the first meeting. They have been estranged from the beginning to the present. Therefore, Cai Likun’s real idea is that he faces blindness after being rescued. , Organ failure, it would be better to donate the body for medical research.

Ma Tianming burst into tears and promised to help Cai Likun complete the task. If one day sees millet grains, he will tell her that he has an indomitable father. With Cai Likun’s death, Tao Chengkai and others personally carried the coffin to see him off. Everyone respected the hero, and Ma Tianming became more convinced.

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