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Hengshan Hospital 衡山医院 Episode 28 Recap

Ma Tianming took Bai Julie into the quarantine area, and the two saw Cai Likun lying on the bed outside the ward. Cai Likun was very surprised when she heard Bai Julie’s voice. Bai Julie asked him not to explain, she understood it all. Cai Likun had concealed his true identity for so long, so he apologized to Bai Julie. He knew that Bai Julie would be able to understand his choice, because they were all people of faith. Whether they are doctors or revolutionaries, their goals are the same. After hanging up, Bai Julie couldn’t help but shed painful tears.

That night, Ma Tianming came to Lin Jingshan’s dormitory as scheduled, and hid the wiretap in the flower to facilitate the eavesdropping by Tao Chengkai and others. Lin Jingshan had prepared a candlelight dinner, but Ma Tianming had no thoughts. Instead, he took out Zhu Tiande’s laboratory report, proving that he died of an overdose of morphine. It happened that only Lin Spirit entered Zhu Tiande’s ward that night.

Lin Jingshan opened the door and stated her identity, frankly admitting that she is a Japanese spy, under the Japanese military, and was ordered to hide in Hengshan Hospital many years ago. Ma Tianming was shocked, and never thought that Lin Jingshan belonged to the Japanese Black Dragon Association. Lin Jingshan disagrees. After all, Ma Tianming can pretend to be a overseas doctor and sneak into Hengshan Hospital, and she can naturally become the head nurse in the eyes of outsiders.

Regarding Zhu Tiande’s death, Lin Jingshan generously admitted, and asked Ma Tianming to surrender the code, wanting to fly away with her. Ma Tianming lied that the password was in Cai Likun’s hands. Cai Likun was already infected with anthrax and was in the quarantine area. He offered to let the Japanese exchange the password with anthrax serum.

Just as Lin Jingshan was about to make a deal with Ma Tianming, Ma Tianming suddenly called a phonograph to invite her to dance. In fact, she reminded her to run away quickly. Tao Chengkai was leading someone to monitor her downstairs. When Lin Jingshan saw this, she had a complicated expression, so she had to leave first. She saw the KMT secret agent coming up in the middle of the treatment. So she hurried to other exits and drove the KMT car away, accidentally being injured by Tao Chengkai.

Precisely because Lin Jingshan had a vital life-saving serum, coupled with a somewhat affectionate relationship between the two, Ma Tianming did not obey Tao Chengkai’s arrangement, but saved her life. Tao Chengkai was puzzled by this. Ma Tianming said that only Lin Jingshan could rescue Cai Likun. She had enough reason to enter the quarantine area. At least for now, she could not kill the killer. If they spread the germs, it will definitely affect the layout of the Japanese in China. Adverse effects.

At the same time, a reporter sneaked into the quarantine area and was found. Only after interrogation did he learn that he was a spy of the Japanese military in order to track down the Chinese soldiers who had escaped from the laboratory. Because of the spy’s testimony, the Japanese’s intelligence on the germ warfare was basically solid. Tao Chengkai called Cai Likun to inform him of the incident and asked him why he chose to stay at the risk of exposure.

Cai Likun said he didn’t want to die, but he did what a person should do. Tao Chengkai admired Cai Likun’s character and urged him to live well. The Japanese military conducted research on the cryptographic matter, and finally decided to take out the serum to rescue Cai Likun.

However, the Japanese asked Ma Tianming not to leak the news of the germ warfare, so he had to pretend to be an example of Sino-Japanese goodwill. The propaganda was that Chinese medical experts conquered this rare germ with the help of Japanese experts. Kill Ma Tianming and put the blame on China. The military asked Nakamura to promise that if this matter fails, he will apologize.

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