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Hengshan Hospital 衡山医院 Episode 27 Recap

Now Cai Likun is in very bad condition, but he still insists on studying serum. Nakamura bought Boss Tan’s wife and poisoned him secretly. Within a few days, the news of Boss Tan’s death came out. Ding Siye knew that this was a Japanese handwriting, and found that the Japanese was investigating himself secretly, so he asked Dinghuo to close the Guangshantang and try to protect Ma Tianliang.

After the incident, Ding Siye took the initiative to meet with Nakamura, claiming that Dinghuo was adulterated in the smoke soil with him on his back, and then let the ghost face man kill Dinghuo. Ma Tianliang hid outside the door and heard the content of the conversation. He immediately called to inform Xue Ning. As for Ding Huo, he was panicked. He knew that he had become Ding Siye’s scapegoat, and he was being chased by a ghost-faced man.

Xue Ning wanted to stop all of this, but ended up at a fork in the road and lost two people. The ghost face reported the situation to Ding Siye, saying that Dinghuo had escaped. Ding Siye reminded Guimianren to kill Dinghuo. By the way, he asked if Dinghuo left any words. When the Guimianren thought of what Dinghuo said, he still concealed something from Ding Siye, and even couldn’t help but beat him inside. Confuse.

Bai Zhuli learned from the laboratory that the blood sent by Ma Tianming was not Zhu Tiande at all, so she sneaked into the ward and found that Zhu Tiande had actually died. At this time, Ma Tianming went to Dean Su and said that he wanted to cure Zhu Tiande, but he tried all kinds of methods to no avail.

Dean Su and Ma Tianming frankly treated each other and said that there are actually many risks, but the biggest risk is to pay for their own body and mind. This is why doctors are worthy of respect, because they are facing risks all the time, so Dean Su understands Cai Likun’s decision also comforted Ma Tianming not to put too much pressure on himself.

Because of Zhu Tiande’s death, Bai Julie first guessed that Ma Tianming had taken too much medicine to cause this result. Ma Tianliang took the initiative to confess to Bai Julie that he knew that Zhu Tiande died of murder, but the murderer was not found. What he did, Just to lead out the real murderer.

Ma Tianming wants to ask Bai Julie to help keep it secret, but Bai Julie believes that it was Ma Tianming who killed Zhu Tiande, and he just wanted to conceal the medical accident. In the end, in this dispute, Ma Tianming chose to give up the argument and simply asked Bai Julie to perform an autopsy. At the same time, Cai Likun developed a high fever, with less than 12 hours remaining in his life, and the epidemic prevention situation was very tense.

The Japanese consul blamed Nakamura for obtaining only half of the password. Nakamura determined that it was a ghost of Ma Tianming and called Lin Jingshan to discuss countermeasures. Lin Jingshan boldly guessed that Zhu Tiande was not dead. Although the morphine that she gave him was enough to kill, the hospital hasn’t announced his death until now, and Ma Tianming has completely taken over the ward. Maybe they still have a chance.

Lin Jingshan wanted to enter Zhu Tiande’s ward under the pretext of measuring blood pressure, but was blocked by Ma Tianming. As the only insider, Lin Jingshan told Ma Tianliang the fact that she had been to the ward on the night Zhu Tiande was killed and happened to hear gunshots from the ward.

Because this matter is of great importance, Lin Jingshan claimed that she had not mentioned it to others, so she asked Ma Tianming to come to the dormitory to find herself at 8 o’clock tonight. Ma Tianming originally wanted to refuse, but after Lin Jingshan’s repeated insistence, he still agreed to keep the appointment. Ali thinks that Lin Jingshan came twice uninvited and most likely was the murderer.

On the other side, Bai Julie tested Zhu Tiande’s body and found that there was an excess of morphine remaining in his body, which was enough to show that Ma Tianming did not lie. Bai Julie wanted to tell Xue Ning about this matter, and Ma Tianming hurriedly stopped and confessed everything to her, including Zhu Tiande carrying five million red funds to be hunted down by the enemy, and Cai Likun’s true identity.

Now Cai Likun is to buy time for experts to study serum and directly inoculate himself with bacteria. He must complete Cai Likun’s mission to find the person who really killed Zhu Tiande, get the code and take out the money. Bai Julie was shocked by this and proposed to see Cai Likun.

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