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Falling Into Your Smile 你微笑时很美 Episode 30 Recap

Soon the rest of the teams also decided the victory one after another, and the ZGDX team also entered the finals smoothly. After the match, the ZGDX team returned to the base. At the gate of the base, the nursery rhyme spit out the team’s boss that it would not send out red envelopes, and then Lu Sicheng stuffed it with candy.

Back at the base, a group of people chatted and laughed. Then, Lu Sicheng called on everyone to eat out together. In the restaurant, everyone encountered the DQ.FIVE team that failed to relegation. When everyone arrived, everyone in DQ was already drunk. Just when everyone in ZGDX was pressing and pushing, DQ’s civet took a bottle of wine and walked in front of them, holding Xiao Rui. The civet confided a lot of feelings. The group of people are professional players, which can be regarded as sympathy. After sending away the people from DQ, a group of ZGDX comforted and encouraged each other, and the meal was a pleasant one.

The civet returning to the base reluctantly left the base. In order to vent his inner emotions, the civet sent a Weibo. Soon, netizens also offered their blessings and encouragement. ZGDX, who went to the game, was resting in the hotel. Just when everyone was talking and laughing, Chen Jinyang called to send birthday wishes. The two good sisters talked, Chen Jinyang relayed the words of the virgin mother to the nursery rhyme, and the nursery rhyme immediately blushed.

Taking advantage of the nursery rhymes to call, Xiaopang solved most of the meals alone. Just when everyone was happy, Xiao Pang entered the hospital with a sudden gastroenteritis. With the help of the doctor, Xiao Pang also got better. The sick chubby started clamoring to eat biscuits. Out of helplessness, Lu Sicheng had to go out to buy food. In the shop, when Lu Sicheng paid for the nursery rhyme red envelope, he accidentally discovered that today happened to be the nursery rhyme birthday, so Lu Sicheng immediately ran to make preparations.

In the ward, the nursery rhyme made a wish against the window. At this moment, everyone from ZGDX pushed in and looked at the teammates pushing the cake and Lu Sicheng holding the red rose. The nursery rhyme was full of joy. Suddenly received a surprise nursery rhyme and happily gave Lu Sicheng a kiss. Under the urging of a group of teammates, the nursery rhyme closed his eyes and made a wish.

At this time, Lu Sicheng brought a selected necklace for the nursery rhyme and promised to marry the nursery rhyme next year. Seeing that the two were tired and crooked, the teammates booed. Later, Xiao Rui gave everyone a small amulet he prepared. Everyone talked and laughed, cheering each other up, and inspiring to win the greatest glory of the competition.

On the other side, the YQCB team is studying the number of ways to target ZGDX. At this moment, the pope pushed in and watched the pope with a bunch of dolls and said nothing. The teammates also found that the pope was wrong. As the captain of YQCB, Liang Xiong immediately went to comfort him. After the two briefly chatted, the pope also realized that he had become too simple because he cared too much. In the face of the love of his teammates, the Pope also confided his heart, and the group of people finally became completely integrated.

In the corridor of the hospital, Lu Sicheng and the nursery rhyme were greasy. Lu Sicheng asked the nursery rhyme about his birthday wishes, but the nursery rhyme decisively refused to answer. Looking at the nursery rhyme’s arrogant appearance, Lu Sicheng pampered the nursery rhyme in his arms. ,

The final is about to begin. On the channel of the players, Lu Sicheng intimately comforted the nervous nursery rhymes. Following the introduction of the host, the players from both sides appeared one after another. The atmosphere in the audience was also very enthusiastic. The audience cheered for their home team one after another, cheering loudly.

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