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Decisive Victory 大决战 Episode 34 Recap

The soldiers felt that they were not defeated at Nanping Ji, but they were unwilling to be chased by Huang Wei all the way. Chen Geng enlightened everyone, and everyone felt that what Chen Geng said was reasonable, so they didn’t worry about it anymore. Huang Wei has slowly entered the pocket line under Chen Geng’s cloth. The battles are interlocking. If Huang Wei goes to join Liu Ruming and others, it will be difficult to eat him in the future. Soon after, good news came from Zhou Enlai. Huang Wei crossed the Huihe River without any suspicion. On the other side, Qiu Qingquan and Li Mi’s troops were never able to break through. If Chiang Kai-shek’s death order does not get out of trouble as soon as possible, Qiu Qingquan’s head will be required.

Qiu Qingquan and Li Mi proposed the sharp-cone tactics, which is actually just a slow-down strategy for placing large troops in the rear and making good contact with them. When Liu Zhi saw it, he realized that he wanted to escape, and he also called the sharp-cone tactics. Liu Zhi felt ridiculous. Huang Baitao telegraphed his superiors that if the friendly army did not support him, he and his regiment would be destroyed. Qiu Qingquan was only ten kilometers away from Nianzhuang, but he still couldn’t beat Nianzhuang. Huang Baitao was very angry. He was determined to stay at Nianzhuang. The Kuomintang army Ding Dasheng was forced to carry the flag, but when the bullet hit him, he carried the flag and ran away and hid.

He later gave money to the company commander, wanting to bribe him not to let himself carry the banner, but the company commander insisted on resisting the banner after receiving the money, Ding Dasheng looked bitter and bitter. After discussion with Mao Zedong and others, they decided to let Su Yu concentrate his superior forces to eat the Huang Baitao Corps in the shortest time. Su Yu deployed, determined to launch an attack at 8 o’clock, and completely defeated Huang Baitao. That night, Huang Baitao discovered that the shovel sound of the Communists had disappeared. Soon after fireworks appeared, Huang Baitao knew that the Communists were about to launch a general attack on Nianzhuang. They hit the headquarters and their subordinates persuaded Huang Baitao to leave. Before Huang Baitao spoke, Liu Zhenxiang firmly stated that he would not leave.

Qiu Qingquan could not hear the gunfire of the mill, thinking that the mill and Huang Baitao were over, and Qiu Qingquan decided not to advance the mill. The subordinates took Huang Baitao and a few soldiers to flee in a hurry. On the way, they encountered a Communist soldier shouting to capture Huang Baitao alive. The Kuomintang soldiers fled in fear, leaving only Huang Baitao and his subordinates. The subordinates persuaded Huang Baitao to surrender, and it was a big deal to be a captive of the Communist army, but Huang Baitao was so arrogant that he was unwilling to surrender. Nianzhuang was taken down, and the news of Huang Baitao’s death reached Su Yu. He finally let go of the big stone in his heart and fainted. At the same time, when the troops heard the good news, they were also cheered.

Gu Zhutong told Jiang Jieshi the news. Jiang Jieshi was like a concubine. He asked to see Huang Baitao’s body, but Gu Zhutong said that they were still looking for Huang Baitao’s body. The Kuomintang held a funeral for Huang Baitao. At the funeral, Chiang Kai-shek exhorted all the generals to avoid the axe and serve the country with loyalty. Huangpu’s spirit will not die. Afterwards, Bai Chongxi and Li Zongren complained privately, and there were only eight characters left in Huangpusheng who followed Chiang Kai-shek. Bai Chongxi smiled, thinking that Li Zongren’s summary was really brilliant.

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