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Decisive Victory 大决战 Episode 33 Recap

Su County was breached. Du Yuming asked Liu Zhi why he did not send heavy troops to defend Su County. Liu Zhi shifted the responsibility to Liu Ruming. Du Yuming was furious, everyone wanted to avoid the Communists, so which battle could they win? Chiang Kai-shek called to blame Liu Zhi, and Liu Zhi turned the blame on Du Yuming. Chiang Kai-shek scolded Du Yuming. Du Yuming did not shirk responsibility, but could not help coughing. Chiang Kai-shek knew that what he had just said was serious, and then slowed down the conversation with him. Chiang Kai-shek hoped that Du Yuming could fight the battle of Xu Beng. Du Yuming was very loyal. It means that he will do his best.

Song Meiling told Chiang Kai-shek the good news. Truman issued an announcement that the China policy would remain unchanged and would continue to allocate funds to support the Kuomintang. Chiang Kai-shek’s heart finally landed. Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, and Zhu De also learned of Truman’s announcement that he continued to support the KMT. Chiang Kai-shek used this matter to publicize in the newspapers, which on the other hand also proved the essence of the KMT’s power outside the party. They continued to analyze the situation of the Battle of Huaihai. Mao Zedong proposed to immediately establish the General Front Committee of the Battle of Huaihai to coordinate and command the two field armies, not only in the Huaihai, but on the entire southern front to fight Chiang Kai-shek.

Zhu De proposed that five comrades, Liu Bocheng, Chen Yi, Deng Xiaoping, Su Yu, and Tan Zhenlin, be the members of the Huaihai General Front Committee. Zhou Enlai and Mao Zedong both agreed. At the headquarters of the 12th Corps, Huang Wei let the 18th army cross the Beifei River and head straight for Nanpengji on the south bank of the Hui River. Liu Bocheng, Deng Xiaoping, and Chen Yi called Chen Geng and planned to let him fight against Huang Wei, but instead of asking him to fight with Huang Wei, he stayed at Nanpingji for three days and led the Huangwei Corps to the north bank of the Huihe River. Huang Wei saw through the telescope that the Communists were digging fortifications. He also decided to cross the stone bridge to fight against Chen Geng in Nanpingji.

The 12th Corps is a mechanized regiment, and the casualties caused to the Communists are not small, but the 12th Corps itself did not have the advantage. Huang Wei asked Yang Botao to send two regiments to fight, but he didn’t believe that Chen Geng could not be beaten. Afterwards, Chen Geng had held on for two days, and the various columns surrounding the Huang Wei Corps were in place. Whether Huang Wei, the big fish, can bite it depends on Chen Geng. Sure enough, Huang Wei saw Chen Geng taking the initiative to withdraw from the position, thinking that he was fleeing in a rout, and would never have thought that there might be fraud. He reported the victory here to Chiang Kai-shek and promised to continue chasing Chen Geng. He appeared confident.

Chiang Kai-shek asked Fu Zuoyi about his views on the future battle in North China. Fu Zuoyi said that he would fight the Communists to the death, but Chiang Kai-shek wanted him to take the main force to Tianjin and travel by sea from Tianjin to Fujian. He wanted Fu Zuoyi to leave some blood in North China. Fu Zuoyi refused on the grounds that his soldiers did not adapt to the south and the soldiers had no way to teach him. Chiang Kai-shek once again persuaded him to give up to no avail. After that, Fu Zuoyi built strong fortifications and prepared ships in the port. To prevent Fu Zuoyi from fleeing, the central government asked Lin Biao to station in North China, but Lin Biao believed that he was not yet fully prepared and he did not agree to advance to North China.

Chen Geng asked his men to throw away their helmets and remove their armors, so that Huang Wei believed that they were fleeing in a rout. Some soldiers in the army were puzzled. They felt very distressed about losing the guns they finally got.

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