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Crossroad Bistro 北辙南辕 Episode 16 Recap

Bao Xue received a call from Yu Songyang, still a little worried. Yu Songyang hung up the phone and tied the rope tightly. Although this time I was shooting a video for climbing friend Zhang Zhiyuan, Yu Songyang was still prepared. After hanging up, Bao Xue was a little absent-minded, and her thoughts had already flown to Yu Songyang. On the other side, Yu Songyang continued to move upward on the steep cliff, unconsciously becoming swift.

After three hours passed, Bao Xue couldn’t help but send a message, but Yu Songyang was now concentrating on climbing, climbing point after climbing point, Yu Songyang turned and stared at Zhang Zhiyuan’s figure, until a critical leap, the gravel fell, Zhang Zhiyuan almost After sliding down the cliff, Yu Songyang hurried to rescue. Because of being too impatient, Yu Songyang also fell and staggered. When he reached out to reach Zhang Zhiyuan again, Zhang Zhiyuan was unable to reach because his arm fell full of blood, so Yu Songyang had to watch his brother fall. cliff.

Yu Songyang did not reply to the letter for a long time, Bao Xue was so angry that You Shanshan sent someone to ask for the news, and relayed the fall accident to Bao Xue, persuading Bao Xue to forgive Yu Songyang, after all, it was a friend’s death. But Bao Xue still felt that it was a mistake that Yu Songyang did not reply to her in time. All the hatred was hidden in the wine, but when Bao Xue woke up in the morning and heard Yu Songyang’s cry in the bathroom, she couldn’t help but ran to the bathroom quickly and hugged Yu Songyang.

Yu Songyang and Bao Xue attended Zhang Zhiyuan’s funeral together. In his heart, Yu Songyang insisted on abiding by Zhang Zhiyuan’s agreement with himself before his death and challenging the dangerous peak. Afterwards, Bao Xue and Yu Songyang sat in the car. Bao Xue did not expect that Yu Songyang would not give up extreme sports at this time. Perhaps Yu Songyang’s worries and fears had not been taken care of by Yu Songyang. Bao Xue screamed for Yu Songyang. Stopping, I never want to live in the same room with Yu Songyang anymore. Yu Songyang sighed, and when he got out of the car to chase, Bao Xue had already gotten in another car and left…

Si Meng looked at the small three in the TV series and suddenly asked Du Shijun about the interns. Du Shijun felt a little annoyed, but he didn’t expect that the story hadn’t been turned over yet. By the next day, Si Meng’s mobile phone suddenly received an unfamiliar text message. The picture shows naked Du Shijun and Wei Lan…

On the other hand, Wei Lan just came to the company to report, and the phone rang. Wei Lan guessed that Si Meng was calling, so she deliberately Do not answer. The text messages are full of provocations. Si Meng’s mood collapsed and his mood was a little desperate. Looking at his red eyes in the mirror, Si Meng adjusted his haircut and went out to meet Wei Lan.

Si Meng and Wei Lan met formally, and the two of them remained silent for a long time. Wei Lan deliberately used his age as a sharp sword to attack Si Meng and provoke Du Shijun’s relationship with Si Meng. Si Meng was fed up with the insults and kept breathing violently. He could no longer stand the anger in his heart, and left angrily, waiting to return to the car , Just let the whimper in the throat leak out.

After crying enough, Si Meng called Du Shijun and entrusted Du Shijun to pick up the child, saying that he was going to run away from home. Du Shijun felt inexplicable, but did not dare to ask more. When the time came, Du Shijun received a call from the children’s teacher, only to realize that what Si Meng said was true, and he could only rush to pick up the children. When he got home, the house was empty. Du Shijun had to deal with the children’s request and hurriedly dialed Si Meng’s phone…

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