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Crossroad Bistro 北辙南辕 Episode 15 Recap

When Yu Songyang’s car stopped, Bao Xue received a call from Dai Xiaoyu, and only then learned the news of Dai Xiaoyu and Peng Mei’s reconciliation. Bao Xue gritted his teeth and decided to go back and teach Dai Xiaoyu right away. While You Shanshan looked at Dai Xiaoyu in front of him, still feeling a bit hatred for iron and steel. You Shanshan once scolded Peng Mei and hoped not to meet with Peng Mei again, but the relationship between the two would become more and more rigid.

Dai Xiaoyu nodded helplessly. After explaining Chai Yong’s dinner to Feng Xi, he left. Liu Liangzhou called. Originally, the two had agreed to take pictures. Dai Xiaoyu took the opportunity to tell what was going on. Liu Liangzhou was a little bit reluctant. The stability that Dai Xiaoyu wanted sounded too vague, and perhaps it was something he couldn’t give. After sending away Dai Xiaoyu with a broad-minded appearance, Liu Liangzhou and Zhou silently brought two bottles of beer back to the room.

Bao Xue felt a little guilty about Liu Liangzhou, so she decided to go with Liu Liangzhou to the north and south with Yu Songyang and introduce Feng Xi to Liu Liangzhou. When several people gathered in the store, Bao Xue began to match the two together, and when Liu Liangzhou discovered Bao Xue’s intentions, she refused. You Shanshan walked into the store, heard about Liu Liangzhou, and gave a 30% discount card, hoping to make up for the emptiness in Liu Liangzhou’s heart. As a result, Bao Xue started to match Liu Liangzhou and You Shanshan again, so angry that the two of them couldn’t laugh or cry…

Feng Xi commented on the guest’s after-dinner meal to the back kitchen for a meeting, and Zhao Henan asked Feng Xi not to underestimate a few bad reviews. At this time, the staff of the Emergency Management Bureau arrived, Feng Xi unexpectedly got into the bargaining with others. The staff ordered the restaurant to temporarily close and reopen after rectification. Fortunately, Zhao Henan’s sharp eyes, first calmed the staff’s emotions, and contracted.

The follow-up work of rectification steps has been completed. In their spare time chats, the two people coincided with each other in their ideas on rectifying the menu. When everything was done, Feng Xi and Zhao Henan tried the food. Feng Xi said that he didn’t want Zhao Henan to preach to himself in front of everyone. Zhao Henan smiled and drank a glass of wine and nodded in agreement.

Dai Xiaoyu and Peng Pai were officially together, and the two began to live together again. Peng Pai even plans to shift the focus of his career to Beijing for the sake of Dai Xiaoyu. I hope to buy a house with Dai Xiaoyu and give Dai Xiaoyu a home. Although the big goal has not yet been achieved, Peng Pai is still trying his best to arrange the two people’s cabin. Peng Pai mentioned that he went to eat in the north, but Dai Xiaoyu refused, thinking of what You Shanshan said that day. Surging watching Dai Xiaoyu turned and left, a helpless smile leaked from the corner of his mouth.

Liu Liangzhou brought professional equipment to take pictures of the menu for the new dishes. Yu Songyang and Bao Xue ate them aside. When Yu Songyang said that he was going to climb the mountain with his bare hands in a few days, Bao Xue was very worried and talked about it all the time.

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