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Crossroad Bistro 北辙南辕 Episode 14 Recap

You Shanshan looked at Feng Xi, who was crying with red eyes, and persuaded Feng Xi to regain her mood after crying and return to work in the restaurant. On the other side, Du Shijun brought colleagues from the department to dinner, Wei Lan watched Du Shijun and the colleagues who passed the internship toast, and there was another wave in his heart.

Si Meng tried to figure out what the mark on his shirt was at home, which might not be what he had imagined, but the cruel facts defeated Si Meng. Wei Lan took the initiative to find Du Shijun with a glass of wine, deliberately mentioning whether Si Meng was angry after that night. Du Shijun explained that his wife was knowledgeable, and Wei Lan deliberately asked Du Shijun to unlock the phone and peeked at Du Shijun’s mobile phone password. He even urged Du Shijun to take pictures of the two and send them to Si Meng.

Du Shijun felt that Wei Lan was still thinking, and because of Jiu Jin, he pointed out in front of everyone that Wei Lan’s mind was wrong. Wei Lan was so angry that he burst into tears and turned and walked closer to the toilet. The wine bureau slowly dissipated. Du Shijun drank unconsciously and fell drunk on the sofa. Because he was afraid of sending Du Shijun home and being preached by Simeng, he opened a room for Du Shijun and carried Du Shijun upstairs with Wei Lan.

While the colleague was not paying attention, Wei Lan stole Du Shijun’s room card. After watching his colleague leave, he returned to the hotel and tried several times that Du Shijun did not intend to wake up. Wei Lan even took off her clothes. Deliberately took several photos with Du Shijun, and then left in a hurry. After Du Shijun woke up, he found several messages on his mobile phone. Du Shijun realized that he had not yet returned home, so he put on his clothes and went home.

Si Meng was still waiting for Du Shijun in the kitchen. Si Meng’s suspicion became more and more serious with the passage of time. When Du Shijun returned home, he took out the collar and talked about it. Only then did Du Shijun remember that the seal must have been printed by Wei Lan. After an explanation with Si Meng, he coaxed Si Meng well. Listening to Du Shijun walking into the bathroom, Si Meng went back to the study and cut off the mark on the shirt collar fiercely…

Yu Songyang said that he would take Bao Xue to feel the excitement, so he took Bao Xue to the car, and a few people came to the mountain to start the mountain off-road vehicle experience. Yu Songyang held the steering wheel, Bao Xue sat in the co-pilot, and there was yellow sand and screams all the way.

Peng Pai finally waited for Xiao Yu at the entrance of the restaurant. In order to completely cut off, Dai Xiaoyu finally agreed to chat with Peng Pai.

In front of Dai Xiaoyu, Peng Pai took out all the procedures that he had done in the past few days, even the inheritance Halfway to Dai Xiaoyu, document after document and a huge diamond ring were placed in front of Dai Xiaoyu, surging sincerely apologizing to Xiaoyu, and making promises to the future. Dai Xiaoyu’s tears flowed down, and she hated why she had to make a change after she completely hurt herself. Peng Pai firmly grasped Dai Xiaoyu’s hand, and then persuaded him to return to his side, and the two finally reunited.

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