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Oshi no Oujisama (2021) 推しの王子様

Oshi no Oujisama (2021)
Other Title: 推しの王子様, Prince of Push, Oshi no Ojisama

Genres: Drama, Comedy, Romance
Kono Keita
Aso Kumiko
Fuji TV
Release Date:
July 15, 2021 – Sep 23, 2021
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  • Higa Manami as Hidaka Izumi
  • Watanabe Keisuke as Igarashi Wataru
  • Dean Fujioka as Mitsui Tomohisa
  • Tokunaga Eri as Watanabe Mei
  • Shiraishi Sei as Furukawa Anna
  • Seto Toshiki as Arisugawa Ryo

Izumi Hidaka is 36-years-old and the CEO of start-up game company Pegasus Ink. Four years ago, she developed the game Love My Pegasus, which was targeted towards women and became very popular. Since then, she has been obsessed with the character Kento-soma from Love My Pegasus. Izumi Hidaka created Kento-soma from her ideal man, having the same personality and appearance. Because of Kento-soma, she has not had a boyfriend for years. Her life seems smooth, but she is always thinking about a new game production. She is also busy raising funds for the new game production.

One evening, Wataru Igarashi suddenly appears in front of drunken Izumi Hidaka. She is shocked by Wataru Igarashi’s appearance, which is just like game character Kento-soma. Wataru Igarashi is a 23-years-old man. He was being chased by a debt collector and he jumped from a pedestrian overpass to avoid the debt collector. This is when he met Izumi Hidaka. But, Izumi Hidaka is disappointed with Wataru Igarashi. Except for his physical appearance, he is nothing like her game character Kento-soma. Wataru Igarashi is ill-mannered, uncultured, and lethargic. Soon, Izumi Hidaka becomes determined to make Wataru Igarashi just like her game character Kento-soma, which is her ideal man.

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