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My neighbor is not grown up 我的邻居长不大 Episode 5 Recap

When Lin Yang was a child, she often dressed Lu Zhengan as a little girl, saying that this was her younger sister. For a while, Lin Yang liked Lu Zhengan very much and always loved taking him out to play. As for why, no one knew. Lin Yang came to the head office of Hua and said that Li Tian’s affairs were not considered by him. Chief Hua hoped that Lin Yang would have time to teach Li Tian more.

After Lin Yang confirmed that Li Tian’s work arrangements and staying were decided by her, she was relieved. In the past few days, Li Tian did not do less homework to deliver coffee to President Hua, Lin Yang immediately taught her a lesson, telling her not to cross the boundary. Li Tian angrily called her sister to complain, and her sister advised her not to bring her emotions to work and not to reveal her identity. Li Tian is very broken, she doesn’t want to be an assistant to Lin Yang!

Lu Zhengan was busy working on creation for the past two days, and Ma Le was a little worried. When he entered the house, he saw Lu Zhengan sleeping soundly, and the two big men and Xiao Tao could clearly see it. Lin Yang called, and Lu Zhengan quickly began to say that he was sick and a little feverish. Lin Yang was a little worried. Hearing his cough, he decided to rush over. Lu Zhengan hung up the phone and cheered and danced. He turned around and saw Ma Le and Xiaotao had been there, suddenly a little embarrassed. Li Tian hurriedly got off work early. It turned out that it was Li Tian who sent Lu Zhengan’s picture of Lin Yang and asked him to meet him.

Li Tian said that she became Lin Yang’s assistant and went to the hospital to declare her sovereignty. She always wanted to see the wife in Lu Zhengan’s mouth. She thought she was a goddess, but she didn’t expect anything bad. Lu Zhengan was a little angry. Today, if it weren’t for that picture, he would never meet Li Tian. Lin Yang was his bottom line. He had rejected Li Tian from the first day and hoped that Li Tian would not trouble Lin Yang again in the future. Li Tian cried and watched Lu Zhengan leave, threatening to let Lin Yang get out.

Lin Yang and President Hua were passing by on the car going to work, Lin Yang saw Li Tian crying and crying Lu Zhengan. Li Tian had never liked a person so much. Even if Lu Zhengan didn’t like her, they could be friends, but Lu Zhengan didn’t give her any chance and refused completely. Lin Yang was bored by Lu Zhengan’s affairs, so Yao Dan ran to find her to spend time. Lin Yang took Yao Dan and bought some vegetables home, and patted the cucumber on the table like a grudge. Yao Dan didn’t understand whether she was angry because of Li Tian or Lu Zhengan.

Lin Yang could see that Hua always didn’t regard Li Tian as an outsider, but she had no experience but no ability and no ability. What happened to a person like her desperately working her life. Yao Dan thinks that if the person Li Tian met today is not Lu Zhengan, Lin Yang would not be so angry at all. Although Lu Zhengan has not accepted Li Tian now, there are a few men who can accept women’s chasing and beating so hard, not to mention Lu Zhengan. Today I went to see Li Tian with a high fever.

After Lin Yang sent Yao Dan away and received a call from Lu Zhengan, Lin Yang said that she saw Li Tian and Lu Zhengan together this afternoon, and Lu Zhengan explained that he was afraid that Li Tian would embarrass Lin Yang and Lin Yang would go to see her. Lin Yang subconsciously thought that Lu Zhengan was afraid that Li Tian would be wronged by him. Lu Zhengan hysterically explained that he could not care about Li Tian at all, because he was afraid that Lin Yang would be wronged! Lin Yang hadn’t heard such words for a long time, so she was a little uncomfortable for a while. Lu Zhengan came to Lin Yang’s downstairs to say goodnight to her. His eyes were warm when he looked at the window of her house.

Today is the day when Lu Zhengan’s new song was released. Lin Yang packed up a chicken soup and went to Yunlang Music. The front desk said that Lu Zhengan was very busy today. Lin Yang did not make an appointment and could not see him. Lin Yang simply sat outside and waited for Lu Zhengan to have it. null. Today is also the day when Lu Zhengan and Yunlang Music formally signed a contract. Ma Le passionately gave a speech on stage.

Lu Zhengan was wearing a black suit and playing the piano. He appeared in front of everyone with his new song. Seeing such a different Lu Zhengan, Yang smiled a little relievedly. Is this person on stage really Lu Zhengan, that kid who loves to be clingy and coquettish? It turned out that Lu Zhengan had grown up a long time ago, but Lin Yang had never grown up.

Lu Zhengan’s new song conference was very successful and won the recognition of many people. Ma Le wanted to take him to the dinner, but when Lu Zhengan saw Lin Yang waiting in the distance holding the chicken soup, he immediately refused, and ran to Lin Yang like a puppy. Lin Yang cared whether he still had a fever, Lu Zhengan took her hand on his forehead, and then pretended to fall weakly into Lin Yang’s arms, Lin Yang was helpless. Ma Le hurriedly explained that the person Lu Zhengan was hugging was his sister.

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