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Make a Wish 喵,请许愿 Episode 9 Recap

Lin Mo quietly entered the room of Chi Yan and Xiao Xiu, still holding a knife in his hand. Lin Mo didn’t start, but vented angrily after leaving. Chi Yan and Xiao Xiu are going back, Xu Zihao came to pick them up and go home together. Lin Mo appeared in the cat body, hiding in the fitting room for fear of being almost spotted. After a short break, he thought there was a mouse. Fortunately, Lin Mo recovered in time. Lin Mo must rely on medicine to maintain his medicine, and this medicine will also make him lose his sense of smell.

Chi Yan was rushing to write, and Xu Zihao ran over to tell him that he was broken in love and wanted to consult with Chi Yan. Chi Yan quickly stated that it was impossible for him and Qin Mingming, impossible for high school, and even more impossible now and in the future. Xu Zihao didn’t intend to give up. The feeling of liking someone would never give up, but he felt that Chi Yan didn’t understand love, even if he liked a cat, he wouldn’t like him.

After Xiaoxiu got today’s salary, he wanted to spend part of it to buy some food for himself, and part of it to buy something for Chi Yan. Lin Mo didn’t understand what their relationship was. Xiaoxiu said it was the relationship between the boss and the employees. Lin Mo sent home for a short break to see that Jin Chi Yan was sorting garbage and had obsessive-compulsive disorder. Lin Mo said that many perverted killers have this disease. Early the next morning, Chi Yan noticed that there was a big gift in the yard. After a short break, he mysteriously asked him to cut it open.

He didn’t expect it to be a seedling of a vine. Lin Mo came and said that he wanted to buy the book “Vengeance,” but Chi Yan said it was sold out. Lin Mo invited Xiaoxiong to eat hot pot together, but Chi Yan asked her to take the laundry, Lin Mo offered to accompany her. Xiaoxiu took a headset from Lin Mo and listened to the song with him. Lin Mo thought of the past and suddenly wanted to grab Xiaoxiu’s hand. That girl is similar to Xiao Xiu, but not the same as Xiao Xiu.

Xu Zihao and Qin Mingming met again while walking the dog. The two sat awkwardly on the chairs. Qin Mingming apologized to him for what happened before. Her previous attitude was indeed not very good. Xu Zihao hoped that she would not be burdened. On the way back, the two picked up a two-month-old kitten. Xu Zihao helped the kitten breastfeed and said that Qin Mingming was very cute. Lin Mo, in the form of a cat, quietly entered the bookstore and saw Chi Yan deliberately pushing the flowerpot down from the intersection.

After a short break, he found out and rescued him, but his leg was injured. Xiaoxiu couldn’t go to the hospital, so Chi Yan had to hold Xiaoxiu and went to the private doctor, and met his senior, Doctor Luo. Xiao Xiu was allergic to anesthetics, but he had to stitch up the wound. Chi Yan hurriedly accompanied Xiao Xiu, but Xiao Xiu still roared with pain. Chi Yan quickly comforted her for a short break and stayed with her during the operation. Chi Yan held Xiao Xiu to prevent her from watching, and as the wound was stitched up, Xiao Xiu let out a scream.

The wound was stitched up, and Chi Yan was by the side of the sleeping break, and Xu Zihao brought them some supper. Chi Yan asked him to stare at him for a while. Doctor Luo said that Xiaoxi’s body temperature was too high and needed to be checked.

Chi Yan quickly said that he didn’t use it. Doctor Luo thought Xiaoxiu was Chi Yan’s girlfriend, but Chi Yan said that she just saved herself. Doctor Luo helped Chi Yan a lot back then, he always remembered. After Xiaoxiu woke up, she almost thought that she was lame, and Xu Zihao assured her. Xiaoxiu and Xu Zihao talked about his heroic deeds of saving the United States. Chi Yan smiled helplessly when he heard it.

Xiaoxiu jumped around the house with a leg injury, and Chi Yan quickly helped the Xiaoxiu who almost fell. Chi Yan asked Xiao Xiu to heal his injuries, and Xiao Xiu began to call him at will, either to eat or drink. Chi Yan couldn’t bear to let her stop. After the break, the sadness mode started, and Chi Yan was helpless. The rest was very boring at home.

Qin Mingming heard that she was injured and came to visit. He heard that someone deliberately dropped the flowerpot that night. Qin Mingming asked them if they had any doubts. Only Zhang Yi had offended them. Qin Mingming was worried about the inconvenience of Xiaoxiu taking a bath alone, and was angry when she learned that she was injured and sleeping on the sofa. He called Chi Yan not a human being, Xiaoxiu helplessly explained that he could not live with Chi Yan.

Chi Yan sent Qin Mingming home. Qin Mingming came as soon as he left Lin Mo. He said that he was here to take a short break because of the temporary notification of training in the store. Xiaoxiu quickly changed his clothes to go out, Chi Yan helplessly hugged her downstairs, and hugged her on Lin Mo’s motorcycle.

After the break, Chi Yan was absent-minded, checking to see if the break came back from time to time. There was no training in the store. Lin Mo took a break to eat out. Lin Mo kept suggesting that Xiao Xiu Chi Yan was not a good person, but Xiao Xiu had always believed in Chi Yan. Lin Mo asked Xiao Xiu if he liked Chi Yan, but this kind of like was not a normal one, Xiao Xiu didn’t understand. Lin Mo also has someone he likes, but she is already dead. Lin Mo took a short break home, vying with Chi Yan to hold her upstairs.

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