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Make a Wish 喵,请许愿 Episode 8 Recap

Xu Zihao said that Chi Yan and Teacher Yu are very close. Although Teacher Yu was still in correspondence with Chi Yan before, we never know which one will come first tomorrow or the accident. At the memorial service, Chi Yan thought of the concern that Mr. Yu cared about him in high school. Mr. Yu told him that he was talented and wrote very well.

Although going to university is not necessary, this is the easiest way. Teacher Yu helped Chi Yan find his inner voice, and he was one of the few people who could understand him. Xiaoxiu said that when he saw Chi Mu come to Chi Yan some time ago, Xu Zihao was very angry, and Chi Mu had the face to come to him.

Because Chi Yan’s growth environment made him more withdrawn, in fact, he was a cold-hearted person. In fact, Xu Zihao used to be a little fat man. Everyone didn’t want to play with him. The only difference was Chi Yan. He accompanies Xu Zihao to run three kilometers every day and accompanies the excluded Xu Zihao.

After the memorial service was over, Chi Yan found Xiaoxiu secretly following him, very helpless. Shi Yang took out a book to Chi Yan. This was the book Teacher Yu wanted to give him before his death, and now it can only be transferred by his son. Xu Zihao sent Xiao Xiu and Chi Yan back home, and left Xiao Xiu on the phone to ask her to help stare at Chi Yan.

Although he didn’t say anything on the surface, he must be very painful. There was a power outage at home, and Chi Yan and Xiaoxiu could only find a candle through the light of their mobile phones. Fortunately, the cat’s night vision ability was very strong. Chi Yan took a break to look at his room when he was a child, and pictures of him with his father and grandfather, and asked her to sleep in his room tonight.

After Xiaoxiu heard the crackling noise downstairs, he went downstairs and found that Chi Yan was cutting the vines in the yard with a knife, saying that they were no longer useful. Xiaoxiu was very worried about him. Chi Yan took out a glass of wine and said that grandpa liked wine very much when he was alive, so he planted vines in the yard. Chi Yan talked about his grandfather, and Xiaoxiu talked about his sister.

Her age should be counted at the age of twenty-eight in the human world. Xiaoxiu liked her sister very much, but after her sister had an accident, Mom and Dad pretended to forget their sorrow. Chi Yan said with emotion that from childhood to adulthood, someone told him that one day would pass. One day he will forget, but Chi Yan knows that he will not forget the people he loves. If he does forget, they will really disappear.

Chi Yan took Xiaoxiu’s hand to make a formal wish. He hoped Xiaoxiu would bring back his father, grandfather and Teacher Yu. But Xiaoxiu can only apologize to him. Cat’s repayment can realize rights, money and a healthy body, but she can’t do it in death. Lin Mo is also a cat. In order to stay in the human world for a long time to maintain his human form, he drank a medicine, but because of this he lost the characteristics of a cat and was unable to distinguish the same kind. Lin Mo stayed here to inquire about a cat that died in the school. He inquired about a photo in which the murderer was.

Chi Yan took Xiaoxiu to visit his father and grandfather. Xiaoxiu said that after the death of Maoxing’s cat, there would be light, slowly drifting into the sky. Xu Zihao ran into Qin Mingming who was unable to get a taxi on the road and offered to send her off. Qin Mingming was anxious to be a bridesmaid, so he got in the car. On the way, Xu Zihao kept playing handsome. Speaking of the death of Teacher Yu, Qin Mingming was a little worried about Chi Yan.

Chi Yan took Chi Yan to his high school, but the security guard refused to let him in. Xiao Xiu simply took Chi Yan over the wall and went in. Chi Yan remembered seeing a few classmates feeding a little white cat in high school, so he stepped forward and reminded the cat not to eat salty food. Chi Yan said that he had encountered a cat here that looked a lot like Xiaoxiu, but it was no longer there. The kitten died that day. Everyone thinks that Chi Yan killed it, and because of that, he was completely excluded from the school.

Later, the murderer was not found, and Chi Yan did not explain, because people only want to believe what they want to believe, even if Teacher Yu held a class meeting specifically for him, it was useless. Since then, Chi Yan has severed unnecessary contact with the outside world. This is not a punishment for him, because he doesn’t need to compromise. Even if you are lonely, isn’t loneliness the norm in life? Although Xiaoxiu couldn’t understand it, she believed that Chi Yan was definitely a good person.

Before leaving, Xiaoxiu plucked a flower and placed it on the grass, wishing the cat happy in the sky. Lin Mo saw the two leave from here, feeling a little out of control. Xiao Xiu climbed up the tree to rescue a cat, accidentally provoke the hornet’s nest, Chi Yan picked up the fire extinguisher and drove away the bees, but was stared at a big bag, Xiao Xiu was also embarrassed. Qin Mingming also returned to his alma mater, and was a little sad when he met Chi Yan and Xiao Xiu holding hands and leaving. Xu Zihao insisted on sending Qin Mingming home.

He didn’t understand what he did wrong to make her hate him, but he would be very happy when he saw Qin Mingming. Qin Mingming didn’t say anything, she didn’t want to hurt Xu Zihao. Xiaoxiu was very afraid of the sound of thunder, so he ran to Chi Yan’s room to sleep with him. Chi Yan saw that she had changed into cat ears in shock and could only agree. Chi Yan hugged Xiaoxiu to comfort him, and Xiaoxiu soon fell asleep. In the dark, Lin Mo broke into the room.

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