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Make a Wish 喵,请许愿 Episode 7 Recap

As a reporter, Qin Mingming and Xu Zihao, a pet doctor, were on a police dog show. Xu Zihao kept talking to her and accidentally injured her foot. Qin Mingming didn’t want to talk to him at first, but when he saw that he was really crippled, he offered a helping hand. Xu Zihao explained that he was not like this. He just couldn’t control himself when he saw Qin Mingming. If he caused trouble to Qin Mingming, he would never bother her again.

Qin Mingming was still soft-hearted and decided to send him home. Chi Yan helped Xiaoxiu replenish his knowledge of beer, and went to the beer house for an interview the next day during the break. Unexpectedly, it was Lin Mo who was in charge of the interview. Xiaoxiong was hired successfully, Xiaoxiong hoped that the salary could be calculated on a daily basis, Lin Mo also agreed.

Chi’s mother came to Chi Yan’s bookstore. Chi Yan’s attitude towards her was very cold. Chi’s mother hoped that Chi Yan could help her. Zhang Yi is still angry with her. If this continues, she can only leave the Zhang family. And where can she go if she leaves the Zhang family. Chi Yan smiled sarcastically, she really only thought about herself.

Lin Mo was beaten to the ground again by debt collectors, and was shocked when he found out. Chi Yan has decided not to cooperate with Zhang Yi, and hopes that Chi Mu will not appear in his life to disturb him again. Chi Yan hurried over after receiving Xiao Xiu’s call for help. Lin Mo was covered in blood and refused to let them go to the hospital. In the end, he fainted. Chi Yan and Xiao Xiu could only take him back to the bookstore.

Lin Mo Woke up at the bookstore, Xiao Xiu and Chi Yan persuaded him to go to the hospital, but Lin Mo still refused, saying that going to the hospital would cause a bloody disaster. After thanking him, Lin Mo left. The reputation of Zhang Yi’s new book plummeted. He could not get rid of Chi Yan, but wanted to find someone better than Chi Yan. Chi’s mother said there was something to talk to Chi Yan, and the two of them made an appointment, and Xiao Xiu secretly followed. Chi Mu gave Chi Yan the pen that his father used during his lifetime, and she still remembers that he was allergic to peanuts.

Chi Mu said that Zhang Yi was actually very grateful to Chi Yan, and she also took out a card with 150,000 yuan and said that he could use the money to build a bookstore. She also persuaded him to face reality sooner or later. It was right that he had ideals. But you can’t get along with money. Chi Yan didn’t care about this, and made up his mind to stop cooperating with Zhang Yi. When Chi Yan left, he found Xiaoxiu had been there. Xiaoxiu hurriedly followed up to explain that she didn’t mean it. Chi Yan was upset and told her not to follow her.

Xiaoxiu sighed and found Uncle Fu to complain. Uncle Fu said that she cared for Chi Yan beyond the level of repaying her gratitude, and they were already friends. Lin Mo brought many customers to the beer house by virtue of his beauty, but he deleted all the contact information of those female customers. Xiaoxiu drank and said that she and Chi Yan were friends, and they had cat ears. Xiaoxiu rubbed Chi Yan’s arms and said that this was their ritual as friends. Chi Yan quickly refused and switched to the hook method. Chi Yan asked Xiaoxiu to agree not to drink alone, which was very dangerous. Xiaoxiu also hopes that Chi Yan promises to be happy every day from now on, and there is nothing to hide in his heart.

After a short break, he ran to He Meng’s house for a meal. He Meng heard that Chi Yan was unwilling to be an Internet celebrity shop. He thought there was nothing incomprehensible. Perhaps the current state is the best for Chi Yan, the most comfortable, maybe Chi Yan. Already quietly walked in towards the break, but it was a little difficult to say it. He Meng gave Xiaoxiu a yellow rose, and I believe Xiaoxiu must be a very important friend to Chi Yan. Xu Zihao was very curious whether Xiao Xiu had Chi Yan’s handle, and he actually agreed to Xiao Xiu’s stay.

Xu Zihao asked Chi Yan about Qin Mingming’s hobbies, but Chi Yan was always unfamiliar with others, even high school classmates. Xu Zihao wants to have a meal with Qin Mingming and Chi Yan, but Chi Yan is unwilling to help. After the break came back, I happily followed when I heard that I was going to eat. Chi Yan suddenly received a call and learned of the death of Teacher Yu. The memorial service opened in the afternoon, and Chi Yan decided to rush over as soon as possible and let him take a break to check the store.

Qin Mingming also wanted to go back to his hometown to be a bridesmaid for his classmates. When packing up, he found his diary and the picture of Chi Yan hidden in the diary. Xiaoxiu turned into a cat and secretly got into Xu Zihao and Chi Yan’s car, but she forgot to bring her clothes. After she became a human figure, she could only open Chi Yan’s luggage to find clothes to wear. When Xu Zihao returned to the car, she was shocked to find that she was naked for a short break, and quickly got out of the car to let her dress.

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