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Make a Wish 喵,请许愿 Episode 6 Recap

Chi Yan took Xiaoxiu to buy clothes. After all, it was inconvenient for her to wear her own clothes. Xiaoxiu’s vision was a little inappropriate, so Chi Yan helped her pick a few pieces and bought them all. Xiaoxiu pulled Chi Yan to jump on the trampoline. Chi Yan was a little disgusted in the corner, and was accidentally thrown over by Xiaoxiu. Xiaoxiu smelled this pad and was very interested. Chi Yan blushed and his heartbeat, so he hurried out to help Xiaoxiu. I bought a mobile phone.

Chi Yan chose a pink mobile phone for a short break, and suddenly met a woman when she left. She was Chi Yan’s mother, but the atmosphere between the two was a bit awkward. My mother asked Chi Yan if it really didn’t mind if he signed and wrote a book with others. Chi Yan said that this was just taking what he needed. Chi Yan got up to leave, his mother was very eager to care about him, after all, they hadn’t seen him for so many years. Zhang Xingxiang and the two were chatting together, their faces stiffened to look for their mother.

Chi Yan recalled that many years ago, his mother left some money while he was asleep and left. Chi Yan was very sad, but could only watch her being picked up. When Chi Yan walked out of the mall, he remembered that he had left Xiaoxiu in the mall, and quickly returned to find someone. Xiaoxiu couldn’t find Chi Yan and found him in the mall’s broadcast area, and found him smoothly. Chi Yan taught him to use his mobile phone for a short break, and the two took a lot of selfies together.

Zhang Yi’s novel “The Mystery of the Dark Alley” became popular, and Zhang Yi was also known as a genius writer. Chi Yan received a letter from the teacher in charge of the high school. He is very important to him. The two have kept in contact with each other by letter for so many years. Xiaoxiu discovered that Zhang Yi had taken a book written by Chi Yan on TV, and he didn’t understand what was going on.

Zhang Yi used his identity to publicly admit that he was the author of the novel, but Chi Yan didn’t seem to be disturbed. Zhang Yi’s popularity rose sharply, but the price of Chi Yan remained unchanged. Zhang Yi was going to the bookstore to find Chi Yan and found Xiaoxiu to ask for directions. After Xiaoxiu recognized him, he said that he was a fan of his book, and then pointed him a long way.

When he got home, he happily told Chi Yan that she would help him. Revenge. According to what Xiaoxiu said, Zhang Yi went back to the original place and finally found the bookstore. After catching Zhang Yi, Zhang Yi hurriedly hid behind the bookshelf. Zhang Yi expressed his appreciation for Chi Yan’s talents and hoped that they could continue to cooperate and increase the manuscript fee.

As before, Chi Yan is in charge of writing the book and he is in charge of marketing. Chi Yan refused, and after finishing the previous affairs with the publishing house, they both cleared up. Zhang Yi is the son of Chi Yan’s mother who married her husband. He said that she came to her home to do laundry and cooking to make a living. It is ironic that Chi Yan does not have his own marketing and that no one reads what Chi Yan writes. of.

Xiaoxiu took a bunch of canned cats to bribe the stray cats nearby and instructed them to scratch Zhang Yi. Zhang Yi looked decadent, and Xiao Xiu watched happily next to him. Zhang Yi approached her fiercely to settle accounts, and Chi Yan quickly rescued her for a short break. Xiaoxiu didn’t understand why Chi Yan helped others write books but didn’t publish them himself.

Maybe he would do better by publishing himself, and Zhang Yi was not worthy of him writing such a good book. Before Xiaoxiu had time to ask about Chi Yan’s mother, she was attracted by the sausages in the hands of passers-by. Chi Yan gave her money to buy it herself. After returning home, Chi Yan had already installed his phone card for Xiao Xiu. Xiao Xiu kept calling Chi Yan with curiosity. Chi Yan gradually became irritable, but helpless, so she could only turn off the phone.

After Xiaoxiu found that Chi Yan’s books were all in a loss state, he hurried out to find a job, but was attracted by the Lolita clothes on the roadside, and immediately went to the fitting room to change clothes. Lin Mo hid in the fitting room in desperate debt collection, and Xiao Xiu could only help him hide. After those people left, Xiaoxiu asked Lin Mo what bad things he had done to be chased by such people, but Lin Mo didn’t care. Qin Liangliang brought the dog to check, and he named the dog Bulb. Qin Liangliang’s attitude towards Xu Zihao was as always disgusting, but Qin Liangliang thought he was very good.

The publishing house persuaded Chi Yan to continue the “Dark Alley Thugs” series, but Chi Yan was very resolute. In order to maintain his life, he also accepted a sweet pet article that he didn’t want to write. Zhang Yi was very angry when she learned that Chi Mu quickly comforted him and said that she could help persuade Chi Yan, but Zhang Yi was very impatient with her.

Xiaoxiu found Uncle Fu and asked him to help him find a job. Uncle Fu helped her find some part-time jobs on the job search software. In order to get a job in the beer house, Xiaoxiu asked Chi Yan to help her explain beer knowledge.

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