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Make a Wish 喵,请许愿 Episode 5 Recap

Many customers from the bookstore clamored to see the cat that was on the hot search yesterday, and she was very helpless during the break. She didn’t know that this group of humans was so inexperienced. In desperation, Xiaoxiu turned into a cat and kept trading with calculators, Chi Yan’s bookstore also became an online celebrity bookstore, and reporters came to interview Chi Yan.

Chi Yan couldn’t bear to drive away all the customers. Xiaoxiu didn’t understand why Chi Yan drove them away. He said that this bookstore is very important to him. Isn’t it a sense of accomplishment that someone came to buy and sell so many books? Chi Yan didn’t feel that this was a sense of accomplishment at all. Instead, it was troublesome. The two had a fight, and Chi Yan ran back to write a manuscript. Xiaoxiu walked depressedly on the street and found an advertisement from a law firm hurriedly asking for help.

The other party offered an amount ranging from 4,000 to 6,000. In order to collect money to help Chi Yan fulfill his wish, Xiaoxiu worked around, either brushing the dishes or handing out flyers, and was tricked into being a model to pay the registration fee. Xiaoxiu stupidly gave the other party all the money earned today, and the rest His only coin fell into the sewer. After a short break, he took the coin back with all his heart, and Chi Yan used a magnet to help her bring it up.

Chi Yan made two bowls of noodles and apologized for today’s tantrum and Xiaoxiu. Xiaoxiu also admitted that he had made a mistake. After a short break, watching the cat and the mouse ask Chi Yan if there is any job in the human world that can make money by catching mice. Chi Yan replied that Tom is not unable to catch Jerry, maybe they are the friends who need each other the most. Two Lolita girls came to the bookstore to buy books and wanted the net celebrity cat to settle the bill, but Chi Yan told them that the cat had given away. Xiaoxiu didn’t understand why Chi Yan did this, so that the customers and the money were all gone.

After a break, I watched various job advertisements on the roof, and finally locked in an advertisement. After a short break to apply for the job, I met Lin Mo who also applied for the job. The attitude of the female boss towards Lin Mo was several times better than that of Xiaoxiu, Xiaoxiu was a little depressed, and she was eliminated directly in the end. Xiaoxiu was very angry.

When Lin Mo saw that her leg was injured, he helped her with band-aids, saying that if he needed any help, he could ask her at any time. Xiaoxiu met the liar yesterday on the road, and was severely ridiculed. Xiaoxiu grinned his paws and Chi Yan complained that he was deceived. He looked up and saw that the round moon suddenly left these behind. Cat star has never been so round.

I missed Mom and Dad for a while, but Chi Yan told her that he had no family. Xiaoxiu said that since they have no family by their side, it is better to celebrate together. Chi Yan and Xiao Xiu had a great time playing on the rooftop. Xiao Xiu quickly calmed down. Chi Yan said that if she really needs money, it is better to wait for her contribution. If she really wants to go out to make money, she should also be careful not to be deceived.

The break still didn’t stop looking for a job, but it was a pity that I bumped into walls everywhere. Xiaoxiu accompanied a few children to play basketball on the basketball court for a while. Suddenly a few boys came to occupy the court. After Xiaoxiu saw an uneven road, they were chased by the opponent for half of the basketball court. Just when Xiaoxiong was almost hit by a basketball, Lin Mo appeared and drove those people away, and told Xiaoxiong to go home early.

Qin Mingming ran into Xu Zihao again. He didn’t expect Xu Zihao to have her phone number, and Qin Mingming looked impatient. Xu Zihao followed Qin Mingming all the way, and Qin Mingming simply told him to go first. Unexpectedly, the destination of the two was the same, the Pond Bookstore. After a short break, they found the two at the door. The magic is that they both knew each other. After walking into the bookstore noisily, Xu Zihao knew that Qin Mingming and Chi Yan were high school classmates.

Several people sighed at the wonderful fate as they ate, and Xu Zihao and Qin Mingming also solved their misunderstanding. After the meal, everyone went to sing together. Chi Yan didn’t like the noisy box very much. After a short break, he accidentally drank an alcoholic beverage and hurried out to find an excuse. Qin Mingming and Chi Yan apologized, saying that in high school, a few boys pulled out a letter from his bag, insisting that it was a love letter he wrote to girls.

Before Qin Mingming could tell the truth, Chi Yan realized that Xiaoxi had had a drink and hurriedly chased him out. Xiaoxiu fled around in the KTV, and met a group of people coming towards her. In a panic, Chi Yan covered her with his clothes. There was no sober tea in the convenience store, so Chi Yan bought Xiaoxiu a cat-ear raincoat. Xiaoxiu wore a raincoat to spend time in the rainy night. Chi Yan was indulgent.

Xu Zihao was arranged for a blind date by the family, and this blind date happened to be Qin Mingming. The two dressed up in different shapes to avoid the blind date, and they were shocked after they met. Xu Zihao was obviously interested in Qin Mingming, but Qin Mingming was just the opposite, and left without a few words. Despite this, Xu Zihao insisted on sending her home, and Qin Mingming stopped a taxi and ignored him.

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