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Make a Wish 喵,请许愿 Episode 4 Recap

When the break was almost discovered by others, Chi Yan showed up in time and quickly took off her coat to cover her cat ears. Xiao Xiu was frightened, clutching the corner of Chi Yan’s clothes tightly, and Chi Yan held her back home like this. Xiaoxiu apologized to Chi Yan for seeing the diary. She really didn’t read it on purpose.

Chi Yan didn’t have any anger and told her that humans and cats are different. Qin Liangliang sneaked into the bookstore and took the change in the box. After Xiaoxiu saw it, he chased it out, but Chi Yan thought she took the money out to play. Xiao Xiu chased Qin Liangliang to the game city, and found that he was being drunk by a few boys. Before he could solve the case, he was attracted by the game of molesting in front of him.

Xu Zihao and Chi Yan shared the story of himself and Qin Mingming. The first time he saw Qin Mingming banging like a rabbit, Chi Yan remembered the way he held the corner of his clothes last night during a break, and his heart was at that moment. It was also banging. Xiaoxiu reacted and hurriedly chased Qin Liangliang away, but suddenly someone pulled her on the road, but finally said that he had admitted the wrong person.

Xiaoxiu was ashamed and stopped him and cursed like angrily. Chi Yan took the drunk Xu Zihao into a taxi and returned from a short break. She said that she saw Qin Liangliang with a group of bad people. She was worried that he would learn badly. Chi Yan and him are good friends. Shouldn’t they take care of it? Chi Yan said that this is something he should experience at his age, and it is useless for others to care about it.

Chi Yan took a short break to the supermarket to test what she was allergic to, but accidentally discovered that Qin Liangliang was stealing something. Qin Liangliang was almost spotted by the staff, and Chi Yan quickly settled the bill. Before the break and Chi Yan could say anything, Qin Liangliang ran away. On the way back, the two found that a few children were bullying Qin Liangliang, and then a few gangster-looking adults came out to beat Chi Yan. Chi Yan didn’t want to do anything, but in order to protect Xiao Xiu and Qin Liangliang, they took up a stick and hit each other.

Seeing that the other party took out the knife, Chi Yan hurriedly led them to the police station. Several gangsters were arrested, and Qin Mingming came to pick up Qin Liangliang. It was only after a short break that she and Chi Yan were high school classmates. Qin Liangliang kept his head down. Qin Mingming wanted to add Chi Yan’s WeChat, only to find that he was using an old phone without WeChat at all. Xiaoxiu said his mobile number.

Qin Liangliang came home and found that Qin Mingming really had a dog and was very happy. He said that those gangsters were unemployed vagrants and often wandered around the school. He felt that he could handle it well, so he didn’t tell Qin Mingming. Qin Mingming didn’t blame him, she hoped that her younger brother would understand that no matter how busy she is, family members are the first in her heart. Xiaoxiu clumsily helped Chi Yan bandage the wound, and as a result, he wrapped his entire arm in a bandage. The two drank drinks on the rooftop. After a short break, they found that as long as there is no alcohol, the ears will not change.

Xiaoxiu felt that he had misunderstood Qin Liangliang and wanted to apologize to him. Chi Yan was also very guilty. Qin Liangliang came to the store every day to treat him as his brother, but he did not know that so many things had happened to Qin Liangliang. Xiaoxiu told Chi Yan that he had been protecting himself, and he also protected Qin Liangliang today. He is very good! Chi Yan hadn’t called Xiao Xiu’s name yet. At her strong request, Chi Yan called Xiao Xiu’s name seriously. Xiao Xiu was as happy as a child getting candy.

Chi Yan was writing a manuscript, Xiao Xiu brought him coffee, and then he was fascinated by the novel he wrote. Xiaoxiu chased Chi Yan to ask who the murderer was, and discovered his pen name Yanyi. Chi Yan conditioned his reflex and closed his notebook. He said that he didn’t know how to advertise, so he needed to share a pseudonym with others. In fact, he was sought after by others. Xiaoxiu thinks that others have robbed Chi Yan’s achievements, but Chi Yan feels that if there is no publicity, no one can see the book. The bookstore has been losing money, but Chi Yan is unwilling to close it because it is important to him. Xiaoxiu mistakenly thought that what Chi Yan wanted most was money, and then began to wonder how to make money.

Xiaoxiu wore a doll costume to distribute the evil flyers of the bookstore, which brought a lot of customers to the bookstore. Chi Yan went out, and the cat-like break was awakened by a guest who came to buy a book. He forgot to turn into a human figure and count on the computer. In the end, he could only collect the money with the cat’s skin. Chi Yan soiled Xiao Xiu’s headgear and asked her to take the money to the laundromat to wash it. Unexpectedly, Xiao Xiu met the black boy he met last time. He said that he was Lin Mo, and kept asking Xiao Xiu what he was called and if he was a local. After Xiao Xiu was asked to be impatient, Lin Mo left a sentence like the last time he confessed.

Yuanzi, a little girl on the side of the road, was eating ice cream. She was very greedy for a break, so Yuanzi took out an ice cream for her to eat. Yuanzi knew Chi Yan and said that he would feed the stray cats tomorrow. Xiaoxiu indignantly accused Chi Yan that there were cats in his house but he went to feed other cats. This is an act of unfaithfulness! Chi Yan took out the fish he had just bought, and his breath disappeared from a short break, allowing him to touch his head. Early in the morning, the door of the bookstore was crowded with people saying that they wanted to buy books, and then rushed into the bookstore to see the cat that only counts. Chi Yan was dumbfounded.

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