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Make a Wish 喵,请许愿 Episode 2 Recap

Chi Yan made a wish to become rich overnight, and Xiaoxiu chanted a spell against his forehead, but there was no response. He smiled and said that it must be the most true feeling. Chi Yan made several wishes perfunctorily, but it was useless. He had no desires or desires at all. The short break is in a hurry. Human desires should be endless. How could there not be?

Chi Yan looked unlovable and asked Xiao Xiu to try other ways to go home, but Xiao Xiu had no other way. Before he thought of his true wish, Xiao Xiu could only be with Chi Yan. . Chi Yan simply made a wish to leave his home for a short break, and left the break naively, and soon ran back to berate him for deceiving himself. Chi Yan, who had no desires and desires, under the pressure of a short break, thought about his wishes all night, and the two had a whole night.

Chi Yan covered the sleeping break on the sofa with a blanket, carefully returned to the room and started searching for the cat’s feeding problem. The next morning, Chi Yan was awakened by a crackling sound, thinking that Baidu had to hit the cat when he was disobedient. Chi Yan raised his hand and was about to hit him. He was frightened back by a vicious little break. The rest had to eat yesterday’s noodles. After Chi Yan was done, she used the method of training cats to train the rest. After Chi Yan answered the phone, Xiao Xiu tore the manuscript he had written to pieces.

Chi Yan drove Xiao Xiu out of the house with a stinky face. Xiao Xiu was at a loss to pick up the manuscript that Chi Yan had thrown into the trash can and wanted to fix it. Xiaoxiu told Chi Yan that she would fix these and she would leave here, but he had a wish to tell himself, otherwise she would really not be able to go home. Chi Yan took out a pair of slippers for the barefoot break to put on. He knew that the break had nowhere to go, so he decided to let her stay in his own house temporarily.

Chi Yan and Xiao Xiu lead a life of flying cats and cats. Cats who become humans are obviously more naughty, and humans are even more helpless to her. Xiao Xiu pointed to the book Chi Yan was reading, but Chi Yan didn’t expect that she could read and understand English. Qin Liangliang came to the store to read. Chi Yan was afraid of being suspected during the break, so he asked Qin Liangliang to read a book. Chi Yan asked Xiao Xiu a name, but Xiao Xiu couldn’t, so he had to pick it for himself. Xu Zihao is urged to marry by his girlfriend Lulu, but Xu Zihao reflexes because of fear of marriage.

Qin Liangliang’s sister, Qin Mingming, invited him to dinner, and even went to the school to pick him up. Unexpectedly, she ran to the wrong school. In the middle of the night, I was very happy watching cartoons. Although Chi Yan was quarreled, she only told her to go to bed earlier. The next day, Xiaoxiu happily told Chi Yan that she had a long list of new names that he had to remember. Xiaoxiu found a book, trying to find Chi Yan’s wish from the book. Uncle Fu was broadcasting live, Xiao Xiu ran to him to talk about the difficulties she encountered.

She saw from the book that love in interpersonal relationships is most in demand, but she didn’t understand what it was. Uncle Fu briefly explained to Xiaoxiu, Xiaoxiu began to gossip about Chi Yan’s age, and learned that he was still alone at 20, Xiaoxiu went to the next bookstore to find the female boss He Meng who had always admired Chi Yan, and hoped her Cook Chi Yan a meal. He Meng is very kind and agreed to her request.

Xu Zihao, who was buying milk tea, met a heroine, Qin Mingming, who was brave enough to help the police catch the thief. Both eyes were straight. However, Xu Zihao was misunderstood as an accomplice of the thief and was invited to the police station for tea. Xiaoxiu brought He Meng to the kitchen and asked Chi Yan to wait for something delicious. Xiao Xiu found the opportunity to pretend to be injured and asked He Meng to help find the medicine in the storage room. Chi Yan found out that he had come to help. Xiao Xiu quickly locked them in the storage room. Chi Yan got anxious, opened the window and jumped out. After a short break, he was frightened and fleeing. The two of you chased me and frightened He Meng.

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