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Make a Wish 喵,请许愿 Episode 16 Recap

The police dog Minka officially retired. Xu Zihao and Qin Mingming came to participate in the retirement ceremony and met again by chance. Xu Zihao helped Minka find an adopter, who was a doctor in the hospital. It was perfect for a drug detection dog to be raised by a doctor. After the retirement ceremony, Qin Mingming and Xu Zihao came to eat together. Xu Zihao was accidentally scalded, and Qin Mingming quickly asked for an ice pack to help him apply ice.

Chi Yan never knew what he liked before meeting her for a break, and fell into love after meeting her. She is just a little white cat. Chi Yan secretly ate the ice cream in Xiao Xiu’s hand, and secretly kissed her. Xu Zihao and Qin Mingming drank too much. Xu Zihao stood at the table and bowed to the light bulb. The clerk said that they would leave the store soon. Early the next morning, Qin Mingming woke up in a panic in Xu Zihao’s bed. Xu Zihao tried to explain countless times, but Qin Mingming left directly. Qin Liangliang found that Qin Mingming was not home at night, with a smile that could see through everything.

Xu Zihao ran to Chi Yan and Xiaoxiu to recount what happened last night with regret. He definitely did not take advantage of others! Chi Yan drove Xiao Xiu back to the room to let her go to bed obediently, and asked Xu Zihao to go to Qin Mingming to make it clear. Qin Liangliang called Xu Zihao to ask if Qin Mingming was with him last night, Xu Zihao quickly said that he was not that kind of person. Qin Mingming didn’t want to bring up this matter, nor did he want to talk to Xu Zihao. Xu Zihao could only cautiously confess to Qin Mingming by writing a big-character poster at the door of her company. He identified Qin Mingming and would not evade what happened last night, Qin. Obviously he could continue to escape, Xu Zihao continued to like her.

After Xu Zihao left, Qin Mingming suddenly caught up with him on a motorcycle. Qin Mingming took off his helmet and hugged Xu Zihao’s head out of the window and kissed him. She fell in love with Xu Zihao, and the two were officially together. Chi Yan bought an electric car for Xiaoxiu. Xiaoxiu was very excited. The two found an open space to help Xiaoxiu study. Xiaoxiu felt that it was not enough and they had to take the road. In the evening, the two of them came to the ocean. They were very happy to see the glowing jellyfish, but she was afraid that the jellyfish did not play with them. Xiao Xiu took the advantage of Chi Yan inadvertently to kiss him, Chi Yan froze for a moment and immediately regained his sovereignty, and kissed Xiao Xiu affectionately.

Xu Zihao and Qin Mingming played live-action shooting together, and Qin Mingming led them all the way. Gao Shu said that Qin Mingming was the one he watched to grow up, and he wanted Xu Zihao to treat her well in the future. Xu Zihao was drunk by those elders after drinking a lot of wine, and Qin Mingming had to take Xu Zihao back to his home. Qin Mingming and Qin Liangliang had nothing to do with Xu Zihao who was drunk. Xu Zihao stayed in the bathtub and refused to move. They also talked to Qin Mingming about her strengths. Her most important strength was willingness to like him.

The portal of Cat Star opens, and I am happy to be here on Earth. Uncle Fu comes to pick him up. He is the last visitor tonight. He is also happy to buy the latest version of clothes. The purpose of coming here is to find my daughter, take a break, and bring her hometown delicacies specially. Uncle Fu took joy around the earth, and was so happy that he could not extricate himself from the delicacies of the human world. Chi Yan helped Xiaoxiu blow his hair, Xiaoxiu hugged him to the waist and refused to let go, Chi Yan was once again molested by Xiaoxiu and became ashamed.

Happy to see Xiaoxiu, he wants to take Xiaoxiu back to Cat Star, because humans and cats have different paths, there will be no results between humans and cats, but Xiaoxiu likes Chi Yan very much, not to mention that he has saved her and she has not repaid her. It. After a short break, he met Chi Yan with joy. It was getting late, and Chi Yan let Xia fall asleep at his own home. I was glad that I was laying on the floor in Chi Yan’s room, but Chi Yan was threatened to change places, and he was snorted so that he couldn’t sleep.

Xu Zihao woke up on the sofa of Qin Mingming’s house and asked Qin Liangliang to help him to see if Qin Mingming was angry and wanted to run, but after thinking about it, he should not escape, so he stayed and made breakfast for Qin Mingming. Qin Mingming got up and saw Xu Zihao and Qin Liangliang busy in the kitchen, a little surprised. Xu Zihao drank the snippet. I can’t remember what he said last night, and Qin Mingming didn’t explain it.

Happy to wake up and find that Chi Yan and Xiao Xiu are sleeping together, he hurriedly pulls Xiao Xiu up, and immediately warns Chi Yan that he cannot approach Xiao Xiu without his permission from now on. I’m glad to use all my energy to keep Chi Yan away from the break. In order to let Xiaoxuan return to the cat star, I’m glad to ask what Chi Yan’s wish is. Chi Yan is very satisfied with his current life and has no wishes. Even if he does, he hopes that he and Xiao Xiu will be together forever.

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