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Make a Wish 喵,请许愿 Episode 15 Recap

News of safety was spread in the park. The man in black also appeared in the park. Yuanzi quickly called Chi Yan after seeing him. Chi Yan told him not to go to the park anymore, and then went to the park with Xiaoxiong to check the situation. Chi Yan and Xiaoxiu set up a rigorous plan to take a video of the man in black prescribing medicine.

Xiaoxiu saw a stray cat going to eat cat food and was caught and couldn’t help stepping forward. The man in black threw off Xiaoxiu and Chi Yan and ran away holding the cat. Chi Yan desperately chased after him, and finally got robbed. The takeaway brother of the car subdued him together. Chi Yan hurried back to find a short break, and was relieved when she saw that she and the cat were all right.

The man in black was taken to the police station. While waiting for the review, he couldn’t wait for many short breaks. Qin Mingming said that this person was second to the palace and the sentence would be heavier this time, but they still have to think about how these stray animals should be placed. . Xu Zihao invited them to the stray rescue station to participate in activities.

Chi Yan, Xiaoxiu, and Qin Mingming all came. Chi Yan heard that Xiaoxiu took a bath and sent her to clean up immediately. Dr. Luo also came, saying that he had seen the leaflet. Xu Zihao and Qin Mingming bathed the dog together. Xu Zihao discovered that Qin Mingming was not as afraid of dogs as before.

Dr. Luo praised Xiaoxiu as cute. Like a cat, Chi Yan has changed a lot after being with her. Qin Mingming and Xu Zihao started to make a fuss. When Xiaoxiu saw the cat eating cat food, he couldn’t help but took some cat food and gave it to his mouth. Qin Mingming and Xu Zihao were shocked when they saw it. Xiaoxiu quickly explained to them. Just smell it.

Xu Ziqi also came. She gave Xu Zihao a card to invite everyone to dinner, and donated the rest to the rescue station. Xu Zihao introduced Xu Ziqi to take a break, and Xu Ziqi and Chi Yan have not seen each other in two or three years. Xu Zihao introduced Dr. Luo to Xu Ziqi. Dr. Luo wanted to adopt Paobao home, and everyone praised him for his love. When we had dinner together in the evening, Xu Ziqi was obviously interested in Dr. Luo. No one else drank, so Xu Zihao and Qin Mingming began to fight together. Dr. Luo received a call saying that something was going on in the hospital, Xu Ziqi quickly said that he would leave and let him take his own car.

Qin Mingming breathed a sigh of relief. Xu Zihao thought that Chi Yan and Xiaoxiu would not be volunteers for her, but Qin Mingming had figured out that Chi Yan only represented youth and guilt to her. Although Xu Zihao is not very reliable, he is also a good person and worthy of being friends. Xiaoxiu heard that Xu Zihao was afraid of frogs, and he specially caught a frog to scare him.

After Qin Mingming discovered her intentions, he wanted to stop Xu Zihao from watching Xiaoxiu, but he accidentally kissed him. Chi Yan and Xiaoxiu were killed by this. The scene was stunned, Qin Mingming covered his face and ran, Xu Zihao was still in a daze. Xu Ziqi sent Dr. Luo back, and the two had an appointment to eat together another day.

The break was suddenly very hot, and he started rubbing Chi Yan in his arms, so that Chi Yan hid in the room in fright. Chi Yan hurriedly called Xu Zihao for help and asked what to do when the female cat was in estrus. Xu Zihao said that the cat should be sterilized or bred in estrus, but it was obvious that these two methods would not work. Knowing that the estrus period may be as long as half a month, Chi Yan is stupid.

Suddenly there was no movement outside the door, Chi Yan cautiously went out to take a look, but was hugged by Xiaoxiu, Chi Yan was frightened and quickly said that he had a way. Xiaoxiu was anxious to respond to the call of nature, and Chi Yan had to sleep with her, so Chi Yan had to squeeze in her bed to sleep all night. Chi Yan said that he would cook breakfast for a short break the next morning, and then ran away. Xiaoxiu turned on the TV boredly, and accidentally found that the girls in the movie clips were wearing sexy clothes and immediately followed suit.

When Chi Yan arrived home in the evening, Xiao Xiu dressed up and did a hot dance in front of him. Xiao Xiu’s nose was rubbed against Chi Yan’s cheek, and Chi Yan almost didn’t hold it, so he pushed Xiao Xiu away and ran to Xu Zihao’s house. Live, the excuse is that his bed is broken. Xu Zihao complained about Chi Yan at such an old age, and it was never convenient for him to be beaten by Chi Yan. When mentioning the kiss between Xu Zihao and Qin Mingming, Xu Zihao was very excited. Qin Mingming was very excited when she discovered that the girl gave Qin Liangliang’s love letter. Qin Liangliang heard that she was even more excited last week when she kissed.

Xu Zihao gave Nietzsche a pet massager for massage. Chi Yan came to be interested and wanted to borrow it for two days. There was heavy rain outside the window, and Chi Yan was very worried about the short break, and ran home without even taking the umbrella. Xiao Xiu hid in the corner and was trembling with thunder. He gradually calmed down in Chi Yan’s arms. He held him and refused to let him go. Chi Yan promised to take a short break and stay with her as long as he thundered.

Xu Zihao couldn’t sleep in the middle of the night and missed Qin Mingming. Qin Liangliang offered Xu Zihao Qin Mingming’s itinerary in exchange for a breakfast. Xu Zihao didn’t understand why Qin Liangliang agreed to help chase Qin Mingming. Qin Liangliang felt that he was very reliable, and even if they failed Qin Mingming, he would not suffer. Chi Yan used a massager for the break and enjoyed the break very much. One day after the bookstore was closed, Chi Yan took the break to play karting and went to the playground. Finally, he bought a bicycle for the break, and carefully accompany her to learn in the park.

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