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Make a Wish 喵,请许愿 Episode 14 Recap

Xu Zihao and Uncle Fu came to the dock to pick up a break and Chi Yan. When they learned that they had achieved a positive result, Xu Zihao was also very happy for them. Xu Ziqi is going back to China today. As his younger brother, Xu Zihao must attend the family dinner, and Qin Mingming also left with him. Xu Zihao’s car was borrowed, and Qin Mingming kindly sent him. The place where the stray cat disappeared is very close to the place where Xiaoxiu was caught.

Chi Yan thinks it might be a person. He will try his best to find the real murderer to prevent Xiaoxiu from being harmed. Xiaoxiu said that he could ask Ke Bei for help, and Chi Yan said. It’s not impossible, but you must pay attention to safety and not reveal your identity. Before Xiaoxiu went to work, Chi Yan took Xiaoxiu’s raincoat, and the two kissed reluctantly before leaving.

Lin Mo heard that Xiaoxiu came back specially to wait for her to go to work. Xiaoxiu said that she was allergic to alcohol, and then fainted with a headache. Then he was taken away by someone and was already on the island when he woke up. Xiaoxiu said that she was finally with Chi Yan, but Lin Mo looked solemn. Xiaoxiu finds Ke Bei.

Ke Bei wants to get close to He Meng quickly, so he starts to study flowers. Xiaoxiu said he had something to do with him, and it had something to do with He Meng. When he mentioned He Meng, Ke Bei immediately agreed, but Xiaoxiu had too few clues. Ke Bei decided to break through the social network and find those psychopaths who abused animals. Forum. As for asking Kebei to help find Chi Yan’s wish before the break, Xiaoxiu left her alone.

Qin Mingming accidentally saw the video from the day of Zhang Yi’s new book launch. It was Lin Mo who deliberately left the wine for Chi Yan and was accidentally drunk by Zhang Yi. The police immediately went to the beer hall, but did not find Lin Mo. Chi Yan took two cups of milk tea to pick up the break from get off work, and the two walked home sweetly. Qin Mingming came to them and explained the clues he had found.

Xiaoxiu didn’t understand why Lin Mo and Chi Yan Wuwuwuqiu did this, but Chi Yan felt that Lin Mo didn’t look like a good person, and asked him not to come so close after the short break. Xiaoxiu came to deliver coffee to Chi Yan, but Chi Yan reflexively closed the computer. Xiaoxiu became more and more curious, so Chi Yan had to show her a novel he had written. He wrote one based on Xiaoxiu. Love story, Xiaoxiu is very happy to learn that she is the heroine.

Chi Yan wants to sleep on the sofa, but he has to sleep on the bed with himself for a short break. They slept together last night! The two ran to the bed in a fuss, the posture was very ambiguous, Chi Yan took the pillow and left in embarrassment, and took a break to wrap himself in the quilt. In the night, Lin Mo suddenly appeared. When the dagger in his hand pierced Chi Yan, Chi Yan’s body seemed to have some shield, and Lin Mo couldn’t get rid of it.

Xiaoxiu woke up suddenly, Lin Mo hurriedly turned back into the cat’s body, Xiaoxiu carefully closed the window and helped Chi Yan cover the quilt, Lin Mo sneaked away from the window upon seeing this. The next day, Chi Yan took a break and bought a couple’s mobile phone with positioning function. When he saw the Beer King Challenge in the mall, he was very curious about the break.

She wanted the prize fish pillow very much, but it was a pity that she couldn’t drink the wine, so Chi Yan got the prize because her stomach was broken during the competition. Xiaoxiu met her kidnapper on the road, and quickly dragged Chi Yan to follow him. The two followed each other all the way to the hospital where Dr. Luo was located, but the other party disappeared as soon as they entered. Doctor Luo saw that they were looking for someone and said to help them pay attention.

After taking a break, I remembered that there was a scar on the man’s wrist, and Chi Yan quickly told Dr. Luo this clue. Chi Yan determined that this person was the same person who prescribed medicine to the stray cat. They should find a way to spread the news about park safety, and then go to Ke Bei.

Uncle Gao discovered that Lin Mo’s ID was fake, and Qin Mingming also went to his rental house but no one was found. Xu Zihao came to give Xu Ziqi food, saying that he was going to be a volunteer on the weekend, and wanted to ask if Xu Ziqi would have time to go with him. If he did, he would see Chi Yan’s girlfriend. Xu Ziqi didn’t expect that someone like Chi Yan would have a girlfriend, and he was even more curious about what kind of person he was.

A kid insisted on buying the clown fish from Chi Yan, saying it was for his girlfriend, and Chi Yan said it belonged to his girlfriend. Xiaoxiu discovered that Lin Mo hadn’t come to work today. He heard that he had taken a long vacation to go out of town. Xiaoxiu sent him a message asking when he would be back, saying that he had important things to say. Chi Yan was feeding stray cats in the park, and he did not forget to ask if anyone with scars on the back of his hand came to feed the cat.

He Meng found that someone was following him behind him, and he quickly took Xiaoxiu to hide. After Xiaoxiu beat the opponent violently, he discovered that this person was Ke Bei. Ke Bei really found a show-off post. The video posted was very similar to what Xiaoxiu described. There were scars on his arms, but they did not find direct evidence. Ke Bei believed that he could not call the police directly. Xiaoxiu was very angry and decided it was time to implement it. Chi Yan’s plan.

Lin Mo couldn’t kill Chi Yan very much. He could only ask for help from the same kind. The knife seemed to pass through Chi Yan’s body. He didn’t even shed a drop of blood. The same kind told him that it was a cat print.

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