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Make a Wish 喵,请许愿 Episode 13 Recap

Xiaoxiu woke up and found that Chi Yan had taken care of herself all night. Chi Yan was relieved when she saw that she was okay, and went to the kitchen to make breakfast for Xiaoxiu, let her eat more, and talk to her after eating. Xiaoxiu suddenly lost the thought of eating. Chi Yan said that there have been a lot of stray cats recently, so the break is also dangerous. He asked Xiaoxiu to leave here as soon as possible.

Xiaoxiu asked Chi Yanxi if he liked her, but Chi Yan was still stiff, saying that he just thought it was troublesome. Chi Yan made a wish for Xiaoxiu to leave here immediately and not be in danger, Xiaoxiu earnestly felt that he was a liar. Uncle Fu said that Chi Yan is very warm. For human beings, likes are very complicated and have great responsibilities. Maybe Chi Yan valued this and didn’t easily admit it.

Xu Zihao sighed in Chi Yan, Xiao Xiu took the initiative to confess to him, why didn’t Chi Yan be with others? Chi Yan thought it was not that simple. When Chi Yan was practicing fencing, Qin Mingming also came, saying that he had come to him for advice on purpose.

The two played very happily back and forth. Qin Mingming thought it would be embarrassing for them to meet again, but he didn’t expect it would be like this. Chi Yan said that falling in love is just a light on the fantasy person. In fact, it is just a broken tree branch. Chi Yan hopes that Qin Mingming can come out. Qin Mingming grinned broadly, she could see Chi Yan. Like taking a break, Chi Yan choked.

Xiaoxiu and Lin Mo just got off work, and the shop assistants took birthday cakes to wish Lin Mo a happy birthday, but Lin Mo was not as surprised as he had imagined. He was just a birthday. Xiaoxiu catches up curiously, and Lin Mo said that today is not his birthday, but it is a very important day for him, and it is his girlfriend’s memorial day.

It turns out that Lin Mo didn’t know his birthday. The reason why he chose today is because this is the day they met. The girl looks a lot like Xiaoxiu. Sometimes when Lin Mo sees her, he can’t help thinking about it. she was. Xiaoxiu was too fascinated to listen, and found that it was too late to drink, so he quickly said goodbye to Lin Mo and ran home holding the cat’s ears.

After a short break, he turned back into a cat body and was accidentally caught on the road. Lin Mo found the clothes left by Xiaoxiu, and Chi Yan was very anxious before waiting for Xiaoxiu to return home. He rushed to the store to find her, but was told that Xiaoxiu and Lin Mo had left long ago. At this time, Lin Mo came with Xiaoxiu’s clothes, and the two decided to find someone separately.

Xiao Xiu was taken by a cat dealer to a place where all of them were of the same kind. Xu Zihao was also anxious to learn that Xiao Xiu was missing. Qin Mingming and Qin Liangliang were looking for evidence that the cat was killed, and hurried over after receiving a call. Xiaoxiu secretly pried open the cage and ran out, wrapped in a casually stolen clothing.

Chi Yan, Xu Zihao, and Qin Mingming didn’t find a break for a long time. Chi Yan was very anxious and suddenly remembered that he had a friend. Xiaoxiong ran forward aimlessly, and finally encountered a car. She quietly climbed into the truck compartment, planning to wait until it was time to jump off.

Chi Yan found Uncle Fu and asked him to help him find a break. After a short break, he woke up in the vegetable delivery vehicle and jumped down hurriedly, only to find that he was hungry on the ship. Xiaoxiu quickly took out his mobile phone to call Chi Yan, crying and told Chi Yan that she had half an hour to arrive on Tongye Island, and Chi Yan quickly comforted them and waited for them in a safe place after they got ashore.

Chi Yan and Uncle Fu rushed to the pier. Uncle Fu found a friend because the waves were too big and there was no boat willing to pull them. Chi Yan said that the girl was very important to him and hoped that he would help them. Finally the boss agreed to take Chi Yan out to sea, but he didn’t let Uncle Fu go with him. On the boat, Chi Yan called Xiaoxiu to tell her not to move, and he was there soon. After Xiaoxiu saw Chi Yan on the island, he immediately ran to him and threw himself into Chi Yan’s arms, tears of grievance overflowed, and Chi Yan gradually hugged him tightly for a short break.

After returning home, Chi Yan made ginger tea for Xiaoxiu and fed her to drink. Xiaoxiu did not see the face of the person who caught her, but it seemed that it was a farmhouse. Chi Yan told Xiaoxiu not to talk nonsense with Xu Zihao and others tomorrow. Fortunately, he got Xiaoxiu back, otherwise he would not be able to forgive himself for the rest of his life. Chi Yan promised to stay with him every day after the break to protect her from being wronged. Chi Yan expressed his heart to Xiao Xiu, Xiao Xiu happily accepted his kiss.

Chi Yan was a coward before meeting the break, his time seemed to have stopped in the past, and he had been running away. Later, when I encountered a short break, Chi Yan felt that she would only cause trouble if she jumped up and down, but as time passed slowly, Chi Yan realized that it was not a short break that needed him, but that he needed a short break.

Chi Yan felt that this was enough, he shouldn’t be more greedy. On the way to find a break, Chi Yan found that he was completely wrong. He couldn’t accept that the break disappeared. He should have more courage. It was Xiaoxiu that made Chi Yan no longer afraid and made him more brave. Chi Yan only wanted to be with Xiaoxiu for the rest of his life.

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