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Make a Wish 喵,请许愿 Episode 12 Recap

In the middle of the night, Ma Gaofei quietly opened the door of the bookstore, and sneakily trying to take the surveillance camera away was discovered by Chi Yan, Xiaoxiu, and Qin Mingming. Ma Gaofei had no choice but to confess that he had no purpose. He just knew that Chi Yan was writing a book to Zhang Yi, so he wanted to put a camera to capture the contradiction between the two.

Maybe he could sell it to reporters to make some money, plus he worked for Zhang Yi. I couldn’t understand him a long time ago. Chi Yan said that this thing could help him clear the suspicion, and several people took him to the police station to help Chi Yan clear the suspicion.

He Meng was looking for his lost kitten, the one that Qin Mingming and Xu Zihao had picked up. Xiaoxiu hurriedly helped He Meng look for it together. He also simply and roughly took a portrait of a cat, and then smelled the cat. The smell of the sand basin began to look for. On the way to the bookstore, Dr. Luo met the little girl from the neighbor who was teasing He Meng’s missing kitten.

When Dr. Luo came to the bookstore, he saw that Chi Yan had cat fur at home and thought he was still raising a cat. He also talked about the hot search on his cat. Chi Yan did not give up writing a book. He Meng’s cat hunting notice was plastered all over the streets and alleys. Xiaoxiu met Doctor Luo and wanted to say hello, but the little girl stopped and said she didn’t like Doctor Luo. Chi Yan helped a neighbor find a cat, but found two kittens who had been drugged to death. Lin Mo’s friend called for hard work, and Lin Mo said that it would take him a few more days to find a way.

Qin Mingming found that Chi Yan was not in a good mood. It may be that the incident just reminded Chi Yan of things in high school. She began to understand Chi Yan slowly. He must have been sad at that time. What Chi Yan couldn’t understand even more was why someone could be so bad. Qin Mingming has also encountered many such things since becoming a reporter.

Right and wrong are not so important to most people, just like she did in high school, but she will definitely help Chi Yan this time. Chi Yan hoped that Qin Mingming would not tell Xiaoxiu what happened today. Qin Mingming readily agreed and asked him to have dinner with him, but Chi Yan refused, saying that Xiaoxiu would be very anxious if he could not contact him. Qin Mingming plucked up the courage to speak.

She liked Chi Yan and knew that Chi Yan didn’t like herself. She just said it to make herself give up. She was already very relaxed when she said it. Xu Zihao felt sad again when he heard Qin Mingming’s confession. Xu Zihao was found following Qin Mingming from a distance. He was afraid that Qin Mingming would cry, and Qin Mingming’s mood was not very good.

He Meng got off work with the cat hunting notice. Lin Mo saw that her paintings were a little speechless and planned to accompany her to find them. Lin Mo asked about Chi Yan and Zhang Yi, Xiao Xiu was very worried about the glass of wine.

If there is a problem, it means that the person came for Chi Yan. Xu Zihao came to Chi Yan for a drink depressed, Chi Yan had mixed feelings, and Xu Zihao was the same. Qin Liangliang called and said that Qin Mingming was running, and informed Xu Zihao to come. Xu Zihao hurried to find Qin Mingming, and Qin Liangliang reminded him that Qin Mingming had participated in several people in Malaysia. Xu Zihao ran behind her quickly and couldn’t bear it. Qin Mingming stopped and said that it was shameful that Xu Zihao must forget what happened today, but Xu Zihao said that it is not ashamed to like someone.

Chi Yan saw Lin Mo take Xiaoxiu home and went to bed quickly, and he ignored Xiaoxiu’s knock on the door. The next morning, after taking a break, he made breakfast. When Chi Yan saw that Lin Mo called Xiaoxiu again, his expression was a little unnatural. Lin Mo found He Meng’s cat, but Chi Yan was concerned about Xiaoxiong catching a cold.

Xiao Xiu ignored him and went to the hospital with He Meng. Lin Mo took the cat to the pet hospital and was almost watched by the nurses. He Meng saw his cat finally feel relieved, Lin Mo went to work, He Meng took a break to drink milk tea, so Xiao Xiu fell in love with milk tea again. Xu Zihao came around, saying that he was afraid that Qin Mingming would confess to Chi Yan’s sadness. Xiaoxiu immediately stood up when he heard the news.

Xiaoxiu wanted to find Qin Mingming’s theory with anger, but was fooled by the roadside barber to go to the shop to put on makeup. Xu Zihao quickly notified Chi Yan that he had missed Qin Mingming’s confession to her. Xiaoxiu was put on a battle makeup by the beauty shop’s flicker. With this inexhaustible make-up, Xiaoxiu came to Qin Mingming to declare his sovereignty that Chi Yan belongs to him, regardless of whether he agreed with them to be together.

Xu Zihao and Chi Yan were on their way here, for fear that Xiaoxiong and Qin Mingming would fight. Qin Mingming was calm in the face of Xiaoxiu, and told Xiaoxiu that he should ask Chi Yan’s thoughts first. After taking a break, he was taken aback by the police dog, holding Qin Mingming screaming, Xu Zihao almost thought that they were really fighting.

Xiaoxiu muttered to herself depressed, and ordered Chi Yan not to like Qin Mingming, and Chi Yan smiled and said okay. Xiaoxiu asked Chi Yanxi if she liked herself. She had already said that the night he was drunk. Although Chi Yan’s face was so strange that she had a bad temper, she gradually became strange, and she almost forgot that she was here. Repaying her kindness, so Qin Mingming confessed to him and she was so angry.

Xiao Xiu doesn’t want to be like the little mermaid. She likes Chi Yan, so I hope Chi Yan can like her too. Chi Yan said sorry, saying that he didn’t want to think about it now. A kitten on the side of the road fainted, and the two rushed it to the pet hospital. Fortunately, it was just a sleeping pill and it was nothing serious. During the break, Chi Yan was very worried, so Xu Zihao sent them home. The stray cat incident is definitely not accidental, Xiaoxiu secretly made up his mind to catch the bad guy.

Xiaoxiu was shocked when she came home to wash her face, because she found that the makeup on her face couldn’t be washed off at all. Chi Yan checked on the Internet how to remove makeup, and bought a cotton and makeup remover to help take a break to remove makeup. Xiaoxiu fell asleep quietly, and Chi Yan carefully covered her with the quilt. Since the break, Chi Yan’s life has changed drastically, but Xiaoxiu does not belong here, and Chi Yan can’t respond to her likes.

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